Macaron Parchment Paper – MacShapes #Giveaway

I know this may sound funny but I’ve never used a stencil to help me pipe out macarons. Even as a total wobbly beginner, when I started out making them 10 years ago, I didn’t.

Over the years, I’ve just become used to piping out macaron batter freehand. Granted, each tray’s shells are not always completely uniformed in size.  Out of 3 trays, I’ll often just get one or two strays that I love to put aside, scoosh out some extra filling on top and enjoy as a taster before putting them all in the box to mature in the fridge for 24 hours.

piping out macarons on to MacShapes baking paper

 Then the other day, I heard about this new pre-printed macaron parchment paper guide called MacShapes.

piping out green macarons on a stencil parchment paper guide

For novice macaron bakers in particular, this parchment paper is definitely a great confidence booster, as it’s such a helpful guide to get you started.  There’s no need for tracing out stencils by hand.  They’re pre-printed with food-grade ink.  An extra luxury is the baking paper’s quality.

green macarons piped before baking

Normally I stagger my rows in order to get the most shells on the one baking sheet.  With the MacShapes paper, I wasn’t used to piping them out at speed in straight lines but it was useful with a guide.  OK, even although I aimed right in the centre, I could have added a bit more batter: it spread out as usual and didn’t quite reach the outer circle.  In the photo they look uneven but I can tell you that it was quick to pair up the couples afterwards, as all the macaron shells were uniform in size.
green macaron batter MacShapes baking paper
Oh, what lovely bottoms and feet!  As you can see by the photo below, the result got the macaron addict thumbs up.  MacShapes parchment paper is super quality.
MacShapes are available for purchase at You can also find them on Facebook and join their mailing list to get their latest news and deals.  With a parchment paper guide and a straight-forward macaron recipe from the Mad About Macarons book, there’s no excuse to make that first plunge if you’re scared to make that first move.
In the meantime, MacShapes MacShapes are running this Giveaway on Mad About Macarons!
baked macaron shells with perfect feet

The MacShapes Giveaway

The lovely people at MacShapes have kindly offered a roll each to TEN lucky winners residing in the USA or Canada.

The Giveaway ends Sunday 1 June 2014  (Midnight in Paris)


Update, 2nd June 2014:

Congratulations to Susan, Karen, Judy, Donna, Mardi, Lake Lili, Chantal, Rieko, Camiella and Christopher – the ten Giveaway winners were selected using the Random Integer Generator on and will receive a roll of macaron parchment paper from MacShapes.  An email has been sent to them today.

pairing green macaron shells before filling

What flavour will make me fulfilled? Now that’s another question…

How to Enter

Two ways:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me if you’re a beginner or if you have ever used stencils to guide you in macaron making – and, why not what flavour you’d love to see for this macaron?

2. Share the Giveaway from the MaM Facebook page (and/or on Twitter) and return to this page leaving a comment to let me know you did it.

 Giveaway Rules

1. Open to US and Canadian residents only.

2. Last entries accepted until Sunday 1 June (midnight in Paris; GMT +1)

2. The 10 winners will be selected at random (using and notified by email on Monday 2 June 2014.

Don’t forget there will be 10 lucky winners. Good luck!



Disclaimer: MacShapes supplied me with their pre-printed macaron parchment paper to review . I was not compensated for writing this post and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

Giveaway of Mad About Macarons at Crumbs!

I’m excited to share this International Macaron Giveaway run by my friend, Aleena Soon, who creates the most wowzer designs from her macaron business in Malaysia, called Crumbs.

Yes, you heard me; macaron designs. While I continue to make my simple, classic, round macarons, Aleena pipes out the most stunning macaron shapes: from Hello Kitty, to KimmiDolls, the Pink Panther, to paintbrushes and even Blackberry Q10 macarons! Genius? She certainly is and I’m proud to say that Aleena’s Crumbs adventure with the French frilly footed confection kicked off with my book, Mad About Macarons!

