Mad About Macarons, Easy French Recipes & Teatimes in Paris

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Fluffy Cheese SconesJill Colonna

Fluffy Cheese Scones

How to make the lightest, high-rise cheesy scones in 40 minutes using only one egg. Suddenly teatime at home is very civilised. Now on VIDEO!
Sesame Tuiles Best RecipeJill Colonna

Crispy Sesame Tuiles

Bring a taste of Paris to your kitchen. Got 2 egg whites to use up? Rustle up these easy, delicious tuiles in just 30 mins! Now on VIDEO. Perfect with a pot of tea, served with ice cream or chocolate mousse.
Strawberry Pistachio ClafoutisJill Colonna

Strawberry Pistachio Clafoutis

No flour? Then enjoy strawberry season with this twist to the French classic cherry baked custard. With pistachios or almonds for a gluten free breakfast, dessert or teatime treat. NOW ON VIDEO!

Summery Recipes & Ideas for June

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broccoli-hummusJill Colonna

Broccoli Hummus

Add this to your BBQ table. Made in just 15 mins, this healthy alternative to traditional hummus is simply divine. Enjoy with bread, crackers, oatcakes, or crisps - and toss any leftovers in pasta for a real treat!
Vacherin Ice Cream CakeJill Colonna

Vacherin Ice Cream Cake

Trust the French to turn something we often have stocks at home into an occasion. Take a tub of ice cream, a tub of sorbet and dress it up to party with some meringue and whipped cream (gluten free).
Jill Colonna

French Chocolate Passion Mousse with Nougatine

A French classic mousse with no cream, just intense dark chocolate and made even lighter with passion fruit & egg whites. It's something to get 'excited' about - just watch how you tell the French!
Montmartre macaronsJill Colonna

Montmartre Chocolate Pastry Walk

Join me for a delicious online stroll in Montmartre's more hidden side. Taste the artistic ambience, macarons, madeleines - and perhaps leave 'Absinthe'-minded!
Roasted tomato mozzarella bitesJill Colonna

Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Bites

Just a few minutes of roasting tomatoes concentrates the best tomato flavour to make these simple, delicious summer nibbles.
cracked macaron black forest creamsJill Colonna

Cracked Macaron Black Forest Creams

Cracked macarons? Make these chocolate cherry boozy gluten free desserts. They're so good, you'll want to make them with perfect macaron shells too!
Rose Rhubarb Orange CakeJill Colonna

Rose Rhubarb Orange Cake

Celebrate rhubarb and rose season with this light financier-style French cake for teatime, breakfast or brunch - and an easy bake to say Merci to Maman.
Vegan macaronsJill Colonna

Raspberry Vegan Macarons: Aquafaba French Meringue

How to make picture perfect macarons without any egg whites or dairy in sight. Vegan macaron tips and tasting test conclusions.
Cranachan Parfait Scottish dessertJill Colonna

Cranachan Parfait - An Iced Scottish Dessert

My French twist to the traditional Scottish dessert of cream, honey, Whisky, oats and raspberries for Burn's Night, St Andrew's Night, St Valentine's - or any occasion.
Jill Colonna

Renoir Tour: Chatou - Carrieres-sur-Seine

Venture out of Paris on this surprising Impressionist walk in les Yvelines, only 10km west of the city. Join me online for this Renoir Tour starting at Chatou, along by the Seine for a 1h30 walk, discovering the medieval town of Carrières-sur-Seine with its troglodytes cave houses.
chai tea creme anglaiseJill Colonna

Chai Tea Creme Anglaise - Light French Custard

A cheeky spicy kick to the French classic custard sauce with Chai tea. Perfect with Chocolate Ginger Fondant Cake.
Black sesame ice creamJill Colonna

Black Sesame Ice Cream

A taste of a delicious Japanese summer in Paris with this special ice cream. If you love peanut butter, you'll adore this - and much healthier too. Serve with macarons for that extra touch.
Berry Gratin RecipeJill Colonna

French Berry Gratin with Elderflower

A quick yet elegant French berry dessert, topped with an elderflower cream and quickly toasted under the grill. Perfect for a summer heatwave!
Asparagus ClafoutisJill Colonna

Asparagus Clafoutis with Parmesan Sauce

An elegant yet simple summery starter or supper. Serve with crusty French baguette to mop up the silky cheese sauce or serve with lemon
raspberry clafoutis

Raspberry Clafoutis with Lemon Verbena

A delicious twist to the classic French clafoutis recipe using raspberries and a lemony twist of verbena - and it's gluten free!
rhubarb rose hibiscus jam

Rhubarb, Hibiscus & Rose Jam

How to make rhubarb jam beautifully pink without strawberries but with tea and rose.
strawberry almond rhubarb tart

Strawberry, Almond & Rhubarb Tart

Try this nifty trick of turning an almond tart upside-down and decorate it as if it's straight from a Parisian patisserie!
Cherry Chocolate Ganache for macarons

Chocolate Cherry Ganache - Macaron Filling

Enjoy cherry season and rain in the Kirsch to fill your cheeky pink macarons with fun summery decor.