Macarons Going Green and a Sham that Rocks

This past week we’ve seen many green posts in the bloggosphere for St Patrick’s Day.  As last week we went yellow with mimosa, then why not green this week to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and the continuation of Spring?  After all, the buds are now on the trees so greens are gradually popping out just as the locals are coming out of winter hibernation like les Champignons de Paris.

St Patrick is to Ireland what St Andrew is to Scotland.  Yet the St P green is so much more popular: St Andrews is better known as a golf course (there are greens there, too.) 😉 So here’s a piped round-up of the greener macarons:

From a pistachio macaron classic to pistachio and dark chocolate macarons

pistachio chocolate macarons

Pistachio-chocolate macarons, brushed with melted dark chocolate

…to a pistachio macaron with a surprisingly different twist: pistachio, white chocolate and wasabi.  This is my daughter, Julie’s favourite and I have to admit, I also find this one rather addictive with a pot of green tea.

pistachio wasabi macarons

Pistachio, white chocolate & wasabi macarons

In a couple of editorial reviews, ParisPatisseries commented, …”Thai Green Curry Macaron, anyone? There are some so adventurous that even Pierre Hermé’s wilder creations would seem tame by comparison.”  On the other hand, Elizabeth Luard from Scotsman loved the others but mentioned, “Thai green curry might be a bit too Blumenthal for me.”  It’s like music: totally subjective but I personally LOVE it.  The spicier the better!

The Thai Green Curry Macaron is rather adventurous and definitely something different with a Gin & Tonic for an apéritif.  Sorry, I should say Guinness here to keep on the Irish theme, but it honestly wouldn’t go as well as with a G&T or a glass of chilled Gewürtzraminer.  Try an Irish lager, though. 😉

macaron shamrock

Macaron shamrock? More like a sham but it rocks! Green thai curry macarons are HOT…

All the above are included in the book.  If you’re getting sick of seeing green, then don’t forget that there’s an Irish Coffee macaron, too. 😉

But here’s another of my latest experiments with flavours. We had some fun with this one on Facebook yesterday! Don’t scream, please don’t run away.

This is actually delicious.  It works.  I got the idea from a recent trip to South Africa, where I discovered Rooibos Tea.  I now drink this so much since it’s not just tasty but caffeine free, a great antioxidant and you can even add a dash of milk to it like the normal stuff.  Talking about it to a lovely South African lady,  she explained that her mother used to give her a popular infusion of rooibos with rosemary anytime she was down and needed a lift.  Now THAT needed investigation.  With an enormous rosemary bush in my herb garden, I set about preparing rosemary macaron shells…

rosemary macaron shells

Rosemary macaron shells

Hmm.  Don’t ask me why I added the chocolate, but I just felt like it.  Perhaps it was one of these moments when my system was shouting, “Gimme magnesium!  Gimme chocolate and LOTS of it.  RIGHT NOW!” So I infused the rooibos tea into the ganache cream to add a wonderfully slightly earthy, smoky taste of the tea to the dark chocolate.  The rosemary was also infused into the cream: just a sprig but enough to give a hint of it without being overpowering.  Now I understand that bit about this concoction being a pick-me-up!  So, here are Rosemary, Rooibos and Dark Chocolate Macarons

rosemary, rooibos chocolate

Rosemary, rooibos & chocolate macarons

Before you go, just a quick reminder about the Booksigning Event this weekend.  If anyone is in Paris on Saturday 19 March, please do pop in to say bonjour at Brentano’s American Bookstore between 15h-17h (address details are on the Event page).  It would be great to see you!

STAY TUNED for Sunday 20th March, when I’ll be posting something special for the Fête du Macaron!

Japan macaron flag

Our thoughts are with Japan…

This past week it has been devastating to watch all that has been going on in Japan.  It almost seemed silly to write a blog post this week, but it was ready to roll for St Patrick’s Day today so please excuse my normal weekly banter.

Thanks to some food blogger friends, such as  Manu from Manu’s Menu and Visda from Eat, Drink and Just Be!, here are some sites where you can donate to the Japan crisis:

International Salvation Army

Médecins sans frontières

Amercian Red Cross

British Red Cross

Stand with (Direct Relief International)

42 replies
  1. Pudding Pie Lane
    Pudding Pie Lane says:

    I love your flavour combinations, I really want to try that Thai curry one :O I just bought some matcha powder, so will be starting off with a conservative matcha macaron I think, then maybe work up to something like this :p

  2. ping
    ping says:

    Hi Jill,
    I love the uniqueness of your macarons .. the flavors are awesome! I was given a lovely pot of rosemary a while ago and couldn’t bring myself to use the leaves as they look so pretty and lush but now, it needs re-potting. Your post is such an inspiration for me to try this out with the rosemary. Thanks so much.

  3. Joan
    Joan says:

    Hi Jill,

    A grandson who frequently visits Paris brought me a sampling of Pierre Herme’s Macarons and I fell in love. One of my granddaughters, who is developing into a fabulous cook, thought we should try our hand at making them. Since I have been in the chocolate business for many years I thought no big deal. HA! We did not have all the proper ingredients, I had no idea what we were doing, and it was a frightful mess. But never the less we will press forward and after reading your blog and all the marvelous information you offer I do believe we will have success. Thank you so much for the this wonderful blog. I look forward to reading the entire book.
    I too keep all of Japan in my prayers.


