Mad About Macarons

Make Macarons like the French

Macarons are easier to make than you think: you just need a good recipe!
There is such mystique generated about making macarons and although the process must be followed exactly, Jill Colonna shows you how to make perfect macarons every time.

Six pages are devoted to easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions making the baking process straightforward. Though it requires time, attention to detail and careful measuring, there’s no need for some unnecessary rituals.  There’s also no need for a sugar thermometer since we’re making French meringue, not Italian.

  • Are you mad about macarons too? Enjoy a sample tasting…

  • The book contains 38 macaron recipes, is full of tips and includes serving suggestions for teas, coffees and wines to complement your home-made macarons.

  • Six pages are devoted to illustrated easy-to-follow recipe instructions, making the baking process straightforward.

  • Though it requires time, attention to detail and careful measuring, there’s no need for some unnecessary rituals. There’s also no need for a sugar thermometer since we’re making French meringue, not Italian.

  • The macaron is not only gluten free but also such a scrumptiously versatile treat…

  • Starting with classic flavours such as lemon, vanilla, rose, pistachio, coffee and chocolate, you’ll discover that making macarons can also be rather addictive, as well as eating them.

  • There’s even a nut-free macaron recipe using quinoa, just as delicious as the classic, and with a chocolate-coffee ganache.

  • A whole chapter is devoted to chocolate macaron combinations

  • After trying the classics, be creative with your own favourite macaron flavours. Try these pistachio, white chocolate and wasabi for something deliciously different.

  • Enjoy the most fun tasting sensation with mini savoury macs, such as tikka macsala curry, or Thai green curry macarons, with a spicy kick that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

  • Dazzle your friends with the easiest dessert to put together at the last minute. Your macaron shells can easily be frozen in advance.

  • And so that you can continue to make macarons, check out some yolk recipe ideas included in the annex.

  • Have fun and don’t forget to share your macarons with us #madaboutmacarons

Table of contents

Mad About Macarons: Table of Contents

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curried cauliflower soup with seared scallops

Curried Cauliflower Soup with Seared Scallops – and a Flooded Seine

Sunken scallops in a French-style curried soup to celebrate Montmartre's scallop festival & the annual Burgundy wine festival.
January 28, 2018/by Jill Colonna
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Another Year and Even More Mad About Macarons!

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy New Year with macarons and a festive spirit from Scotland to France!
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Mulled Wine Prunes

Mulled Wine Prunes

A festive version of the French classic dessert, Pruneaux au Vin, with orange and added spices - and perfect with macarons!
December 16, 2017/by Jill Colonna
mini rhubarb crumbles

Mini Rhubarb Crumbles

An easy dessert made in advance: rhubarb rose compote, crunchy oat crumble & a light white chocolate mousse. Just top with a macaron!
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mojito snaps

Brandy Snaps – Mojito Style!

Retro brandy snaps given a lime, mint and rum twist to make Mojito Snaps for a celebratory dessert
March 15, 2017/by Jill Colonna
macaron kitchen digital scales

Macaron Digital Kitchen Scales – Weight vs Volume

Why it's essential to use digital kitchen scales for consistently successful baking results plus a macaron scale giveaway by Terraillon measuring experts
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gingerbread apple caramel trifles with macarons

Gingerbread Apple Caramel Trifles

Recipe for Gingerbread Apple Caramel Trifles, a perfect festive dessert over the holiday season and delicious served with salted caramel macarons.
December 23, 2016/by Jill Colonna
mini macaron trifles - raspberry rose lychee

Mini Macaron Trifles – Ispahan Style

A trifle of British nostalgia given a mini Parisian touch, all dressed up for your party!
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fig & almond pudding

Fig & Almond Pudding

A simple, elegant figgy pudding with the added French touch of mini raspberry macarons
September 22, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Chocolate cherry ganache macaron filling

Chocolate Cherry Ganache – Macaron Filling

Rain in the Kirsch with these dark chocolate and cherry macarons!
June 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna
New macaron flavours at Pascal Caffet MOF France

Paris Macaron Week at Pascal Caffet – 18-24 April

When a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) announces a Macaron Week…
April 17, 2016/by Jill Colonna
macarons at Dalloyau patisserie Paris

Complete Guide to Macaron Day Paris 2016

Boutique locations & opening times to help you plan the perfect Parisian weekend around macarons
March 10, 2016/by Jill Colonna
macaron macaroon difference

