Mad About Macarons, French Recipes & Teatime in Paris

Jill Colonna

French Semolina Pudding Cake

Simple semolina pudding transformed into a French cake, topped with caramel and served with warmed jam, fruit (fresh or tinned) or coulis.
Fluffy Cheese SconesJill Colonna

Fluffy Cheese Scones

How to make the lightest, high-rise cheesy scones in 40 minutes using only one egg! Suddenly teatime at home is very civilised.
Quick Almond Milk Rice PuddingJill Colonna

Quick Almond Milk Rice Pudding

A satisfying, healthy recipe for French riz au lait, using long-life cupboard ingredients. It also just so happens to be gluten free and vegan. Made in just 35 minutes!
Vacherin Ice Cream CakeJill Colonna

Vacherin Ice Cream Cake

Trust the French to turn something we often have stocks at home into an occasion. Take a tub of ice cream, a tub of sorbet and dress it up to party with some meringue and whipped cream.
Jill Colonna

French Chocolate Passion Mousse with Nougatine

A French classic mousse with no cream, just intense dark chocolate and made even lighter with passion fruit & egg whites. It's something to get 'excited' about - just watch how you tell the French!
Jill Colonna

Chocolate Coconut Granola (Vegan)

A cereal-ously satisfying healthy breakfast with no added sugar - just natural, delicious ingredients and happens to be gluten free!
Dubarry French Cauliflower Cream SoupJill Colonna

Dubarry Cauliflower Cream Soup

The crème de la crème of French soups - with a deliciously hot royal romance behind it, which simmered away between Versailles and Paris in the 18th century.
Reine de Saba Chocolate Almond CakeJill Colonna

Reine de Saba Chocolate Almond Cake

Can you 'Handel' another French cake? Welcome the arrival of the Queen of Sheba! It's gluten-free which could also be music to your ears...
Jill Colonna

French Apple Nougat Tart

Sweet almond pastry with chunks of seared apples tossed in vanilla and topped with crunchy almonds - it's a nutcracker of a dessert!

Easy Spring Recipes from the Pantry

French Apple Crumble CakeJill Colonna

French Apple Crumble Cake

No eggs? This is a genius, easy gingerbread apple & oat crumble 'gateau' from French film director & screenwriter, Danièle Thompson. Enjoy chilled for dessert, teatime, or give a French touch to Thanksgiving.
Sesame Tuiles Best RecipeJill Colonna

Crispy Sesame Tuiles

Easiest French biscuits made in 20 minutes with sesame seeds (the almond classic is in Teatime in Paris). Perfect for teatime or served with ice cream or chocolate mousse for dessert
Chocolate Hazelnut Pear CrumbleJill Colonna

Chocolate Hazelnut Pear Crumble

Comfort food dessert at its best - with a healthy dose of bittersweet chocolate that melts into the vanilla fruit, topped with oats.
Jill Colonna

Chocolate Ginger Fondant Cake

A spicy ginger twist to the French classic fudgy fondant that's not only quick and easy but tastes even better next day. Easy to prepare a gluten-free version too.
dark chocolate mousseJill Colonna

Lightest Dark Chocolate Mousse

A light and intensely bittersweet French dark chocolate mousse for serious chocolate lovers - with no cream!
Breakfast oat cookiesJill Colonna

Breakfast Oat Cookies with Hazelnut & Cranberry

A deliciously healthy start to the day with reduced sugar, plus a perfect quick teatime 'goûter' to tide you over until dinner without the guilt
Black sesame ice creamJill Colonna

Black Sesame Ice Cream

A taste of a delicious Japanese summer in Paris with this special ice cream. If you love peanut butter, you'll adore this - and much healthier too. Serve with macarons for that extra touch.
Melting MomentsJill Colonna

Melting Moments - Children's Party Oat Biscuits

No eggs? No worries. These melt-in-the-mouth buttery biscuits, rolled in oats and topped with bits of glacé cherry don't even need an egg. Let's party at home!
Asparagus ClafoutisJill Colonna

Asparagus Clafoutis with Parmesan Sauce

An elegant yet simple summery starter or supper. Serve with crusty French baguette to mop up the silky cheese sauce or serve with lemon
pure vegetable soup

Pure Vegetable Soup

Pure and simple genius: no stock, just butter, the freshest of veg and herbs make this a chunky healthy bowl of only 55 calories
almond lemon easter cake

Almond Lemon Easter Cake

Celebrate spring with this moist cake infused with tart lemon syrup and decorated with macarons, edible flowers and French mendiants.
Matrimonial cakeJill Colonna

Matrimonial Cake - Oaty Shortbread Date Squares

Looking for perfect date ideas with no eggs? Try this oaty Matrimonial Cake, like my Scottish Granny used to make and make the other half melt! Ideal pantry baking too.
rhubarb rose hibiscus jam

Rhubarb, Hibiscus & Rose Jam

How to make rhubarb jam beautifully pink without strawberries but with tea and rose.
passion fruit mango creams

Passion Fruit Mango Creams

A healthy, easy no-bake fruity dessert that's perfect with Easter chocolate and macarons!
French Monkfish Stew

Monkfish French Brittany Stew - Lotte à l'armoricaine

A deliciously easy French classic that's perfect if you have a lotte ... of entertaining
Cherry Chocolate Ganache for macarons

Chocolate Cherry Ganache - Macaron Filling

Rain in the Kirsch with these dark chocolate and cherry macarons!
maple granola recipe

Maple Granola - Homemade Breakfast Cereal

A healthy homemade oat breakfast cereal with no sugar - just maple syrup, nuts and dried fruits
chocolate mendiants for Easter

Begging for Chocolate Macarons and Mendiants for Easter

Meaning "Beggar" in French and representing four mendicant monastic orders from the Middle Ages, these popular chocolates are great to make for Easter!