Now that Crumbs is 2 years old, to celebrate Crumbs’ birthday & reaching more than 10,000 Likes on her Crumbs FaceBook page, Aleena is hosting her very first Giveaway over at Crumbs, and it’s open to everyone Worldwide!

Aleena is looking out for 4 lucky fans, as each one will win:

  • 1 copy of a signed Mad about Macarons!
  • 5 amigurumi hand-crochet macarons sponsored by Samm’s Amigurumi Cafe
  • 2 imported high quality macaron flash drives sponsored by Crumbs

Contest is now closed

Closing date is this Saturday 15 June 2013 (12AM +8.00 GMT)You will be notified via email if you’re one of the 4 lucky winners within 48 hours upon the end of the Giveaway.

Tea Time in Paris with a Romantic Candle Giveaway!

Last week in Paris, as we celebrated a traditional Scottish Burn’s Night, I couldn’t help reminiscing about our Scottish-French wedding, or alliance. Are we sniffing romance in the air on le blog as Valentine’s Day approaches? Och, who loves an excuse to light beautifully scented candles, just to create a cosy and uplifting ambience at home?

My talented friend, Laura Hastings – of Rosslyn Candle Company fame in Scotland – has created a particularly perfect alliance with one of her handmade soy wax candles. Inspired by a recent holiday to Paris and love of Parisian macarons, she’s made a naturally fragranced candle, blending Scotland and France in a stylish re-usable Paris teacup. It’s called the “Auld Alliance.”

Now she’s offering a lucky reader anywhere in the world the chance to win it!

A clever eco-friendly candle…

Why “The Auld Alliance”? Laura’s candle celebrates the centuries-old friendship between Scotland and France. First agreed in 1295, the Auld (Old) Alliance was built on Scotland and France’s shared needs.  From the Scots’ point of view, it brought tangible benefits through pay as mercenaries in France’s armies and the pick of the finest French wines.

The scents of both countries are brought together in Laura’s “Auld Alliance”. The fragrance is a blend of relaxing French lavender and uplifting geranium, with a hint of Scottish heather. Hm. I feel a macaron coming on…

Like all of Laura’s candles, they’re made of natural soy wax: so they’re eco-friendly, don’t produce toxins like paraffin candles, they last longer and they don’t leave any black sooty smears on the walls!

The Rosslyn Candle Company produce their handmade candles just a stone’s throw away from the world-famous Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, the Scottish Capital.  Sensibly priced in tins, teacups and vintage, their candles have scents which evoke the peace and quiet of the countryside in which they are located.

Many of you will remember the book “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown.  The film of the book starred Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, whose French character Sophie Neveu discovered her Scottish family near the end of the film.

OK, are you ready?

I burn for 40 hours and I can be re-used for your tea and macarons!

International Giveaway is Now Closed – and the winner is…

Congratulations to Dianne Micallef from Malta, who has won this unique, 40 hour Paris teacup candle, scented with Rosslyn Candle Company’s “Auld Alliance” fragrance!

Competition Answer: In “The Da Vinci Code” movie, Roslin Chapel was used as a location in Scotland.

Feel free to email Laura ( to order her soy wax candles in a teacup online or to receive her occasional e-newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Have a look at Rosslyn Candle Company’s gorgeous candles at and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!

Giveaway of French Bakery Macaron Jewellery on Mad About Macarons!

I was goofing around one day. Finding a ring with no jewel, I tried to photograph this homemade mini mac perched on top of it.  The idea was fun but using real macarons that could change colour and flavour daily was a mad, tall order, don’t you think?

Patricia Bourdel, from A French Bakery came up with the answer with her wonderful macaron jewellery.  They look so real, don’t they?

What’s more, there’s a different colour of macaron for every day of the week. Now you can ring your friends to come around for tea and macarons (sorry, can never resist a pun.)

Tea and macaron pendants are ever so minuscule and oh, so fun!  I personally adore these macaron earrings…

Put them together and you have a stunning result. There’s even more at the French Bakery for that macaron look, s’il vous plaît.

Update 20 September:

Sorry, this Giveaway is now closed.