Macarons vs Macaroons

The difference between macarons and macaroons: a guide to the French ambassador of pastry and the other coconut treats
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caramel and jasmine macarons

Caramel and Jasmine Macarons and Tea-Infused Recipes

Apparently 9 November is International Tea Day.  When I saw…
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Giant raspberry macaron with passion fruit cream filling

Passion Fruit and Raspberry Macaron Filling

Standing in the buzzing queue of many of Paris's best pâtisseries,…
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peppermint creams recipe

Festive Desserts with Macarons and Peppermint Creams

Festive holiday menu ideas to serve with your macarons, from desserts to even savoury!
December 21, 2014/by Jill Colonna
chocolate and macaron candy dress salon du chocolat Paris 2014

20th Salon du Chocolat Paris

How could you resist? Week 2 of the French mid-term school holidays…
October 30, 2014/by Jill Colonna
pumpkin spice macarons potimarron red kuri squash macarons

Pumpkin Spice Macarons & Roasted Red Kuri Squash Filling

An autumnal macaron filling made with pumpkin - and the spices!
October 28, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Beetroot Horseradish Risotto – with Macarons

I'm often amazed how some of my recipes, like this Beetroot Horseradish…
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greedy stack of colourful Parisian macarons

Visiting The Good Life France

I am enjoying the good life in France, you could say.  Over…
August 28, 2014/by Jill Colonna
baked macaron shells with perfect feet

Macaron Fillings: XL or Dainty?

Do you recognise this photo taken while making macaron shells…
June 27, 2014/by Jill Colonna
piping out green macarons on a stencil baking parchment

Macaron Parchment Paper – MacShapes #Giveaway

I know this may sound funny but I've never used a stencil to…
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chocolate macarons in treasure paper box

Macaron Gifts for UK Mother’s Day

Each time the end of March comes around, Mother's Day takes me…
March 27, 2014/by Jill Colonna
macaron day loot in Paris

Jour du Macaron – Macaron Day 20 March 2014

With Spring officially arriving in Paris tomorrow, it's also…
March 19, 2014/by Jill Colonna
red fruits bavarois dessert with rose macarons

A Sexy Valentine Dessert Recipe with Parisian Macarons

A super easy gluten-free red fruit Bavarois dessert for your Valentine
February 12, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Savoury Macarons: Festive Starter Ideas

Who can believe that the year has just about made a wrap?  Before…
December 20, 2013/by Jill Colonna

A Macaron Tower for Hallowe’en

We've had such fun today. I love it when it's Hallowe'en and…
October 30, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Raspberry, Redcurrant and Rose Macaron Filling

As the sweet queues became out of line via Pierre Hermé's pâtisserie…
September 9, 2013/by Jill Colonna

The Best Tonic is with Indian Curry Macarons

As Paris is finally enjoying summer, we've been enjoying life…
July 26, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Desperate for Chocolate Pistachio Macarons

I know, I know. I'm desperate for macarons again after tasting…
June 14, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Spreading Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons with Ganache, Nutella or I’m a Hazelnut?

There have been a few disgruntled faces at Nutella recently.…
April 26, 2013/by Jill Colonna

It’s Springtime in Paris with Sunny Lemon Macarons!

It has been a long haul this chilly winter. In fact, I think…
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Celebrating Macaron Day in Paris 2013 with a Video

It's hard to believe it's a whole year since the last Jour du…
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Doing the Macarons Walk in London’s West End

What a strange couple of weeks. Finally feeling better, off the…
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How to Make Macaron Hearts – Think ‘V’ for Valentine

How to make macaron hearts for your Valentine
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How to Make a French Religieuse or a Scottish Mac Snowman

I have a confession to make. I should have made something more…
January 21, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Shiny Festive French Macarons

Paris is feeling extra magical at this time of year. Macaron…
December 13, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Green Macaron Shells and Ideas for Fillings

No, it's not St Patrick's yet. This week I wanted to treat hubby's…
December 5, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Stacking Up with Macarons for Christmas

I'm hopping mad today.  Just as I was casually showing off last…
November 30, 2012/by Jill Colonna
beet horseradish macarons and Corsica

Corsica on the Rocks and Savoury Macarons

Wild waves were crashing on the rocks off the west coast of Corsica…
November 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Macarons at the Club House with Speciality Teas

