Mad About Macarons has gone Dutch!

Maak de echte Franse macarons. It has a wonderful ring to it, doesn’t it?

Great news! The Dutch version of ‘Mad About Macarons: Make Macarons Like the French’ has been released in Amsterdam from Good Cook Publishing.

Something Dutch was already in the air this April around Paris. With 60,000 tulip bulbs planted by the good people at the Rotary Club in aid of Cancer Research, our local Park Corbière was splashed with welcome colour to announce Spring’s arrival. At first glance, the vivid lines and dabs of colour merged like squiggly waves from a Van Gogh painting. Lucie was so excited about picking her first tulips with her sister, Julie, that even crutches and a sprained ankle didn’t deter her from joining in for the cause.

Both sisters knew she could replenish her energy quickly, as there were some macarons waiting to be pounced on at home. One of their favourite macaron flavours is lemon meringue (that’s citroenmeringue) or lemon-cinnamon-vanilla-poppy seed; that’s Vanille-citroen-maanzaad-kaneelmacarons. Who would think we could attempt to learn Dutch the sweet way?

One fascinating translation is the giant pistachio macaron with strawberry cream: Pistachemacaron met aardbeien en slagroom. Or it’s the Pruimedant, armagnac-sinaasappelmacarons. Are you listening carefully? So what is that translated back to English, please?  Turn to page 79 for the answer and you’ll also have some macaron decorating tips using a paintbrush.

Good Cook Publishing has included a handy list of baking supply addresses in both Holland and Belgium in the annex. Plus they remind us that all macarons are gluten-vrij!

Here’s to the Dutch version, making macarons in Holland and to Waverley Books and Good Cook Publishing for producing it in time for Christmas for our sweet Dutch friends.

Cheers! Now what’s that in Dutch, please?

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  1. June S
    June S says:

    What great news Jill and this is a really colourful blog. How modest, you didn’t mention it on the phone. I’ve always wanted to see the bulb fields in Holland (only been in the airport at Amsterdam) so must go soon, now that my daughter’s a celeb. If you need a chaparon for a demo there I’m your ma…

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Mum, I just use the blog and FB to bang the drums but don’t mention it otherwise. Anyhow I didn’t do anything, it’s Waverley Books who do the deals.

  2. Liz
    Liz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m certain Mad About Macarons will be published in a multitude of languages! Gorgeous photos…makes me ready for spring 🙂

  3. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Well, look at you! Congratulations! You are singlehandedly spreading macaron love around Europe! The tulips are gorgeous and so are the macs! And I think it is a wonderful way to learn a new language… one mac at a time!

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Thanks so much, Jamie. Means a lot coming from yourself. This may sound cheeky, but I’m hoping it’s not just Europe…. let’s spread the macaron love world-wide! 😉



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