Chorizo Risotto

Chorizo Risotto

This Chorizo Risotto is my trump card when I haven’t had time to go shopping yet need a quick recipe that delivers the goods!
As long as there are some chorizo slices in the fridge, it’s a winner of a dish that you can make in no time.

Not only is it so simple, but it’s delicious served with fried prawns, with fish, with chicken, or just on its own with a few greens. It’s handy and versatile for a quick and rewarding family dinner, or for when friends pop in at the last minute, as the ingredients are usually always at hand in the fridge or in our cupboards.

French Inspiration

I remember having a much more sophisticated version of this chorizo risotto a few years ago in a chic restaurant in the Champagne region. The dish was so elegant, served with a filet of the most buttery, flaky fish on top, and the sauce was served apart, which was quite a revelation to me for serving a risotto! It was so mousse-like that I’m sure it was prepared using a Siphon. While its flavours played in my mind, I couldn’t resist trying out a simpler take on it at home, serving the chorizo sauce around the risotto. After experimenting happily on the family over the years, here it is – et voilà ! Oh, so chic yet easy.

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