It has been over three years since I hit a golf ball. Blame it…
October 21, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Cremini Mushroom Cappuccino with Mini Macarons

Just look at this tray of healthy looking cremini mushrooms from…
September 24, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Silicone Macaron Mat Review

Do you really need a mat to make macarons? I've put it to the test for you before you buy.
August 31, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Colouring and Pistachio Macarons

When I found myself preparing photos for Mad About Macarons within…
August 7, 2012/by Jill Colonna
Pistachio Vanilla Wasabi Ice Cream recipe

The Heat is on: Pistachio Vanilla Wasabi Ice Cream

Are you feeling the heat? You're lucky. Mid July in Paris and…
July 21, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Yuzu Macarons: Another Parisian Fashion

Yuzu. It's such a fashionable macaron flavour in Paris just now.…
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christophe Roussel Macarons and chocolate Montmartre Paris

Christophe Roussel Macarons at Montmartre Paris

Did you really think I'd tasted enough macarons in Paris after…
June 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna
best macarons Paris

What are Your Best Macarons in Paris?

Since writing my book, Mad About Macarons, readers often ask…
May 27, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Joining Together in Mac-rimony plus a Crème Caramel in a Cheesebox?

It's already one week later and I'm still recovering. Is it the…
May 11, 2012/by Jill Colonna
Mulled Wine Prunes with macarons

Death by Chocolate, Macarons & Self Control on Holiday

It was time to return home to Paris. Quickly before we couldn't…
May 3, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Life is a Macaron – or a Meringue?

How often have you lain in bed wide awake at 3am, cogitating…
April 20, 2012/by Jill Colonna
chocolate macaron mice

Souris – it’s a French Mouse!

For the last few days we have had an unexpected visitor to the…
April 13, 2012/by Jill Colonna
chocolate easter mendiants

Begging for Chocolate Macarons and Mendiants for Easter

Meaning "Beggar" in French and representing four mendicant monastic orders from the Middle Ages, these popular chocolates are great to make for Easter!
April 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna
macaron day Paris

Jour du Macaron – Macaron Day in Paris, 20 March 2012

Macaron Day may be over in Paris but it's time to relive the…
March 22, 2012/by Jill Colonna

How to Make Macarons like the French, Aye Write Glasgow UK

What happened to this week? It has been a real macaronathon and…
March 18, 2012/by Jill Colonna
Hibiscus, campari and blood orange macaron

A Party Macaron for Macaron Day: Hibiscus, Blood Orange & Campari.

When Jamie and Deeba announced the latest MacTweet Challenge it…
March 9, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Macarons for Valentine’s. The Romantic French? Aye Write!

It's that rosy time of year again. You're expecting me to go…
February 13, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Treating the Piles with Macaron Stacks

What happened to this week? I'll spare you with the details:…
January 27, 2012/by Jill Colonna

One Night in Bangkok: Back to the 80s Disco Macarons

A few days ago, I fell in love with some dazzling upbeat music…
January 15, 2012/by Jill Colonna
pumpkin leek soup

Leek, Pumpkin and Ginger Soup with Curry Macarons

A perfectly simple yet healthy winter warming soup with a few benefits of leeks.
January 4, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Beet-Horseradish Macarons with Apple and Salmon

Are you all enjoying the festive season? Still merry? Dead beet?…
December 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Mad About Macarons Christmas Party Special

It's Christmas countdown! Is the excitement crescendoing in your…
December 12, 2011/by Jill Colonna
candied chestnut or marron glacé christmas macaroons

Marron Glacé Macarons for the Holiday Season

Do you find yourself carried away when you're passionate about…
December 6, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Passion Fruit, Cardamom and Ginger Panna Cotta

Who prefers light desserts to heavy puddings? I do; particularly…
November 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Parsnip, Round Carrot & Coriander Soup

The French call the parsnip (le panais) one of the "forgotten"…
November 4, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Changing the clock with verbena macarons and hot tea

In the last couple of weeks in and around Paris we’ve had beautifully…
November 2, 2011/by Jill Colonna

French Macarons for Hallowe’en

How many shop windows are dressed up for Hallowe'en in your neighbourhood?…
October 30, 2011/by Jill Colonna
pink reglisse macarons

