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cracked macaron black forest creamsJill Colonna

Cracked Macaron Black Forest Creams

Cracked macarons? Make these chocolate cherry boozy gluten free desserts. They're so good, you'll want to make them with perfect macaron shells too!
air-conditioned Paris tea salonsJill Colonna

Air-Conditioned Paris Tea Salons

Find a listing of the coolest Parisian tearooms during the summer heatwave.
Béarnaise SauceJill Colonna

Béarnaise Sauce - Recipe & Origins

Discover the simple Béarn-ecessities of life! The real McCoy French sauce invented near Paris, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye is so easy to whip up.
Saint-Germain-en-Laye Castle Roof VisitsJill Colonna

Saint-Germain-en-Laye Castle Roof Visit (Paris Day Trips)

A taste of royal history from the birthplace of Louis XIV, Debussy and some culinary origins too. Only 30 mins from Paris with a rooftop visit UNTIL END SEPTEMBER.
10 reasons to visit HonfleurJill Colonna

10 Reasons to Visit Honfleur, Normandy

What to see and do in this romantic French town and what makes it such a popular getaway - only 2 hours drive from Paris
Poire Belle HeleneJill Colonna

Poire Belle Helene - A Musical Story

When music and dessert are pair-fect partners: this classic Parisian dessert was created by a famous French chef, inspired by a French soprano's voice singing Offenbach in Paris
sticky toffee apple puddingJill Colonna

Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding

Up close with the most lush, dark, comfort-food classic dessert with apple - seeing blurry? Looking for a spoon? You may have sticky toffee pudding syndrome. Quick and check out the solutions...
Hottest Paris Food Tour #parisfoodtour #paristravel

The Hottest Paris Food Tour

A great introduction to traditional French foods for your trip to Paris, enjoyed in relaxed restaurant settings in the lovely Marais.
Melting Meringue SnowballsJill Colonna @Mad About Macarons

Melting Meringue Snowballs

French meringues generously filled with hazelnut praline, lemon jelly, vanilla cream and candied chestnut for a light, festive dessert that's just waiting for you to 'throw' a party!
Bourdaloue Pear TartJill Colonna

Bourdaloue Pear Tart - a Parisian Classic

Found in many patisseries at this time of year, this tart has been glazing around Paris since the 1900s when it was invented in Rue Bourdaloue.
Jill Colonna

Renoir Tour: Chatou - Carrieres-sur-Seine

Venture out of Paris for an afternoon on one of the four Impressionist's walks in les Yvelines, only 10km west of the city and discover some surprises!
Top 10 Halloween Macaron IdeasJill Colonna

Top 10 Halloween Macaron Ideas

Are you trick or treat? No matter 'witch' one, find your ideal macarons to party as Mad About Macarons celebrates its 10th reprint on its 8th birthday! Thank YOU for all your support and joining the fun.
Denise Acabo A l'Etoile d'Or Paris chocolateJill Colonna

Paris Chocolate Star Denise Acabo - A l'Etoile d'Or

Ready for a healthy dose of contagiously cheerful chocolate-induced endorphins? Meet the golden star of chocolate in Pigalle.
dark chocolate mousseJill Colonna

Lightest Dark Chocolate Mousse

A light and intensely bittersweet French dark chocolate mousse for serious chocolate lovers - with no cream!
Black sesame ice creamJill Colonna

Black Sesame Ice Cream

A taste of a delicious Japanese summer in Paris with this special ice cream. If you love peanut butter, you'll adore this - and much healthier too. Serve with macarons for that extra touch.
Teatime in JapanJill Colonna

Teatime in Japan

Join our discovery of traditional sweet treats (wagashi), ice creams and a traditional tea ceremony learning some Japanese culture along the way

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