Macaron Parchment Paper – MacShapes #Giveaway

I know this may sound funny but I’ve never used a stencil to help me pipe out macarons. Even as a total wobbly beginner, when I started out making them 10 years ago, I didn’t.

Over the years, I’ve just become used to piping out macaron batter freehand. Granted, each tray’s shells are not always completely uniformed in size.  Out of 3 trays, I’ll often just get one or two strays that I love to put aside, scoosh out some extra filling on top and enjoy as a taster before putting them all in the box to mature in the fridge for 24 hours.

piping out macarons on to MacShapes baking paper

 Then the other day, I heard about this new pre-printed macaron parchment paper guide called MacShapes.

piping out green macarons on a stencil parchment paper guide

For novice macaron bakers in particular, this parchment paper is definitely a great confidence booster, as it’s such a helpful guide to get you started.  There’s no need for tracing out stencils by hand.  They’re pre-printed with food-grade ink.  An extra luxury is the baking paper’s quality.

green macarons piped before baking

Normally I stagger my rows in order to get the most shells on the one baking sheet.  With the MacShapes paper, I wasn’t used to piping them out at speed in straight lines but it was useful with a guide.  OK, even although I aimed right in the centre, I could have added a bit more batter: it spread out as usual and didn’t quite reach the outer circle.  In the photo they look uneven but I can tell you that it was quick to pair up the couples afterwards, as all the macaron shells were uniform in size.
green macaron batter MacShapes baking paper
Oh, what lovely bottoms and feet!  As you can see by the photo below, the result got the macaron addict thumbs up.  MacShapes parchment paper is super quality.
MacShapes are available for purchase at You can also find them on Facebook and join their mailing list to get their latest news and deals.  With a parchment paper guide and a straight-forward macaron recipe from the Mad About Macarons book, there’s no excuse to make that first plunge if you’re scared to make that first move.
In the meantime, MacShapes MacShapes are running this Giveaway on Mad About Macarons!
baked macaron shells with perfect feet

The MacShapes Giveaway

The lovely people at MacShapes have kindly offered a roll each to TEN lucky winners residing in the USA or Canada.

The Giveaway ends Sunday 1 June 2014  (Midnight in Paris)


Update, 2nd June 2014:

Congratulations to Susan, Karen, Judy, Donna, Mardi, Lake Lili, Chantal, Rieko, Camiella and Christopher – the ten Giveaway winners were selected using the Random Integer Generator on and will receive a roll of macaron parchment paper from MacShapes.  An email has been sent to them today.

pairing green macaron shells before filling

What flavour will make me fulfilled? Now that’s another question…

How to Enter

Two ways:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me if you’re a beginner or if you have ever used stencils to guide you in macaron making – and, why not what flavour you’d love to see for this macaron?

2. Share the Giveaway from the MaM Facebook page (and/or on Twitter) and return to this page leaving a comment to let me know you did it.

 Giveaway Rules

1. Open to US and Canadian residents only.

2. Last entries accepted until Sunday 1 June (midnight in Paris; GMT +1)

2. The 10 winners will be selected at random (using and notified by email on Monday 2 June 2014.

Don’t forget there will be 10 lucky winners. Good luck!



Disclaimer: MacShapes supplied me with their pre-printed macaron parchment paper to review . I was not compensated for writing this post and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

57 replies
  1. Chantal
    Chantal says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks a lot, I just received my Macshapes stencils and so looking forward to try them.

    I will give you my feedback once I’ve given them a go.

    Thanks again.

  2. Soma
    Soma says:

    I have not prepared Macarons yet, but I want to. I have read about macarons preparation in different sites and planning to make it soon. The most important thing I like about Macarons is it’s different colors. I want to try pistachio and chocolate flavor first!

  3. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I am a beginner in making macarons and I use a stencil. Would love to try these stenciled parchment paper. I would Iike to try pistachio flavor.

  4. Chantal
    Chantal says:

    Shared on facebook. Have never used stencils before. I would say I am an intermediate level. I love pistachio macarons and lemon macarons. Love your website. Keep it up 🙂

  5. Rieko
    Rieko says:

    I ‘d consider myself an intermediate level macaron baker. I’ve taken a 3 hour class and a weekend workshop to learn to make macarons. Currently use the stencils from the weekend workshop, but would definitely be interested in trying this new product.
    I’d like to try to making your Thai curry macarons.

