Sketch Letters and Macaron Holiday Special at Paris Breakfast

Would you love a letter from Paris in your mailbox? Well perhaps you’ve heard of Carol Gillott.  If you have been following Mad About Macarons, I’m sure you have.  She is the talented American artist behind the popular blog, Paris Breakfast.

Sketch letters of water-colour prints by Paris Breakfast

Carol is real food lover.  Now living on Ile-Saint-Louis in Paris, she paints Parisian dreams and manages to take you on an imagined stroll through Paris.

She does this through her imaginative and colourful monthly Paris Sketch Letters.  They celebrate all kinds of French seasonal food each month and you’ll discover that she has a particular penchant for macarons and pastries.  When your package arrives from Paris, you’ll discover all sorts of petits additions – such as ribbons, perfume testers, and business cards from Parisian cafés and shops.

Sketch letters by Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast blog

Paris Sketch Letters come in different subscription packages and this month there is a holiday special for the month of December!

December holiday special sketch letters by Carol Gillott

Delivered to you from Paris by Carol Gillott

Order a subscription on ETSY and get a watercolor print of a box of macarons with your name on it!
It’s not too late to receive the personalized macaron print in time for the holidays (Hanukkah and Kwanza included).

They’re ready to ship out TODAY! If you want to personally give the 1st letter, Carol can send it to you and the rest to the gift recipient.

Parisian Macarons presentation box watercolour print by Carol Gillott

I’m changing my name to Sue, the lucky macaron girl!  I’m off to make some macarons, then.

Oh, and just a wee whisper in your ear … you’ll be seeing a bit more of Carol around here soon;  I can’t wait to tell you about an exciting project. That’s a promise…

The next book: a pre-taste at the Frankfurt Book Fair

I promised to keep you updated, didn’t I?  Well, it’s high time I told you why blog posts have been few and far between on Mad About Macarons lately.

Jill Colonna at Waverley Books preparation for the new book in Spring 2015

I’m excited to tell you that my next book will be published with Waverley Books in the Spring, 2015.  Waverley Books has gone though some recent changes:  in October 2013 the Gresham Publishing Company completed a management buy-out from DC Thomson Books, so both Geddes & Grosset and Waverley Books are now imprints of the Gresham Publishing Company Ltd.  As you can see, even signing the contract was serious yet fun.  Ron Grosset and Liz Small of the Gresham Publishing Company have the most contagious sense of humour, which is just one of the many reasons why I love working with them. It has been worth the wait.

Ron Grosset and Liz Small are currently at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Hall 8, Stand A12 (8-12 October).

The manuscript, recipes and photos are perhaps ‘finished’ on my side, but now the work really begins.  As we get cracking and this new baby takes shape, I look forward to sharing interesting snippets with you during the publication process, as it unveils…

Mad About Macarons has gone Dutch!

Maak de echte Franse macarons. It has a wonderful ring to it, doesn’t it?

Great news! The Dutch version of ‘Mad About Macarons: Make Macarons Like the French’ has been released in Amsterdam from Good Cook Publishing.

Something Dutch was already in the air this April around Paris. With 60,000 tulip bulbs planted by the good people at the Rotary Club in aid of Cancer Research, our local Park Corbière was splashed with welcome colour to announce Spring’s arrival. At first glance, the vivid lines and dabs of colour merged like squiggly waves from a Van Gogh painting. Lucie was so excited about picking her first tulips with her sister, Julie, that even crutches and a sprained ankle didn’t deter her from joining in for the cause.

Both sisters knew she could replenish her energy quickly, as there were some macarons waiting to be pounced on at home. One of their favourite macaron flavours is lemon meringue (that’s citroenmeringue) or lemon-cinnamon-vanilla-poppy seed; that’s Vanille-citroen-maanzaad-kaneelmacarons. Who would think we could attempt to learn Dutch the sweet way?

One fascinating translation is the giant pistachio macaron with strawberry cream: Pistachemacaron met aardbeien en slagroom. Or it’s the Pruimedant, armagnac-sinaasappelmacarons. Are you listening carefully? So what is that translated back to English, please?  Turn to page 79 for the answer and you’ll also have some macaron decorating tips using a paintbrush.

Good Cook Publishing has included a handy list of baking supply addresses in both Holland and Belgium in the annex. Plus they remind us that all macarons are gluten-vrij!

Here’s to the Dutch version, making macarons in Holland and to Waverley Books and Good Cook Publishing for producing it in time for Christmas for our sweet Dutch friends.

Cheers! Now what’s that in Dutch, please?

Mad About Macarons in Hungarian!

This week, the title at Mad About Macarons is Akarom, mert Makaron!

I am so proud to announce that the book has been translated into Hungarian and is now hot off the press at T.bàlint Kiadò publishing.

Akarom, mert Makaron translated is literally: ‘Macaron, I want it!

The book is now on sale in all bookshops in Hungary. The main bookstores being:

A huge thank you to Gyula and T.bàlint Kiadò publishing, who also have Gordon Ramsay, Michel Roux and Rachel Allen in their food titles as well as present Hungarian leaders such as Lajos Bíró. I’m so proud to be associated with them.

Macarons, Hungary – they go so well together, don’t you think?