Mad About Macarons, Easy French Recipes & Teatime in Paris

Jill Colonna

French Apple Nougat Tart

Sweet almond pastry with chunks of apples tossed in vanilla and topped with crunchy almonds - it's a Christmas nutcracker of a dessert!
Quick French Apple TartJill Colonna

Quick French Apple Tart with Calvados Cream

This dessert is almost cheating! Made in 20 minutes using 2 Granny Smiths, ready-made butter puff pastry, honey, almonds, butter and Calvados. A veritable French fall recipe...
French Apple Crumble CakeJill Colonna

French Apple Crumble Cake

A genius, easy gingerbread apple & oat crumble 'gateau' from French film director & screenwriter, Danièle Thompson. Enjoy chilled for dessert, teatime, or give a French touch to Thanksgiving.
Montmartre macaronsJill Colonna

Montmartre Chocolate Pastry Walk

Join me for a delicious Autumnal stroll in Montmartre's more hidden side. Taste the artistic ambience, macarons, madeleines - and perhaps leave 'Absinthe'-minded!
sugar free oat muffinsJill Colonna

Healthy Banana Oat Muffins (no added sugar)

A naturally sweet breakfast boost using dried fruits, brazil nuts for Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.
Sesame Tuiles Best RecipeJill Colonna

Crispy Sesame Tuiles

The easiest, quickest French-style biscuits made with sesame seeds - perfect for teatime or served with black sesame ice cream for dessert
Roasted tomato mozzarella bitesJill Colonna

Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Bites

Just a few minutes of roasting tomatoes concentrates the best tomato flavour to make these simple, delicious summer nibbles.
cracked macaron black forest creamsJill Colonna

Cracked Macaron Black Forest Creams

Cracked macarons? Make these chocolate cherry boozy gluten free desserts. They're so good, you'll want to make them with perfect macaron shells too!
air-conditioned Paris tea salonsJill Colonna

Air-Conditioned Paris Tea Salons

Find a listing of the coolest Parisian tearooms during the summer heatwave.

December Specials on Le Blog

Béarnaise SauceJill Colonna

Béarnaise Sauce - Recipe & Origins

Ooh the simple Béarn-ecessities of life! This sublime French sauce is so easy to whisk up - did you know it was invented where Louis XIV was born near Paris?
smoked tea beurre blanc salmonJill Colonna

Smoked Tea Beurre Blanc Salmon

A French-Scottish alliance for St Andrew's or Burn's Night - with my smoked twist to the classic beurre blanc sauce using a simple Lapsang Souchong teabag. It's so easy, don't tell anybody...
Melting Meringue SnowballsJill Colonna @Mad About Macarons

Melting Meringue Snowballs

French meringues generously filled with hazelnut praline, lemon jelly, vanilla cream and candied chestnut for a light, festive dessert that's just waiting for you to 'throw' a party!
Bourdaloue Pear TartJill Colonna

Bourdaloue Pear Tart - a Parisian Classic

Found in many patisseries at this time of year, this tart has been glazing around Paris since the 1900s when it was invented in Rue Bourdaloue.
Macaron Berry Sherry Trifle

Macaron Berry Sherry Trifle

A strictly adult, berry boozy Royal celebration dessert. A trifle British but uses Parisian macarons, making it gluten free.

Snowballs - No Bake, Coconut, Raisin & Chocolate Bites

Granny's special winter treats: gluten free, vegan and perfect for festive parties or teatime.
Mulled Wine Prunes

Mulled Wine Prunes

A festive version of the French classic dessert, Pruneaux au Vin, with orange and added spices - and perfect with macarons!
Christmas Oat Granola

Christmas Oat Granola - A Healthy Festive Breakfast

Go nuts! Make your mornings 'oat-ra' special with festive warming spices, orange & maple - and no added sugar!
relais desserts yulelogs Paris 2017

Relais Desserts Yule Log Presentation, Paris 2017

20 top pastry chefs from this elite group show us their French Christmas cake creations (Bûches de Noël).
salted toffee cherry tomatoes

Salted Toffee Cherry Tomatoes

Start your festive parties with this salty & sweet apéritif - great centre-piece too!
Digital kitchen scales for making macarons

Macaron Digital Kitchen Scales - Weight vs Volume

Why it's essential to use digital kitchen scales for consistently successful baking results plus my macaron scale review by Terraillon measuring experts
no-suet mincemeat pinwheels

Mincemeat Pinwheels

A quick and handy vegetarian recipe that's perfect to make in advance for your festive end-of-year parties
mincemeat macarons

Quick No-Suet Mincemeat - A Perfect Macaron Filling

A quick and deliciously easy mincemeat recipe, ideal for Vegetarians since it's without suet - and great for filling macarons!
Palets Bretons - buttery biscuits from Brittany

Palets Bretons Recipe - French Butter Biscuits or Cookies

Put just a few good quality basic ingredients together – salted butter, sugar, egg yolks, flour and baking powder – and what do you get? Irresistible French butter biscuits...

How to Make a Giant Paris-Brest Pastry Ring for Christmas

Adapting one of the recipes in Teatime in Paris for a Christmas make-over
stuffed cabbage recipe

Stuffed Cabbage (Chou Farci): A Cheat's French Classic Winter Recipe

A French Classic recipe of stuffed savoy cabbage made easy by using turkey stuffing leftovers.
Honey lemon sable cookies

Honey Lemon Sablé Biscuits

A quick and easy cookie recipe that's perfect with a cup of tea for a soothing winter teatime.
Scottish Macaroon Bar snowballs

Scottish Macaroon Bar Snowballs

We can't reduce the sugar in these traditional Scottish treats but we can reduce their size into snowballs!

Savoury Macarons: Festive Starter Ideas

You heard it right: savoury macarons for that special occasion menu to delight your guests and create a real talking point! Smiles and thumbs up guaranteed.

Chestnut Vanilla Ice Cream

The French love their chestnuts and so what about a sweetened chestnut ice cream to chill over the festive season?
pumpkin leek soup

Leek, Pumpkin and Ginger Soup with Curry Macarons

A perfectly simple yet healthy winter warming soup with a few benefits of leeks.