The Best Tonic is with Indian Curry Macarons

As Paris is finally enjoying summer, we’ve been enjoying life in the garden. For the past three weeks, we’ve surpassed our miserable weather of May and June with this glorious French canicule or heat wave. Wouah! I love the heat but as a Scot, the mosquitos and other beasties love my macaron-tasting blood.

I must be the best repellent there is for our house guests in the garden. This time around, this double-biting beastie was a bête grâve. Was it a spider? A mosquito? Heaven knows but nearly 3 weeks later, I’m still on antibiotics and other stuff just to bring down the swelling of a rather unsexy looking club foot.

Never mind the club foot, look at our sexy macaron feet!

Is all this just my excuse why it has been so quiet on le blog? Yes. Well, it did turn purple, couldn’t walk on it, went to Germany’s Black Forest in the meantime, hobbled along trying to join in the fun and WHAM!  I put my back out last weekend, Milord. I did.

As plans were scrapped for London this week and the French insurance paperwork completed, it’s that moment when Bach’s Air on a G String plays in the background (for all Hamlet cigar ad lovers), stick my foot up and drink a chilled glass of G&T  – purely for the quinine, of course – and, instead of a cigar, use a straw to contemplate how to drink the stuff without locking in position and looking totally ridiculous.

Feeling blue? Apero’clock with a Gin and Tonic and mini spicy curry macs.

As I write this, the family are enjoying Spamalot at the Playhouse Theatre in London. I’m certainly no lover of spam (see post of spam macarons without the spam) but we’re Monty Python Fans. To get over my nervousness at piano or flute exams and music competitions in my teens, I pictured the scene of Eric Idle at the piano, completely naked with, “…and now for something completely different”.

That’s what brings me to curry macarons. They are completely different.

Mini Tikka Macsala macarons

For those of you who haven’t yet tried the savoury Mad Macs chapter in Mad About Macarons, I urge you to give them a go. Mini curry macarons are great for something completely different at parties and weddings. The intriguing macaron sweetness (I add a bit curry powder to the shells) and the Indian heat of the curry ensures a delicious giggle or two. Drink suggestions are given in the book but my favourite is with a G&T using Bombay Sapphire and Schweppes tonic.

I need to stop now as I’m turning into Groan-alot and it’s time to heat a frozen Picard version of Butter Chicken (I miss cooking!) I have many recipes to share with you but they’re too long to write for the moment, so will be back soon with holiday fun and perhaps a surprise if I can get there.

Remember; always look on the bright side of life, tadum; tadum-tadum-tadum.

Have you been macaroning-alot? Have you tried the mini curry macs yet?