I’m a Guest at Lazaro Cooks!

Today is cool: I’m a guest over at Lazaro Cooks. What an honour – every sophisticated seasonal dish this mega-talented chef plates is more than stunning: he’s totally inspiring. Not only that but Lazaro – aka Laz – rocks. He’s genuine and incredibly supportive. If you’ve had a taste of his blog and how he writes, you’ll cry for more. Just don’t expect recipes. That’s another reason why he’s a dude: he shares his philosophy and cooking techniques with us, which is nothing short of brilliant.

In casual Laz style, he suggested I make dessert. Well, as I had a few hibiscus macarons left over, I thought about sticking to the same theme and added a couple of egg yolk dessert additions. Here’s my dessert as a kind of Café Gourmet à la Laz.

Head on over to Lazaro Cooks, where I’m serving up a mini dessert trilogy based on blood oranges, hibiscus and Campari: a macaron served with a blood orange-Campari ice cream with hibiscus jelly and an inverted tartlet.

See you over there. Personally I wish I could be there in person: living in Miami with continuous BBQ weather must turn you into a real dude. Miami Vice? Pah! Miami’s Lazaro should have his own TV show!

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  1. Purabi Naha
    Purabi Naha says:

    This sounds such delicious combination! I always keep my expectations high when I visit your blog and till date, you have surprised me with such amazing and unusual recipes! Jill Colona, you rock!!



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