  6. Donna Kibayashi
    Donna Kibayashi says:

    I am a beginner, have made macarons 5-6 times before and has never used stencils. Matcha green tea flavor would be soooo great!:)

  7. Betsy
    Betsy says:

    Not a beginner… But when I was, I created a paper template on 11x 17 paper that I can photocopy. I put parchment over it and pipe away. My flavor vote: chocolate ganache with ginger.

  8. jackie
    jackie says:

    My daughter tried to make them & was very disappointed that she didn’t get it on the first try. She a very talented teenage chef. I am hopeful to get her to try to make them again, she gave up after her first fail, the only thing she ever couldn’t make at least somewhat palatable .

  9. Karen
    Karen says:

    I am definitely a beginner and it took me 3 times to achieve the feet and the texture (i think). Yes i used a parchment, created my own stencil using a pastry mold. Everyone liked it, and shapes are not perfect but they look better than shaping it without the stencil. I cant seem to find any the local baking supplies store.

  10. Carrie B
    Carrie B says:

    I’ve used my laminated stencil dozens of times but would love to try the paper. I’d fill those green macarons with a pistachio buttercream!

  11. Anita
    Anita says:

    I have never used stencils and always do as you described: cramming as many macarons onto one sheet as possible. I would love to try this to create more uniform shapes. Pistachio and lemon are some of my favorite flavors.

  12. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    I have never made macarons, but dream about it! Each time I visit Paris, I try different flavors and think I will try. The paper would help me to get started on my way! I would pick Key Lime to make your green macarons fulfilled.

  13. Liz
    Liz says:

    What fun! As a novice mac maker, I think these macshapes would be a terrific tool. I’ve only made them freehand…and ended up with a lot of samples for the cook 🙂 Next flavor would have to be chocolate!

  14. Judy Chaffee
    Judy Chaffee says:

    Love to make macaroons, and you have been a huge help!! My macaroons are not uniform and I would love to have this “helper”. Thanks!!

  15. Yen O'Connell
    Yen O'Connell says:

    I used to draw circles on the under side of the parchment paper as guide but my macarons still comes out uneven because I have a hard time controlling the macarons batter.

  16. Lina
    Lina says:

    I’m a beginner level (I have done it twice) and I have made my own stencils. I would love to try a Dulce de Leche or Passion Fruit Macaron.

  17. Susan
    Susan says:

    I’ve made macarons several times but haven’t used a stencil but it would definitely be worth trying. This beautiful green macaron would be lovely in a refreshing summery mint flavor!

  18. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I am a beginner and I have not used any stencils. Would love to try this parchment paper.
    I love chocolate flavor with Nutella filling,

  19. Norma
    Norma says:

    I am just getting ready to try my first macarons. Tried one once and was completely sold on them! Have to learn how to perfect them, and this paper would probably be a good start. Love, love, love macarons! My favorite flavor is lavender and vanilla.

  20. Erica Tener
    Erica Tener says:

    I am relatively new to macaron baking and would love to have these stencils. I think they would help me to create more uniform shapes!! I also have and love your book. Thanks for making easy to follow instructions for the newbie 🙂

  21. Sandy w
    Sandy w says:

    I just started making macarons this year and have used stencils. This paper would be great to use, I think. And the green macarons remind me of pistachio flavored ones.

  22. Lake Lili
    Lake Lili says:

    I love eating them and have been struggling to make them since we moved to Newfoundland. I find the damp makes them really sticky. I’ve had two successful batches and three real disasters. Perhaps the McShapes will make a difference.

  23. Camiella Esaklul
    Camiella Esaklul says:

    I use templates every time I make macarons. I would love to give the paper a try. My favorite new flavor is passion fruit mango

  24. Terry McChesney
    Terry McChesney says:

    I have made mac’s probably 25 to 30 times and have only gotten pretty ones maybe 3 or four times! 🙁 They are so frustrating!!!! I wish I could take a class somewhere, and I really need to win this paper. :-). I think those green beauties would be amazing in “green tea” or “watermelon” flavors.

  25. Jerome
    Jerome says:

    Looks fab but I still love ze freedom of free’and macaron piping… Makes me feel like un artiste! 😉

  26. angela labrune
    angela labrune says:

    I am not totally new at making macarons, but I do create stencils (using an upside down shot glass and a pencil).
    This paper is something I need to try out!
    I want to try a new boozey flavor.

    I live in Canada.



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