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    Anyone faced the problem of frozen macarons being sweaty when taken out of the freezer?
    Whenever I make macarons I always make about 10 extra to store in the freezer and have them on standby and to have more flavours handy but whenever I take them out of the freezer they get sort of “sweaty” or too moist.
    Anyone has experienced that? Or maybe there’s something wrong with the way I store them in the freezer?
    Is there a right way of storing macarons in the freezer? Or maybe the the temperature of the freezer is too high?

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    Jill Colonna

    Interesting question, Krystian. It’s normal for the macarons to look a bit wet as they’re defrosting but sweaty, no. Macarons eventually stored in the freezer should first be put in the fridge and away from any humidity – I just place them in cake/pastry boxes in the fridge then transfer to the freezer.

    Remember that macarons stored in the freezer will not be as good as the fresh ones but they will still be good!

    Anyone have anything to add here? It would be interesting to hear…

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