chocolate coffee fondant cakes

Chocolate Coffee Fondant Cakes

“I’m starving!” Lucie flew in the door with the rain blowing in with her. “Canteen was terrible today so I only ate some baguette.” Normally my bunnies are flexible eaters at school but somehow there are a few days in the year where apparently la cantine doesn’t even meet the I’ll-just-eat-it-because-I’m-hungry mark.  I wasn’t much [...]

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gourmet French menu by Toma at the Chateau Tailly Burgundy

A Gourmet Weekend: Burgundy French Wine Festival 2015

Oops! I Did it Again… In the words of Britney Spears, I’m not that innocent. If you know me, wine and I are more than just friends.  So, when you live within 3 hours’ drive from Paris to Burgundy, the Galettes des Rois have been baked, tried and tested, and good friends ask you to [...]

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Camelia restaurant Thierry Marx Paris

Camélia Restaurant in Paris by Thierry Marx

When the entrance to a restaurant is a pâtisserie known as le ‘Cake-Shop’, wouldn’t you be excited? Antoine didn’t need any sweet-talking to treat me here for lunch. It has been on my top restaurant dream list for months (OK, I’ll be honest - since 2011 when it opened) since the Chef, Thierry Marx, is one of [...]

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classic blanquette veal casserole recipe

The French’s Favourite Casserole: Blanquette de Veau

What a week this has been in and around Paris. There’s no need to fill you in further here but as you can imagine, we have turned to French comfort food. In the Annex of Mad About Macarons, I have suggested recipes for using up egg yolks before saving the whites for your macarons. This [...]

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Orange and cinnamon cheesecake with macarons for Teatime in Paris

Happy New Year with a Cheesecake from Paris!

Happy New Year to you from a chilly Paris!  I hope you all had a chance to have a good break, pick up a book now and again, stick your feet up and enjoy spending time with the family.  If you’re like me, you may have also spent much quality time in the kitchen – [...]

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peppermint creams recipe

Festive Desserts with Macarons and Peppermint Creams

This has been a fun and busy year.  I’ve been so lucky to have you popping in to say hello or sharing in the fun on Mad About Macarons, either here on le blog or on Facebook.  And most of all, thank you for buying my book!  I have loved hearing from you via book [...]

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