Asparagus, Mint & Pea Clafoutis

Asparagus mint pea clafoutis gluten free recipe

As it’s Vegetarian Week, Celiac Awareness month, and asparagus season is still in full swing, this recipe is a perfect mix of veggie and gluten free!

Moroccan mint for cooking

Moroccan mint – best for cooking

Ever since I made this white asparagus clafoutis three years ago, it’s a recipe that has stuck with the family every time asparagus pokes its head out in Spring.

This time I wanted to add another twist – by adding mint, peas and very fresh goat’s cheese – I say very fresh, since my girls don’t like goat’s cheese and haven’t noticed it as an ingredient when it’s really fresh and soft. Otherwise replace it with a suitable vegetarian soft cheese.

Mint is so plentiful in the garden just now (in fact it’s taking over the herb garden until I learn to control it!) that I’m throwing it in all sorts of dishes.  It’s a very Corsican ingredient, especially in omelettes, so I couldn’t resist the fresh spring mix of it together with asparagus and peas from the market.

Delicious served warm as a light supper and great for Spring picnics.

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