Easy French Recipes with a Taste of Paris

What’s cooking in December? Find many more easy bakes in the index & in my books!

Jill Colonna

French Apple Nougat Tart

Sweet almond pastry with chunks of seared apples tossed in vanilla and topped with crunchy almonds - it's a showstopper for a festive dessert!
Quick French Apple TartJill Colonna

Quick French Apple Tart with Calvados Cream

This dessert is almost cheating! Made in 20 minutes using 2 Granny Smiths, ready-made butter puff pastry, honey, almonds, butter and Calvados. A veritable French fall recipe...
Montmartre macaronsJill Colonna

Montmartre Chocolate Pastry Walk

Join me for an autumnal online stroll on my self-guided Montmartre walk - with less tourists. Taste the artistic ambience, macarons, madeleines - and perhaps leave 'Absinthe'-minded!
Poire Belle HeleneJill Colonna

Pear Belle Helene - A Parisian Musical Story

When music and dessert are pear-fect partners: this classic Parisian dessert was created by a famous French chef, inspired by a French soprano's voice singing Offenbach in Paris
Cranachan Parfait Scottish dessertJill Colonna

Cranachan Parfait - An Iced Scottish Dessert on Shortbread

My French twist to the classic Scottish dessert: an iced honey & Whisky cream with a crunchy buttery oat praline.
smoked tea beurre blanc salmonJill Colonna

Smoked Tea Beurre Blanc Salmon

A French-Scottish alliance for St Andrew's (30 Nov) or Burn's Night - with my smoked twist to the classic beurre blanc sauce using a simple Lapsang Souchong teabag. It's so easy and a chic way of serving salmon.
Melting Meringue SnowballsJill Colonna @Mad About Macarons

Melting Meringue Snowballs

French meringues generously filled with hazelnut praline, lemon jelly, vanilla cream and candied chestnut for a light, festive dessert that's just waiting for you to 'throw' a party!
Butternut walnut gratinJill Colonna

Butternut Walnut Gratin - Playing Winter Squash

Our comforting way of playing squash in Autumn and Winter! Delicious veggies with toasted walnuts for the crunch that cling to a layer of melted cheese.
Gratin DauphinoisJill Colonna

Gratin Dauphinois - French Creamy Potato Bake

One of the easiest French classic comfort foods, adding a truffle of luxury for special occasions - or a new smoky discovery I've made recently that takes this to another level.
pumpkin pecan chestnut flour tartJill Colonna

Pumpkin Pecan Chestnut Flour Tart

Inspired by Autumn in Paris, enjoy this lush French tart: perfect as a vegetarian alternative for Thanksgiving or Christmas - or just a family treat to fall for!
French Crème Caramel

French Crème Caramel

The favourite classic on many Parisian restaurant menus - yet so easy to make at home. This one is so melt-in-the-mouth light!
red onion pepper savoury cornbread recipe

Savoury Cheesy Red Onion Pepper Cornbread

If you like Cheese Scones, then you'll love this savoury Cornbread, a handy quick bread recipe without the sugar. A festive side to a Thanksgiving table too!
Christmas Oat Granola

Christmas Oat Granola - A Healthy Festive Breakfast

Go nuts! Treat yourself with this luxury granola: festive warming spices, orange & maple - and no added sugar!
Teatime Ritz Paris TableJill Colonna

Putting on The Ritz - Paris Teatime

For the ultimate luxury Parisian afternoon, let's head to Proust's room for a French Afternoon Tea and experience his famous Madeleines by his favourite fireplace.
Jack Be Little Mini Stuffed Pumpkins

Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

The best, healthy & edible decorations for your Autumn table - deliciously easy, ready in 30 minutes and perfect for advance party prep.

Recipes from the Pantry

Quick & healthy with a few clever ingredients in store – some now on video too!

Corsican Mint OmeletteJill Colonna

Mint Omelette - Corsican Style

Got mint & eggs? Enjoy this refreshing, authentic omelette from my husband's 'Island of Beauty' - and tips on what makes a Corsican omelette different to a French one. Now also on video.
Jill Colonna

Palets Bretons: French Salted Butter Biscuits

Now updated with accompanying step-by-step VIDEO to show how easy these treats are: irresistible salty-sweet biscuits from Brittany, enjoyed plain or dressed up to tea party.
Fluffy Cheese SconesJill Colonna

Fluffy Cheese Scones

How to make the lightest, high-rise cheesy scones in 40 minutes using only one egg. Suddenly teatime at home is very civilised. Now on VIDEO!
Quick Almond Milk Rice PuddingJill Colonna

Quick Almond Milk Rice Pudding

A satisfying, healthy recipe for French riz au lait, using long-life cupboard ingredients. Creamy, delicious - yet gluten free and vegan. Made in just 35 minutes!
Jill Colonna

Luxury Chocolate Coconut Granola (Vegan)

A luxury way to start your day - Now on VIDEO. Give yourself a healthy breakfast boost with no added sugar - just natural, delicious ingredients. It's vegan, gluten free but comes with a warning: once you make this you'll need a constant supply of it!
Jill Colonna

Reine de Saba Chocolate Almond Cake

Can you 'Handel' another French cake? Welcome the arrival of the Queen of Sheba glazed with rum! It's gluten-free which could also be music to your ears...
Saint-Germain almond cakeJill Colonna

Saint-Germain Almond Cake

Created in the royal market town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye outside Paris in 1920. This delicious almond and rum glazed tart is so easy and a real crowd-pleaser.
Chocolate Hazelnut Pear CrumbleJill Colonna

Chocolate Hazelnut Pear Crumble

Comfort food dessert at its best - with a healthy dose of bittersweet chocolate that melts into the vanilla fruit, topped with oats.
sticky toffee apple puddingJill Colonna

Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding

Ideas for dates at home! Up close with the most lush, dark, comfort-food classic dessert with apple - seeing blurry? Looking for a spoon? You may have sticky toffee pudding syndrome. Check it out NOW...