Fig & Almond Pudding

Fig & almond pudding

Autumn is trying to settle into Paris but I’m still not having it yet with this Fig & Almond Pudding.  Still grabbing on to the most plump of violet figs from the market, fresh raspberries top this to make a ridiculously easy French-inspired dessert with the addition of macarons – and it just so happens to be gluten free.

fig almond pudding with raspberries and mini macarons

Fig & Almond Pudding

This dessert was inspired by one of my favourite French celebrity pastry chefs, Christophe Michalak, as I was flicking through the summer issue of Fou de Patisserie. He describes everything so well and some of his recipes are not that difficult to make – and this is so simple (if you know me by now, I believe in delicious recipes that are easy to make!) As figs are featuring in so many of the Parisian patisseries just now, something figgy had to be in a pudding.

The magazine’s alluring photo showed an almond cream decorated with giant dollops of a blackcurrant and fig juice with grilled French brioche cubes. As I played around with the idea, thinking about how some of the ingredients could be prepared in advance – such as adding mini heaps of fig jam instead of the juice – it struck me that some mini macarons as decor would perfectly echo the almonds in the pudding. The result is wonderful! I call it a pudding since it’s a dessert that’s a mixture of a soft cake with a pudding texture without the gluten.

Macarons give it that extra French touch of elegance. By now I hope some of you have been making macarons from my books.  Why not make a batch of mini macs and save them in the freezer for dessert toppings, especially over the festive season? You’ll see how they will be so handy to have in your freezer bank!

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