Snowballs – No Bake, Coconut, Raisin & Chocolate Bites

My Granny’s special winter treats: gluten free, vegan and perfect for festive parties or teatime. The kids will love rolling them up too.

Mini Rhubarb Crumbles

Make-in-advance easy peasy: rhubarb rose compote, crunchy oat crumble topped with the lightest white chocolate mousse. Just top with a macaron!

Chocolate Ginger Passion Cake

Try this special moist, intense but light chocolate cake with ginger, passion fruit and top with macarons!

Gluten-Free Chocolate Pistachio Brownies

Lush, fudgy brownies inspired by the Chambelland gluten free bakery in Paris.

Chocolate Cherry Ganache – Macaron Filling

Enjoy cherry season and rain in the Kirsch to fill your cheeky pink macarons with fun summery decor.

Dark Chocolate Lava Cakes with Runny Hearts

A French dessert menu classic that’s so quick to prepare and great for any occasion.