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    Mariadaniela lopez

    Hi! I own a small macaron bussines in country, Venezuela, with great limitations i always try to use the finest ingredients I can find there, and so far I have had big success with my macarons. My problem is that every time i come to the us and whant to surprise my friends here with a good batch of macarons, most of the time they bake terrible I keep getting kind of a greasy outside not crispy at all and they stick to the mats! I duplicate my recipe to the letter and I have taken care of every single detail; I am aware I am dealing with different ingredients but I am still clueless why I keep getting these ugly macarons in the US!! Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Jill Colonna

    Hi Mariadaniela,

    First off, congratulations on your macaron business! And sorry to hear about your macaron problems in the USA. That’s a difficult one to answer here, as I don’t know if you’re using this particular recipe from Mad About Macarons, as it could be the recipe you’re using – but it’s true that different ovens, ingredients and even baking paper can be a culprit. Don’t despair. Greasy shells may have something to do with your almond flour (check out the recommended list of almond stockists in the USA on the FAQ page over). You using a silicone mat? You know my feelings on that too – see my review here. Ensure you use good quality organic egg whites and stick to what I say – whipping them up well will help. Bon courage and let me know how you get on!

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    Mariadaniela Lopez

    Dear Jill thank you very much for your answer, I did every possible combination of ingredients and utensils (trays, mats, paper, etc) with same results , the macarons were round, with feet, but with the same paper thin greasy crust. At this point I think the problem is the egg whites . In Venezuela my eggs are very fresh I buy them right from the farm, with these eggs the merengue is beautiful, strong and shiny, in the USA the merengue is soft actually I take just a few strokes to get the mixture to ribbon stage in Venezuela I really have to work the batter to get to that point. Yestarday I read your book again, and you mention that hollow macarons have a lot to do with egg whites. I am already back in Venezuela but when I go back to the USA I will look for fresher eggs, and let you know. Thanks again by the way congrats on your books, they were my christmas present I love them. I have to write from my phone so please forgive my writing I keep missing some periods at the end of the sentences .
    Best regards

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