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All recipes are deliciously easy and accessible to make at home. Most are French, inspired by many of my favourite chefs – and above all, REDUCED in SUGAR. Like macarons, many recipes are gluten-free.

Looking for my FRENCH MACARON RECIPES? You’ll find them in my first book, Mad About Macarons.

For easy FRENCH PATISSERIE RECIPES, my latest book, Teatime in Paris also includes macarons PLUS step-by-step recipes for financiers, ice creams, éclairs, tarts, millefeuilles, etc. (cakes’ history and my favourite Parisian patisseries). My publisher, Waverley Books, have asked me not to post these recipes here. If you like the books and have made the recipes, then please do leave a review on Amazon.

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French Onion Tarte Tatin with Cheese

February 21, 2021/by Jill Colonna

Savoury Macarons: 15 Recipe Ideas to Serve with Them

December 14, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Lightest French Chocolate Mousse – without cream

August 13, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Mint Omelette – Corsican Style

July 23, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Black Sesame Ice Cream

July 7, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Rhubarb Hibiscus Compote – How to Make Green Rhubarb Pink with Tea!

June 27, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Asparagus Clafoutis with Parmesan Sauce

June 18, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Strawberry Pistachio Clafoutis – Most Versatile Summer French Dessert

May 29, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Fresh Broccoli Hummus (Vegan)

April 20, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Palets Bretons: French Salted Butter Biscuits

April 11, 2020/by Jill Colonna

French Semolina Cake (Gâteau de Semoule)

April 3, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Fluffy Cheese Scones

March 28, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Quick Almond Milk Rice Pudding (Vegan)

March 21, 2020/by Jill Colonna

French Vacherin Ice Cream Cake (Vacherin Glacé)

March 14, 2020/by Jill Colonna

French Chocolate Passion Mousse with Caramel Nougatine

February 7, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Luxury Chocolate Coconut Granola (Vegan)

January 31, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Dubarry Cauliflower Cream Soup

January 22, 2020/by Jill Colonna

‘Reine de Saba’ Chocolate Almond Queen of Sheba Cake

December 18, 2019/by Jill Colonna

French Apple Nougat Tart

December 9, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Quick French Apple Tart with Calvados Cream

November 14, 2019/by Jill Colonna

French Apple Crumble Cake

October 29, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Healthy Banana Oat Muffins (no added sugar)

September 30, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Crispy Sesame Tuiles

August 12, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Bites

July 26, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Cracked Macaron Black Forest Creams

July 14, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Saint-Germain Almond Cake

June 14, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Béarnaise Sauce – Recipe & Origins Near Paris

June 3, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Rose Rhubarb Orange Cake

May 11, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Triple Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake – No Packet Mixes!

April 18, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Hazelnut Pear Crumble

March 16, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Pear Belle Helene – A Parisian Musical Story

March 2, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding

February 20, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Caramelised Pineapple Rice Pudding (Riz Condé)

February 8, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Raspberry Vegan Macaron Recipe (Using Aquafaba French Meringue)

January 31, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Chicken Prune Tagine – Spicy Comfort Food

January 25, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Cranachan Parfait – An Iced Scottish Dessert on Shortbread

January 20, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Smoked Tea Beurre Blanc Salmon

January 12, 2019/by Jill Colonna

French Meringue Filled Snowballs

December 16, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Parisian Bourdaloue Pear Tart – a French Classic

December 8, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Butternut Walnut Gratin – Playing Winter Squash

December 4, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Ginger Fondant Cake

November 20, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Chai Tea Creme Anglaise – Light French Custard

November 20, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Gratin Dauphinois – French Creamy Potato Bake

November 15, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Pumpkin Pecan Chestnut Flour Tart

November 12, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Banana Marble Cake

October 29, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Top 10 Halloween Macaron Ideas

October 26, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Breakfast Oat Cookies with Hazelnut & Cranberry

October 6, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Goat Cheese & Walnut Pasta Sauce

September 22, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Blueberry Lemon Clafoutis

August 13, 2018/by Jill Colonna

French Berry Gratin with Elderflower

July 18, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Melting Moments – Children’s Party Oat Biscuits

June 26, 2018/by Jill Colonna

French Blueberry Lemon Bavarois With Roasted Coriander

June 21, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Macaron Berry Sherry Trifle

