Mad About French Food: Easy Summer Home Cooking

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dark chocolate mousseJill Colonna

Lightest French Chocolate Mousse Without Cream

A fluffy and intensely bittersweet mousse for serious chocolate lovers - with NO CREAM and low in sugar. Now also on video
Corsican Mint OmeletteJill Colonna

Mint Omelette – Corsican Style

Got mint & eggs? Enjoy this refreshing, authentic omelette from my husband's 'Island of Beauty' - and tips on what makes a Corsican omelette different to a French one. Now also on video.
Black sesame ice creamJill Colonna

Black Sesame Ice Cream

A taste of a delicious Japanese summer in Paris with this special ice cream. If you love peanut butter, you'll adore this - and it's healthy too. Serve with macarons or crispy sesame tuiles.
broccoli-hummusJill Colonna

Fresh Broccoli Hummus (Vegan)

A quick & healthy snack made in just 15 mins. A surprisingly divine alternative to traditional hummus. Enjoy with bread, crackers, oatcakes, or crisps - and toss any leftovers in pasta for a real treat! Vegan, dairy-free and gluten free.
Palets Bretons easy French recipeJill Colonna

Palets Bretons: French Salted Butter Biscuits

See how quick & easy these treats are: irresistible salty-sweet biscuits from Brittany - now on video. Enjoy plain or dress them up for Spring.
Roasted tomato mozzarella bitesJill Colonna

Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Bites

Just a few minutes of roasting tomatoes concentrates the best tomato flavours to make these simple, delicious & healthy nibbles for your holiday table.
Vegan macaronsJill Colonna

Raspberry Vegan Macaron Recipe (Using Aquafaba French Meringue)

For the #veganuary challenge. How to make picture perfect macarons without any egg whites or dairy in sight. Vegan macaron tips and tasting test conclusions.
Cranachan Parfait Scottish dessertJill Colonna

Cranachan Parfait – An Iced Scottish Dessert on Shortbread

Add a French twist to this classic Scottish dessert to enjoy raspberry season. Honey & Whisky cream turned into an iced parfait with a crunchy buttery oat praline.
Berry Gratin RecipeJill Colonna

French Berry Gratin with Elderflower

A quick yet elegant French berry dessert, topped with an elderflower cream and quickly toasted under the grill. Berry French indeed!
Macaron Berry Sherry Trifle

Macaron Berry Sherry Trifle

Looking for patriotic red, white & blue treats? You'll love this berry adult, boozy dessert for your holiday menu. A trifle British with Parisian macarons soaked in sherry (gluten free).
French Crème Caramel

French Crème Caramel

The favourite French classic on many Parisian restaurant menus - yet so easy to make at home. This one is melt-in-the-mouth light with no heavy cream, just milk and eggs.
Apricot Lavender JamJill Colonna

Apricot and Lavender Jam

A delicious taste of French summer using half sugar quantities - and great for filling your macarons!

Gourmet Travel Articles in France & Beyond

Just to whet your appetite!

Montmartre macaronsJill Colonna

Montmartre Chocolate Pastry Walk

Join me for an online stroll on my self-guided Montmartre walk - with less tourists. Taste the artistic ambience, macarons, madeleines & chocolate - and perhaps leave 'Absinthe'-minded!
Saint-Germain almond cakeJill Colonna

Saint-Germain Almond Cake

Created in the royal market town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye outside Paris in 1920. This delicious almond and rum glazed tart is so easy and a real crowd-pleaser.
Béarnaise SauceJill Colonna

Béarnaise Sauce – Recipe & Origins Near Paris

Ooh the simple Béarn-ecessities of life! This sublime French sauce is so easy to whisk up - did you know it was invented where Louis XIV was born near Paris?
10 reasons to visit HonfleurJill Colonna

10 Reasons to Visit Honfleur, Normandy

A virtual see and do - and eat! - in this romantic French town & what makes it such a popular getaway - only 2 hours' drive from Paris
Poire Belle HeleneJill Colonna

Pear Belle Helene – A Parisian Musical Story

When dessert was inspired by Helen's 'beautiful pear' (pun intended). This classic Parisian dessert was created by France's legendary chef, Escoffier, inspired by a French soprano singing Offenbach in Paris
Renoir Walk Chatou Carrieres Cave HousesJill Colonna

Renoir Tour: Chatou – Carrieres-sur-Seine

Join me online for this Impressionist Renoir Walk starting at Chatou in les Yvelines (just 10km west of Paris), along by the Seine & discover the medieval town of Carrières-sur-Seine with its troglodytes cave houses.
Denise Acabo A l'Etoile d'Or Paris chocolateJill Colonna

Paris Chocolate Golden Star, Denise Acabo – A l’Etoile d’Or

Ready for a healthy dose of contagiously cheerful chocolate-induced endorphins? Meet the golden star of chocolate in Pigalle.
Teatime in JapanJill Colonna

Teatime in Japan

Join our discovery of traditional sweet treats (wagashi), ice creams and a traditional tea ceremony learning some Japanese culture along the way
Teatime Ritz Paris TableJill Colonna

Putting on The Ritz – Paris Teatime

For the ultimate luxury Parisian afternoon, let's head to Proust's room for a French Afternoon Tea and experience his famous Madeleines by his favourite fireplace.
best bakeries in Lyon

Lyon’s Best Pâtisseries, Chocolates & Macarons

A selection of the finest bakeries for the sweet-toothed in France's gastronomic capital.
bouchons Lyon restaurants

Best Value Gourmet Lyon in 3 Days

A taste of Lyon's bistros & traditional bouchons in France's gastronomic capital.
renoir cafe montmartre museum

Café Renoir, Montmartre Museum Gardens

Escape the tourist crowds around Sacré Coeur and enjoy a snack in this hidden haven, with a view of Renoir's legendary swing and the oldest house in Montmartre.