Take a look at this handy UK/US cooking term glossary.

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Check out this “Short Pleasure of Macarons” video I was invited to do for American Express – there’s no recipe here but it’s cute…
See blog post on my macaron demonstration at Aye Write’s Book Festival in Glasgow, March 2012. This was a demonstration without a kitchen. Yes, it was in a library!
See my live TV debut, making rose macarons on STV’s magazine programme, The Hour for a St Valentine’s Day Special. Please be kind, as this was live TV and I developed a petrified smile!

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Weight vs Volume

Please don’t start baking from the books without DIGITAL SCALES!
best way to measure ingredients for making pastry is by digital scalesMaking macarons and French pastry is precise, so to achieve consistent successful results in your baking, measure your ingredients by WEIGHT, not volume.
American readers may be disappointed not to see measurements in cups.  We’re not forgetting you.  It’s just that, in my experience, cups are not an accurate enough measurement to enable you to make macarons – and many other French patisserie recipes – consistently well. I recommend you measure in grams and buy digital scales (they’re not expensive) to ensure that your measuring is as precise as it needs to be. If you’re used to ounces, with digital scales you can simply switch the button over to grams and we’re all talking the same sweet language.
If any British cookery terms are puzzling, refer to our UK-US glossary of terms.

Oven temperature Conversions

Fan ºCFan ºFGas markNormal oven ºCNormal oven ºF
1402802 ½160320
1903756 ½210410
2204258 ½240460

Quick reference guide for egg-whites