Sweet Patricia offered one of you lucky Mad About Macarons blog readers the jewellery piece of your choice from the macaron collection. To enter this International Giveaway, simply tell us in the comments below which macaron jewellery piece and colour is your favourite and if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, please do help spread the news.

And the winner is….

Congratulations to ‘Choclette’

Don’t forget, you should ‘like’ A French Bakery on Facebook right away!


Giveaway of Macaron Earrings to Mad About Macarons Readers!

It’s amazing what can happen when you become mad about macarons! Talented Amelia Schmelzer is such a macaron fanatic that she has created macaron jewellery to add to her miniature creations of food. From sushi bracelets to cappuccino necklaces, there’s a Frippery Factory food accessory to match whatever cooking mood you might be in. As we’re mostly in the mood for macarons…

Amelia has just released a new earring design featuring macarons and is offering a Giveaway to all Mad About Macarons readers. The lucky winner can choose from either these bubblegum pink or cotton candy blue macaron earrings.

What’s more, Amelia is offering a 10% off coupon to Mad About Macaron readers, on all her products featured on the online store, as well as her special custom items. All you need to do is use the code MADABOUTMACARONS at checkout, and the discount will be automatically deducted. For Amelia’s full range of fun jewellery, visit her site at

To join in the Giveaway, it’s easy. Just tell me below what you’ve done to join in:

  • If you haven’t already subscribed to receive blog updates, then sign up now!
  • You could also ‘like’ Mad About Macarons on Facebook; and join me on Twitter.
  • Enjoyed making macarons from Mad About Macarons? Many people have been wonderful and mentioned it on the site here, but don’t be shy (I’m shy to ask this) –
    if you really like the book and have a few moments, why not post a review on, or your local online bookstore?

The giveaway ends on Friday 20 July (midnight America West Coast time) and the winner will be chosen at random from the comments below and announced on the site on Saturday 21 July.

Congratulations to Susan, who was chosen at random as No 5 out of the responses!

Commiserations to the other participants, but don’t forget that you can still receive a 10% discount on your purchases online by quoting MADABOUTMACARONS at the checkout.

Christmas Giveaway of Mad About Macarons!

The Christmas Giveaway is now closed.
Winners will be announced shortly by Waverley Books.

The countdown is on. As the children are opening up their surprises in the Advent Calendar’s goody bags, it’s time for us to join in the fun.  It’s time for a Christmas giveaway!

Waverley Books are offering a copy of Mad About Macarons! to FIVE lucky readers this week. And it doesn’t matter where you live. They have been kind enough to open it up as an international giveaway.

For those of you who don’t have the book, there are 38 macaron recipes plus an annex containing recipe ideas to use up your egg yolks. There is an illustrated step-by-step guide in 6 pages explaining the basic macaron recipe. The book is full of tips, well over 100 macaron photos and serving suggestions for teas, coffees and wines to complement your home-made macarons (see Table of Contents.) Why not sample A Taste of Paris?

Don’t forget that all the macaron recipes are gluten-free. For macaronivores who already have the book, why not enter a friend who would love this as a gift?

How do you enter the international giveaway of Mad About Macarons? Dead easy.

Simply follow Le Blog by adding your email in the right hand column and you’ll never miss a blog post. If you’re on Facebook, ‘Like‘ Mad About Macarons. Already signed up for both? Then use your imagination: why not let as many friends who love macarons know about the book’s giveaway and what you like about the book. I’m not yet on Twitter, but why not tweet it amongst your friends, too?

Just leave a comment below telling us what you’ve done to enter the Giveaway and Waverley Books will pick your name at random.

The Christmas Giveaway ends Sunday 18th December 2011 midnight, Paris time.

Sorry, this Giveaway is now closed. But the book still lives on 😉

Now best get ready for a party tonight with these spiced chocolate orange Cointreau macarons above, plus chocolate glacial mint. Will do a Christmas macaron special for you on Monday, once I’ve recovered from entertaining 25 12-yr-olds!