May 17, 2018/by Jill Colonna

French Crème Caramel

May 4, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Pure Vegetable Soup

April 30, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Almond Lemon Easter Cake (Gluten Free)

March 29, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

March 12, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Savoury Cheesy Red Onion Pepper Cornbread

March 6, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Matrimonial Cake – Oaty Shortbread Date Squares

February 17, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Healthy Breakfast Bran Muffins

February 6, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Curried Cauliflower Soup with Seared Scallops – and a Flooded Seine

January 28, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Warm Creamy Kipper Pots

January 22, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Purple Carrot Cake

January 19, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Snowballs – No Bake, Coconut, Raisin & Chocolate Bites

December 18, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Mulled Wine Prunes

December 16, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Christmas Oat Granola – A Healthy Festive Breakfast

December 9, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Baked Roquefort Green Salad

December 1, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Pumpkin Leek Crumble – for Festive Turkey Leftovers

November 24, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

November 4, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Moist Banana Chestnut Loaf

October 21, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Raspberry Clafoutis with Lemon Verbena

September 26, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Salted Toffee Cherry Tomatoes

September 10, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Mini Rhubarb Crumbles

June 4, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Rhubarb, Hibiscus & Rose Jam

May 11, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Corsican Brocciu Lasagne

April 26, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Passion Fruit Mango Creams

April 2, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Potato Gratin Savoyard

March 30, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Ginger Passion Cake

March 23, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Brandy Snaps – Mojito Style!

March 15, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Cheese Scones with Spring Onion & Rosemary

March 7, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Macaron Tiramisu (gluten free)

February 27, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Apple Rose Tarte Tatin

February 5, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Corsican Veal Stew with Red Peppers

January 27, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Sticky Orange Caramel & Chestnut Cake

January 22, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Smoked Garlic Arugula (Rocket) Soup

January 19, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Gingerbread Apple Caramel Trifles

December 23, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Mincemeat Pinwheels

December 14, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Quick No-Suet Mincemeat – Festive Fruity Macaron Filling

December 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Easiest Nougatine Recipe – Inspired by l’Ami Jean in Paris

November 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Fiadone Corsican Cheesecake

November 3, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Chorizo Risotto with Prawns

October 7, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Mini Macaron Trifles – Ispahan Style

September 28, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Fig & Almond Pudding

September 22, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Spiced Plum Jam & Digital Jam Scale Review

September 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Corsican Fig Jam

September 16, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Healthy Fruit & Nut Flapjacks

September 8, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Gluten Free Cheese Waffles

September 3, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Roasted Nectarines & Lemon Verbena Ice Cream

August 29, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Monkfish French Stew – Lotte à l’Américaine (or l’armoricaine)

July 19, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Gluten-Free Chocolate Pistachio Brownies

June 19, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Strawberry, Almond & Rhubarb Tart

June 13, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Cherry Ganache – Macaron Filling

June 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Asparagus, Mint & Pea Clafoutis (Gluten Free)

May 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Rhubarb and Custard Cheesecake with Strawberries

May 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Dried Rhubarb Chips

May 8, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Rhubarb Rose Sorbet

May 5, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Pink Rhubarb & Ginger Compote

April 27, 2016/by Jill Colonna

French Salty Butter Biscuits or Cookies

April 10, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Apple Oat Crumble – A Scottish French Alliance

February 26, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Drambuie Ice Cream (No-Churn)

February 19, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Top Ten Last-Minute Valentine Dessert Ideas

February 11, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Orange Blossom and Pomegranate Rice Pudding

February 7, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Creamy Orange Curd – a perfect topping for French Crêpes!

January 30, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Flamiche Recipe – French Leek Pie

January 22, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Cullen Skink Smoked Haddock Soup

January 18, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Macaroon Jam Tarts

January 4, 2016/by Jill Colonna

How to Make a Giant Paris-Brest Pastry Wreath for Christmas

December 17, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Stuffed Cabbage (Chou Farci): A Cheat’s French Classic Winter Recipe

December 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Dark Chocolate Lava Cakes with Runny Hearts

December 7, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Chestnut, Pumpkin & Mushroom Tarts – and Beaujolais Nouveau!

