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Easier than you think!

Macarons have a reputation of being devilishly difficult to make and accordingly, there’s a price tag to match.  But the process is straight-forward and fun in this colourful new book by Jill Colonna.  She explains simply and clearly her secrets so you can make macarons just like the French at home.

A “health nut”

A typical 20g mad-about-macaron contains about 80 calories – hardly a worry for British waistlines.  What’s more, they’re GLUTEN FREE.  Did you know that almonds are one of the best nuts for you, too! They can reduce cholesterol, improve complexion, they have anti-inflammatory properties and are good for boosting the immune system.

A nut-free macaron

For those with nut allergies, Jill has concocted a unique, healthy and delicious nut-free macaron. No nuts, no coconut, just quinoa. Quinoa isn’t really a cereal: it’s related to the spinach family.  Enjoy a nut-free, gluten-free macaron packed with manganese, magnesium and iron.  Sandwiched together with a rich dark chocolate moka coffee…

Impress friends

at afternoon tea with classic flavours such as dark chocolate, lemon meringue or rose.  Or create a storm with your teacup with more adventurous concoctions, such as pistachio-white chocolate-wasabi with a cup of green tea.  Or simply be inspired with Jill’s recipes to create your very own concoctions…

Dazzling macaron desserts

Without much effort, dazzle your guests with giant macarons as a basis for chic desserts for all seasons.  Try the giant pistachio macaron with strawberries and cream, the caramel macaron “tatin”-style or the giant sticky toffee pudding macaron for something rather wickedly British but gluten-free.

Mini mad macs

And it doesn’t stop there.  After the classics and becoming more creative you can amaze your guests with savoury “mini mad macs”.  They are the lightest, sugar-reduced macarons that can be served as an apéritif or with a starter.  Try Jill’s hot and spicy Tikka “Mac’Sala” or Beetroot and horseradish macarons.