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Wee Jaunt in Paris

15 November: A few days’ ago, I took a wee jaunt into Paris to visit old haunts and make some new discoveries. Although we live out of the city, it takes a sheer 20 minutes to get into the centre with the RER commuter train. I do, however, love taking the car. If someone had […]

Book’s Launch at the BBC Good Food Show Scotland, October

4 November: Just come back to French routine this week after an enlightening macaron voyage home to Scotland during the school holidays. I’m surprised we even got there at all with the tense French strike delays. Packed to the eyeballs with as-much-as-you-dare-with-Ryanair, my children’s job was to guard our boxes of macarons like the Crown […]

Welcome to Mad about Macarons!

Are you mad about Parisian Macarons? You’ll see how special these gluten-free French pastries are. Want to make macarons but hesitant to start? This site is for you: be inspired to bake your own perfect French macarons, join in the flavour fun and passion of Paris on le blog…

Add some Parisian style

The Parisian macaron is now “tendance” outside France.  Cupcakes are SO last year so turn the page. Macarons are perfectly smooth, light and a must-have for afternoon tea. Their beautifully coloured meringue-and-ground-almond shells are combined with intensely flavoured butter creams or chocolate ganaches. Crispy on the outside, luxuriously soft in the middle…

Perfect Parisian Macarons

If you follow the basic recipe in “Mad about Macarons” to the letter you’ll have picture-perfect Parisian macarons every time.   More macaron tips are given in the book.  You’ll be the envy of all those around you.  Family and friends will beg you for more, hinting their favourites.  Beware, you may also just become […]

Easier than you think!

Macarons have a reputation of being devilishly difficult to make and accordingly, there’s a price tag to match.  But the process is straight-forward and fun in this colourful new book by Jill Colonna.  She explains simply and clearly her secrets so you can make macarons just like the French at home.