November 18, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Pumpkin, Sage and Parmesan Financiers

November 15, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Caramel Jasmine Macaron Filling

November 9, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Egg Pasta Recipe: Alsatian Noodles

November 4, 2015/by Jill Colonna

French Apple Custard Tart – An Easy Yolk Recipe you HAVE to try!

October 25, 2015/by Jill Colonna

A Fragrant Rice Tea Pudding Recipe with Little Bear from Theodor Paris

October 21, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Pure 100% Cacao Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Patrice Chapon

October 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Tarte Tatin – An Easy French Classic

October 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Upside-Down Dark Chocolate Pear Cake

October 4, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Sweetcorn and Red Pepper Soup

September 28, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Banana Chestnut Coffee Cake

September 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Avignon Summer Festival – Aubergine Tomato Tart

July 23, 2015/by Jill Colonna

A Taste of Provence with Chickpea Spread: Poichichade

July 10, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Passion Fruit and Raspberry Macaron Filling

July 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna

French Clafoutis – Baked Cherry Custard Dessert

June 11, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Individual Carrot Cakes

May 31, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Pastéis de Nata Portuguese Custard Tarts

April 28, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Maple Granola – Homemade Breakfast Cereal

March 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Confiture de Lait Recipe and How to Store Vanilla Beans

March 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Honey Lemon Sablé Biscuits

February 9, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Coffee Fondant Cakes

January 29, 2015/by Jill Colonna

The French’s Favourite Casserole: Blanquette de Veau

January 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Orange Cinnamon Cheesecake – Thoumieux Paris

January 5, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Express Mini Christmas Puddings

December 15, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Brownie Cookie Crumbles

December 11, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Scottish Macaroon Bar Snowballs

December 2, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Coconut Snowballs (gluten-free)

November 25, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate and Chestnut Pudding for the Holiday Season

November 10, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Pumpkin Spice Macarons & Roasted Red Kuri Squash Filling

October 28, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Beetroot Horseradish Risotto – with Macarons

October 13, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Whisky Toffee Frozen Crème Brûlée

September 28, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Pistachio Strawberry Panna Cotta Recipe

September 14, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Queensferry Edinburgh and a Lemon Thyme Tart Recipe

July 23, 2014/by Jill Colonna

A Sexy Valentine Dessert Recipe: Red Fruit Bavarois

February 12, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Forgotten Apple Chutney, Curry Macarons and a Mole

January 23, 2014/by Jill Colonna

A New Year Kir Royal from Normandy

January 10, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Hazelnut Rocher Truffles

December 17, 2013/by Jill Colonna

France’s Smallest River & French Watercress Soup

November 5, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Raspberry, Redcurrant and Rose Macaron Filling

September 9, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Drizzle in the Black Forest

August 28, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Black Forest Chocolate Cream Desserts – and a Trip to Germany

August 13, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Food Writer Friday, Lemon Ice Cream and the Orgasmic Chef

August 2, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Strawberry Tart with Pistachio Pastry Cream

June 30, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Rose, Raspberry and Lychee Eclairs

June 4, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Roasted Vanilla Pineapple with Passion Fruit

May 28, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Lemon Cream Meringue Nests (Gluten Free)

May 10, 2013/by Jill Colonna

White Asparagus French Clafoutis

April 4, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Patrick Roger’s Chocolate Cake for Easter

March 22, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Cream Desserts for Macaron (Yolk) Lovers

February 17, 2013/by Jill Colonna

How to Make Macaron Hearts – Think ‘V’ for Valentine

February 5, 2013/by Jill Colonna

How to Make a French Religieuse or a Scottish Mac Snowman

January 21, 2013/by Jill Colonna

How to Make Rice Pudding like the French – Riz au lait!

January 17, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Happy New Year from Paris with a Galette des Rois Recipe

January 8, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Lemon Sauce for Roast Chicken and Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

November 15, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Corsica on the Rocks and Savoury Macarons

November 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Plombières Ice Cream: No-Churn Candied Fruit Dessert

October 2, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Cremini Mushroom Cappuccino with Mini Macarons

September 24, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Racing with Banana Almond Cakes for the Egg and Spoon

September 20, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Arise, Sir Brioche

September 12, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Apricot and Lavender Jam

August 17, 2012/by Jill Colonna

The Heat is on: Pistachio Vanilla Wasabi Ice Cream

July 21, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Strawberry Eclairs with Poppy and Vanilla Pastry Cream

June 12, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Strawberry and Rhubarb Gratin

May 18, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Begging for Chocolate Macarons and Mendiants for Easter

April 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Passionfruit Milk Chocolate Crème Brûlée: Walking on Mars?

