Mulled Wine Prunes (Pruneaux au Vin Chaud)

Mulled Wine Prunes

Mulled Wine Prunes are now my festive variation on a theme of the classic French dessert from the Loire Valley, Pruneaux au Vin, or Prunes in Wine.  I suppose we could call them Pruneaux au Vin Chaud – although the recipe is served chilled.

You’ve no idea how happy I was that Mother-in-Law particularly loved them for dessert last week, when she came to celebrate an early French Noël with us – as we’ll be spending Christmas in Scotland this year.

Somehow this recipe just took off on its own. I had half a bottle of red wine on the kitchen counter and some juicy Agen Prunes so quickly set about making half quantity of the traditional  ‘Pruneaux au Vin’ recipe in France the Beautiful Cookbook by the Scotto Sisters.

Mulled Wine Prunes with macarons

Prune, Armagnac & Orange Macarons

As I poured the wine over the prunes with Christmas music playing in the background, suddenly I threw in an extra cinnamon stick, some star anise and cloves, plus replaced the traditional lemon with an orange.

In the end, I not only had the most gorgeous aromas of spices and orange wafting around the house, but I had Mulled Wine Prunes, a new hit with Belle-Maman!

The next time I make them, they’d be absolutely delicious served with Prune, Armignac & Orange Macarons, one of the more adult recipes from my first book, Mad About Macarons, inspired by Corsican Christmas treats of sticky prunes with Clementines. If serving for children, this would be perfect with Almond Tuiles from Teatime in Paris!.

The good news is that they can keep for 5 days covered in the fridge, and so they’re handy as the quickest, healthiest Christmas dessert in between the more decadent festive finales…

French Mulled Wine Prunes