1-IMG_3389 i-001Bonjour! I’m Jill. Welcome to my online, fun sweet home Mad About Macarons.com. I live in Paris and – live to bake – in Paris!

I’m a Scots-turned-Frenchie and a bit of a lazy gourmet, in love with Paris for constant inspiration and good food. Ridiculously excited by French wow-factor recipes, my aim is to explore how to make them, and to make them easy and fun for the next time, in my non-professional kitchen. I’m a busy, working mum and my favourite part in baking is to experiment with flavours and take time, just like the French, to enjoy the ultimate taste.

I’d love you to share in my culinary adventures – in my books, and in my online recipes, travels and findings (even groan at the odd pun), so please do say hello, try out the recipes, leave a comment, or join the chat with a question – I always enjoy hearing from you!

Jill Colonna

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