Pink Macarons for Breast Cancer Awareness

Who could resist this month's MacTweet challenge?  To support…
October 17, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Macaroned on French Impressionists’ Island, Chatou and Macaron Pointillism

Somehow I just couldn't write, 'mac-arooned'. They're not macaroons…
October 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna
mini mushroom macaron

French Mushroom and Truffle Macarons of the Season

There has been a definite change in the air over the past 10…
September 25, 2011/by Jill Colonna
tuk tuk scam ride in Thailand

The Thai Tuk-Tuk Adventure to Sapphire Macarons

Why does it happen to me?  Perhaps because "gullible smiling…
September 12, 2011/by Jill Colonna
rose geranium macarons

French Rose Geranium Macarons

A Parisian window without geraniums is like a macaron with no…
July 29, 2011/by Jill Colonna
macaron stack falling

X-ray of a Macaronivore’s Spine

Things are a bit slow this morning. Who am I kidding? It's afternoon…
July 15, 2011/by Jill Colonna
lime or linden blossom at azay le rideau loire castle

Mad About Lime Blossom Macarons in the Loire

Mon Dieu! I was so carried away with the MacTweets Fruity Challenge…
July 11, 2011/by Jill Colonna
wild strawberry fraise des bois macarons

Mad About Macarons, Wimbledon and Wild Strawberries

Last year, when I finally plucked up the courage to weed our…
July 4, 2011/by Jill Colonna
cherry almond macarons

Life is a Bowl of Provençal Cherry Macarons

Life last weekend changed; it changed with five huge bowls filled…
June 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna
french poppy macarons by the Seine by Jill @ Mad About Macarons

French Poppies: A Macaron Impression

Think of French poppies and often Claude Monet's impressionist…
June 13, 2011/by Jill Colonna
rose macaron birthday cake

La Vie en Rose Macarons

Are you feeling rosy, today? I have to admit, I'm still blooming…
May 30, 2011/by Jill Colonna
coca cola macarons fun image

A Ballpark Challenge with Coca-Cola Macarons

The other day I discovered another site that adores macarons: MacTweets.…
May 23, 2011/by Jill Colonna

A Royal Macaron Procession

Et voilà. The fairytale Royal Wedding has perhaps been and gone,…
May 2, 2011/by Jill Colonna
Pain de sucre patisserie macarons Paris

Paris Pâtisseries and Perfect Macarons

I think I upset some friends on Facebook.  I "rubbed it in",…
April 11, 2011/by Jill Colonna
lime macaron with mango, passion fruit, coconut and lemongrass cream

Lime Macarons with Marinated Mango, Coconut, Vanilla, Lemongrass & Passion Cream (gluten free dessert)






This photo…
April 6, 2011/by Jill Colonna
chocolate bacon macarons

April Fooled by a chocolate bacon macaron?

Have you ever felt out of place at a fancy dress party? Last…
March 31, 2011/by Jill Colonna
mad about macarons poster booksigning

A Mad Macaron Weekend in Paris


What a weekend. Still recovering, I'm now bunged…
March 24, 2011/by Jill Colonna
rosemary, rooibos chocolate

Macarons Going Green and a Sham that Rocks

This past week we've seen many green posts in the bloggosphere…
March 17, 2011/by Jill Colonna
mimosa macaron pompom Jill

March into Spring with Mimosa Macarons

This past week the weather in Paris has given us hope for Spring.…
March 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna
Jill Colonna on TV macaron demonstration live

TV Demonstration: Make Rose Macarons

Jill's Demonstration of Rose Macarons on Scottish Television's…
February 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Salted Caramel Sauce (Caramel au beurre salé)

This has to be one of the most satisfying of homemade sauces:…
February 23, 2011/by Jill Colonna
chocolate beet macarons

Blushing Beetroot Flirting with Chocolate

Every year I say the same thing:  never again.  But when the…
February 3, 2011/by Jill Colonna
Beetroot & Horseradish macaron

Forgotten Legumes, Old Crosnes & a Beetroot Macaron

It has been yet another chilly, damp week outside Paris. A trip…
January 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna
macarons in the style of galette des rois Jill Colonna

Who’s King? (Or Queen?)

I love living in France. Just when the festivities are over and…
January 6, 2011/by Jill Colonna
rose green tea macarons

Le Challenge!

Some of you perhaps heard about my latest challenge last week…
November 25, 2010/by Jill Colonna