What are the equivalent UK cooking terms in the US?

This is more European in Style. Where can I find some of the ingredients and utensils?

  • List of ingredient stockists
  • Utensils & kitchen implements
  • Beginners may find this macaron template useful to start with, as you get the hang of the piping bag. Thereafter, you’ll manage it easily freehand.
  • For our American friends,  measurements are given in grams.  In order to attain better results, the macaron recipe needs to be measured by weight, not volume (like most pastries.)

Who do I contact for Press/Media queries?

Do you demonstrate how to make macarons?

Can I share your recipe on my website or blog?

The macaron recipes in the book are copyright and Waverley Books by law has the copyright and license to publish it.  Waverley Books have asked that I don’t post my macaron recipes on the website as they prefer you buy the book.

We would be delighted with your coverage of macarons and the book on your site.  Please just give us the credit! Cite ”Mad About Macarons!” (Waverley Books) and link up to MadAboutMacarons.com.
If you wish to use the recipe from the book, please contact Liz Small at Waverley Books (liz@waverley-books.co.uk) first for permission.  Otherwise, if you wish to link to my other recipes on the site, then please just let me know and give me credit. My name is Jill. Jill Colonna; that’s Colonna with one L and 2 Ns. Thank you, merci.

Sample Recipe

If you would like to see a sample recipe, visit Pippa Middleton’s website, The Party Times for a Basic Macaron Recipe. I shouldn’t really tell you about it, but I can’t resist doing some serious name-dropping here.

Mad About Macarons in Paris Bookshops

Where can I buy Mad About Macarons?

Now released in the USA & Canada

from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca (by Interlink distribution.)

Also available from The Book Depository (free delivery worldwide).

Available in all good bookshops in the UK

Online or at your local Waterstones.com, WHSmith.co.uk, Blackwells, Foyles, or order at your local independent bookshop.  Also available from Amazon.co.uk and BooksfromScotland.com.

Update: Macaron friends in India recommend Flipkart for ordering the book online.

Bookshops in the rest of the world

Bookshops can obtain copies from Gardners.com.  If you don’t have a Booksellers Account with them, contact us at Waverley Books or BookSource.  Bookstores in the USA and Canada can obtain copies from Interlink Publishing.

Otherwise available online from Amazon and other online suppliers

I’m a Bookshop/Trade customer in the UK.  How do I order?

Contact our distributors at BookSource for orders or enquiries. Tel: +44 (0) 845 370 0067

If you do not have an account with BookSource, please contact info@waverley-books.co.uk.

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