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    Jill Colonna

    Powdered colouring is the best kind of food colouring to use over gels and especially over liquid colourings.  But not all powdered colourings are great.  Here is a place for you to tell us your favourite brands from your own experience from making macarons at home. Tell us which country you’re in too and we’ll add it to the FAQ page, as a valuable resource for all you macaronivores out there!

    For example, in Paris I use DecoRelief’s intense powdered colouring. Each time I use other brands (cheaper and in smaller quantities), I’m disappointed and so return to this brand, available from the Deco Relief shop or at Mora in rue Montmartre.
    If you are unsure how to obtain Deco Relief powdered colouring, please contact export(at) by email.

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    For anyone in UK, I buy ClassiKool powder colourings, They’re inexpensive an last for ages as the packaging is really big. Colours are vibrant and don’t “brown” while baking.

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    Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

    I buy most of my powdered colours from Golda’s Kitchen here in Toronto (they ship everywhere! Crystal Colours and LorAnn Oils brands.

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    Thanks for that info. I’ve now ordered some ClassiKool to try with my very first attempt at Jill’s Macarons. 🙂

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    Just for info – I’ve contacted ClassiKool about their powdered colours, to check if they are Gluten Free (my granddaughter has Coeliacs).

    Their reply states “There may be trace elements of gluten due to manufacturing processes.”

    If you really need all your macaron ingredients to be gluten free, then sadly ClassiKool products won’t be suitable.

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    Carole Westbrook

    I have just bought Deco REelief powdered colouring from Surbiton art suppliers in the UK. Now about to embark on getting the right colour for 200 wedding macarons. Wish me luck! By the way, how do you add the powder – by mixing with water or by sprinkling the powder into the mix at the right time?

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    I love deco relief colours and have mixed (tiny amounts!) straight into the dry sugar and almond mix. I’ve also tried it into the wet meringue mix. Either work just as well and if you want to blend to create other colours that’s easy too. Expensive, yes but I built up to my current range of 5 (yellow, red, green, blue, black) as my macaron confidence increased over some months. I mix these colours to produce the variations required for different macarons but of course they are great in other recipes, especially biscuits, too. Good luck!

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    Jill Colonna

    Thanks for the info here Catherine. Important to know!

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    Jill Colonna

    Hi Carole – sorry for this late response but didn’t see this post! Hope not too late but as in my recipe books, I just add the powdered colouring as I’m whipping up the egg whites. No water needed. Good luck!

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    Jill Colonna

    Thanks for your reply Deborah. I love DecoRelief too and totally agree that although they’re expensive, a little goes a long way and it’s so worth it with the quality in the end. Cheers!

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    Jill Colonna

    Thanks Mardi x

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