Guest Recipe Post and an Interview on Macarons…

This is not an easy post today.  I’ve hurt my back, can’t think straight and can’t sit at the computer, I’m afraid.  So I’m taking a blogging break this week, as I get myself “straightened” out. Sometimes it sucks being tall!

In the meantime, I am so thrilled to welcome my friend, Brandie, the Country Cook. She’s dropping by to share her tasty recipe for Caesar Salad Dressing with Croutons to help us use up these egg yolks.

I would also love to share with you an interview I did last week.  I was so honoured to be asked by Elle and Jacqueline, to chat about macarons on their wonderful New York Foodie site, Bromography:

Mad About Macarons – Between the Lines with Author Jill Colonna

I will be back next week with my usual chat on Le Blog. Until then, bonne semaine, mes amis!

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