Cheese Scones with Spring Onion & Rosemary

cheese spring onion rosemary scones

With all the treats I make, there’s one thing I can serve for lunch – in true British style with soup – and my girls actually squeal,  “CHEESE SCONES”!  They may be so grown up now but as soon as these scones come out of the oven, my teenagers are little girls purring like the cat that’s got the cream.  I bet it’s the memory of our cheese scone ritual we had, stopping off at the Scottish garden centre tearoom near Prestwick airport on our way back to Paris Beauvais.  We did this so often over the years visiting Granny and Grandpa that it was our shuttle. Alas, these days there’s far too much homework and exams!

comte cheese sconesAs a result, I make cheese scones more often, as they’re so easy and quick to make.  Albeit, they are rather messy in that the dough needs to be sticky and wet, but it’s totally worth it.  As we don’t have easy access to good mature cheddar here, I use a good quality French Comté cheese (preference 12 months mature), thus making them a bit of a Scottish-French Auld Alliance!

My idea of a perfect scone is HIGH and FLUFFY.  I started off many years ago using the classic recipe in the Be-Ro Flour Cookbook, but over the years have used this adapted recipe which ensures that they have a lovely height. There are TWO SECRETS to height: don’t be shy on the baking powder and don’t work the dough too much – including not rolling it out too flat.  Keep it quite thick, cutting them with a scone cutter and finish off with a glaze of egg yolk and milk for a lovely finishing shine that gives that slight crunch to the outside and they’re soft and fluffy inside.

How do you eat yours?  We just split them in half while warm and spread on a little butter, watching it melt.  Perfect with a cup of tea!