Brandy Snaps – Mojito Style!

mojito snaps

The other day I was flicking through classic British bakes in my old Be-Ro Flour Home Recipes and stopped at Brandy Snaps.  Do you remember these? Suddenly a waft of nostalgia hit, as I recalled my parents going crazy for Brandy Snaps when they’d see them stacked up at one of our favourite bakeries in Edinburgh when I was little. These little fragile caramel-like rolled tubes were simply divine and with their oozing filling of whipped cream, you can just imagine why they’re called snaps.  They’d snap into the most messiest of delicious pieces, cream getting everywhere.  It just wasn’t possible to eat one without messy fingers.

So I decided to go a bit retro and, inspired by a “green” theme for Saint Patrick’s Day – although nothing Irish about them – I thought about mint and lime, then a splash of rum came to mind.  Put them together and what have you got?  A Mojito!  So, instead of Brandy Snaps, let’s call them Rum Snaps – or Mojito Snaps!  Even better, make them for your Mum for UK Mother’s Day this Sunday.  They’ll be perfect for bringing back that touch of nostalgia!

While sticking to a Mojito theme, I made a batch of Mojito macarons too (recipe in Teatime in Paris) which are particularly boozy and reserved for adults only.  It started like this:

Mojito macarons

Then the macaron got smashed as I tried to take a photo of it with one hand!

mojito macarons getting smashed

A bit like snapping into one of these:

brandy or rum snaps

Now let’s imagine a soft whipped cream with lime zest, fresh mint and a bit o’ rum as a brandy snap filling making Mojito Snaps!

brandy snaps mojito style

The recipe instructions look long but I’ve just spent more time explaining each step in detail… Enjoy!