    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Lovely to hear from you, Joanie. What a beautiful chocolate site you have and so glad you like the blog. I do hope you’ll press on with chocolate macarons in all forms. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to chocolate macarons and combinations…All the best, Jill x

  4. thoma
    thoma says:

    jill you’re BRILLIANT!! making macarons with jus abt anything…rooibos tea and rosemary..all so exotic.

    no one ran away from your sweet banter…but i want xtra large pics next time…your publishers have forbidden that??

  5. Chef Dennis
    Chef Dennis says:

    Hi Jill

    you are simply amazing with all those macarons, so many flavor combinations and I want to try everyone!!!
    Don’t I wish I was in Paris for the book signing… I miss Paris!


  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    Hi, I am enthralled by all your Irish Macaron ideas. and unique flavor combinations. I like your new Macaron book too. One question–what is corn flour (is that corn starch?) and what is custard powder

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Hi Susan,
      Yes, cornflour is corn starch and custard powder is Bird’s powder or Flan powder (use cornstarch and vanilla flavouring). Our Editor, Eleanor, posted a list of all the UK terms and translated them for Americans. They can be found on our Facebook Page Notes (while I work out how to post it up in a table in HTML on the site!)
      I’m also starting to put things together under a new FAQ page on the site.

  7. Spinneys Cauldron
    Spinneys Cauldron says:

    WOW, Jill . . as always fabulous . . I’m now going to experiment further, I’VE GOT THE MACARON BUG .. we loved them. Loving the combinations . Hope you’re well Dear Soul, hope you’ve got some sunshine cross the channel . Its RAINING here!!!!

  8. Manu
    Manu says:

    You are a GENIUS my dear friend! Thai Green Curry macarons??? Amazing. I would love to try the pistachio, white chocolate and wasabi macarons… must taste divine! Also, thanks for sharing the links! 🙂

  9. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Jill – I am not running away – I love this combination of flavors. (I won’t lie – the chocolate clearly sings to me). Methinks Scotland needs their own St. Patrick’s Day (I am 1/4 Scot – I’d contribute).

  10. BigFatBaker
    BigFatBaker says:

    Wow, all of your flavors sound amazing. I need to buy your book! I have only made macs once, and they were okay but I need to keep practicing!

    I have passed on an award to you! Feel free to check it out, pass it on, or ignore it if you have already received one.

  11. Liz
    Liz says:

    Such creativity…I love these flavor combinations. And the last photo is especially touching…I think our hearts are all heavy thinking about Japan…

  12. Brandie
    Brandie says:

    I’m definitely on board with the pistachio. Although, I think I would definitely give anything a try at least once!! 🙂
    You are such a creative lady. Who knew macaroons could be so amazingly beautiful and be made in so many different flavors.
    The Japanese people are never far from my thoughts. In fact, I find myself constantly thinking of them. My prayers and love are going out to them.

  13. Choclette
    Choclette says:

    Your macaroons are just fantastic, think I’d most like to try the pistachio and wasabi, but would be more than happy to sample them all. Poor Japan, it’s very hard to imagine just how awful it must be for them.

  14. Joshua Alan - "Just Eat!"
    Joshua Alan - "Just Eat!" says:

    My dearest Jill, you inspire me so much to start thinking outside of the box! I’m whipping up a new macaron flavor this weekend just in time for la fête du macaron. Since posting about macarons on my blog, every single person I know has been asking me to show them how to do it or make them some, haha! I’m actually holding a little workshop on Saturday to show a group. I cannot wait for your entry on Sunday!

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Joshua, SO glad to hear you’ve got the macaron bug. See? It happens just like that. Great fun. Good for you for spreading the word on Saturday. SATURDAY? What? You mean you’re not coming to the booksigning? 😉 Enjoy the workshop!

      • Joshua Alan - "Just Eat!"
        Joshua Alan - "Just Eat!" says:

        I know it’s heartbreaking! I want to come to Paris, but I traveling and busy every weekend except this one, so I must rest while I can! I will, however, be in Paris April 22-27. Even if there isn’t a public booksigning, I think a private one and a coffee should be planned!

  15. Kim- Liv Life
    Kim- Liv Life says:

    The Pistachio from your book caught my eye. I like your pairing with the Pistachio and chocolate… I think that might be up next.
    Love the flag photo! My husband has friends flying inter country over there, we are hoping they are all safe.

  16. visda
    visda says:

    what a beautiful thought with your japan flag. AND
    you always surprise me with all these flavors you add to macarons. I could never imagine pistachio macarons with wasabi but it sounds great. these flavors you create definitely give a great kick for today. happy st. patrick’s day.:-)

  17. eizel
    eizel says:

    Jill – you are at it again! I don’t know if I’ll do justice to these beuties when I make my first. Am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the book anytime now…

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Vicki, you don’t really get too much rosemary, just a hint with the chocolate. You get chocolate lavender, right? This isn’t far off…
      Sounds weird but the old wives’ traditional infusions had to have something in it.

  18. Becky
    Becky says:

    Love all of your exciting flavors of the macrons, which I have yet to make, soon.

    Thank you for the awareness and links for the Japanese disaster. I’ve had a difficult time writing this week, too.



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