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    Hi, I was assigned to teach a macaron class at my church this weekend. I have tried making macarons a few times before but they always stick. I tried your recipe for the first time. I cooked about 15 minutes, checking every few times after 8 minutes. Should they be quite firm to the touch out of the oven? Sometimes I think they are ready but later realize they are not fully cooked. Thanks for any advice.

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    Oh I also meant to ask if high altitude might be the problem? I am at 1300 feet.

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    Jill Colonna

    Hi Kristen,
    Don’t worry – especially as you’ve only made macarons once so as a first time it’s normal to be getting to know your oven. Yes, they should be quite firm to the touch – in fact just like I say in the book when you air them. Altitude shouldn’t be a problem (humidity is supposed to be). Just ensure you air them beforehand like in the instructions and when they’re hard to the touch then bake them. Good on after 8 minutes just as I say but if they’re still not cooked enough leave them in a little longer, or move them around the oven (check that your oven is doing what it’s saying by an oven thermometer), etc. Have another go, really follow the recipe to the letter and let me know how you get on. Good luck at the church baking!

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