March 29, 2012/by Jill Colonna

I’m a Guest at Lazaro Cooks!

March 13, 2012/by Jill Colonna

The Cutest Wombat Bento Box by Pudding Pie Lane

February 29, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 27, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Making Chouquettes with Cravings of a Lunatic

February 23, 2012/by Jill Colonna

It’s Mardi from Eat. Live. Travel. Write and a Raspberry Curd Recipe

February 21, 2012/by Jill Colonna

White Chocolate Mousse with a Valentine’s Touch

February 9, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Mango and Orange Tarte Tatin for Marsha’s Birthday

February 7, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Smoked Haddock Fishcakes with Tartare Sauce

February 1, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Chestnut Vanilla Ice Cream

January 21, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Leek, Pumpkin and Ginger Soup with Curry Macarons

January 4, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Poached Coffee Vanilla Pears – with Mocha Macarons

December 30, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Beet-Horseradish Macarons with Apple and Salmon

December 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Nougat Glacé Choux Buns with Orange Caramel

December 19, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Knitted Choux Carnival of Festive French Chouquettes

December 1, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Passion Fruit, Cardamom and Ginger Panna Cotta

November 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Sticky Toffee Pudding Sauce

November 17, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Parsnip, Round Carrot & Coriander Soup

November 4, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Melting Moments (or Mini Oat Cookies)

October 24, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Corsican Stuffed Courgettes-Zucchini with Mint

October 12, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Bread

September 30, 2011/by Jill Colonna

French Mushroom Truffle Macarons

September 25, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Roasted Figs in Marsala with Giant Tiramisu Macarons

September 23, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Crispy Papaya Nests, Prawns, and Skinny Sweet Potato Fries

September 16, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Sticky Baked Amaretti Peaches

September 6, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Sweet Potato, Crab & Thai Herb Croquettes – Inspired by KGB Paris

August 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Basil & Lime Pesto: Quick and Saucy

August 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Herb-Hugging John Dory with Smoked Tea Beurre Blanc

July 28, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Rum and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream (low carb/gluten free)

July 25, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Peppermint Millefeuille with Fraises des Bois

July 8, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Cherry Tomato, Wild Strawberry & Rocket Salad

July 4, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Warm Goat Cheese Salad (salade de chèvre chaud)

July 1, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: White Chocolate and Raspberry Paris-Brest

June 24, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Creamy Lemon, Prawn and Asparagus Spaghetti

June 22, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Strawberries and Cream Mousse Pie

June 17, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Crème Caramel (Purin)

June 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Mango Egg Tarts

May 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Chocolate Crunchy Trifle with Egg Yolk Buttercream Frosting

May 20, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Thyme to be Sage with Buttered Asparagus

May 16, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Stinging Nettle Pesto – A Healthy Spring Detox!

May 9, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Chocolate Pots de Crème

May 6, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Blueberry Curd

April 29, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Passion Fruit Caramel Choux Buns & a Choux-Choux Train

April 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Genovesi Ericine

April 15, 2011/by Jill Colonna

1st Guest Post: Pineapple Curd

April 8, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Lime Macarons with Marinated Mango, Coconut, Vanilla, Lemongrass & Passion Cream (gluten free dessert)

April 6, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Saltimbocca: Veal and Parma Ham Spirals

March 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Sweet Potato & Sage Roman Gnocchi

March 24, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Crispy Sage Leaves

March 23, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Scotch Corsican Pancakes with Chestnut Flour

March 2, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Salted Caramel Sauce (Caramel au beurre salé)

February 23, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Fish, Chorizo and Black Pudding

February 23, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Rose & White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Cherry & Cardamom Coulis

February 16, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Pigeon with Whisky, Ginger and Apricots

February 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate Beetroot Flourless Fondants

February 3, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Orange Blossom & Cinnamon Pannacotta

January 20, 2011/by Jill Colonna

To Orange Blossom & Paris Lovers

January 20, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Crab, Ginger & Coriander Gluten-free Quiches

January 3, 2011/by Jill Colonna