Pascal Caffet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtisserie Paris
Jill Colonna on a chocolate and pastry walking tour in Paris
Patrick Roger chocolatier Jill Colonna

My Paris

Welcome to My Paris! Join me for a Parisian gourmet armchair tour of the best pâtisseries, chocolate shops, confiseries, tea salons and tea shops. I also include some of the smaller museums, food fairs and will add more restaurants over time – so watch this space.

If you can’t make it to Paris, grab a copy of Teatime in Paris (click on the book on the right) and join in an informative pastry walk while making any of the easy pastry recipes in the book.

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Macaron Day Paris 2018

Macaron Day Paris 2018 – Plan your Visit!

March 16, 2018/by Jill Colonna
Sweet Kisses Patisserie Paris Baisers Sucrés Valentines Chocolate

Sweet Kisses Patisserie Paris – Valentine’s Creation

February 10, 2018/by Jill Colonna
curried cauliflower soup with seared scallops

Curried Cauliflower Soup with Seared Scallops – and a Flooded Seine

January 28, 2018/by Jill Colonna
Teatime Ritz Paris Table

Putting on The Ritz Paris Teatime

December 6, 2017/by Jill Colonna
relais desserts yulelogs Paris 2017

Relais Desserts Yule Log Presentation, Paris 2017

October 13, 2017/by Jill Colonna
renoir cafe montmartre museum garden

Café Renoir, Montmartre Museum Gardens

July 21, 2017/by Jill Colonna
best pastries rue Saint-Dominique

Best Pastries Rue Saint-Dominique, Paris

June 28, 2017/by Jill Colonna
Saint Honore Paris Mandarin Oriental

Saint Honoré Paris: A Pastry Party and a New Healthy Menu

May 20, 2017/by Jill Colonna
pistachio ice cream Il Gelato dei Marchese Paris Lebey

Lebey 2017 Paris: New Gastronomic Sensations

April 12, 2017/by Jill Colonna
chocolate Fashion log by Hevin

Jean-Paul Hévin: New French Touch Chocolate Collection 2016-2017

December 6, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Pascal Caffet new festive pastry collection Noel 2016

Pascal Caffet’s New Festive Pastry Collection on Praline

November 26, 2016/by Jill Colonna
christophe Appert, Head Pastry Chef Angelina new yule log

Angelina’s New Yule Log & Festive Collection 2016

November 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Easiest nougatine recipe

Easiest Nougatine Recipe

November 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Christophe Roussel dessertsj

Christophe Roussel Pastry Competition: La Baule 2016

November 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna
patisserie grandin

Saint-Germain-en-Laye Chocolate Pastry Tour

October 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna
saint Germain-en-Laye

Saint-Germain-en-Laye: Paris Day Trips

October 2, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Il Gelato Del Marchese best ice cream in Paris

Luxury Italian Ice Cream by Il Gelato Del Marchese Paris

July 12, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Tuileries Gardens Paris history and new cafe terrace

Paris Tuileries Gardens: Summer Amusements and a New Terrace Café

July 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Angelina Rue du Bac Sucre Event Paris

Bac Sucré 2016: 2nd Fruity Edition on Paris Pastry Street

June 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna
All pastries are very much reduced in sugar, allowing each ingredient to shine. A particular personal favorite to give you an example is La Rustique – crunchy base of chestnut flour and brown rice, sweet potato and cinnamon purée and topped with baked apple. I loved the different textures and although not powerful, the hint of sweet potato is a clever touch. At 145 calories, it’s apparently 64% less than its traditional pastry, with 40% less sugar and has 97% more Magnesium and 44% more vitamin C! No gluten, no egg, no nuts and no soya. If you’re a real dark chocolate fan, then try the (also dairy-free) powerful l’Opérette, with a mixture of 70%, 85% and 100% raw cocoa for the most deliciously healthy protein boost.

Foucade: A Healthy 100% Gluten-Free Patisserie in Paris

June 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Tea at Jacquemart Andre museum cafe rooibos

An African Teatime in Paris

May 13, 2016/by Jill Colonna
New macaron flavours at Pascal Caffet MOF France

Paris Macaron Week at Pascal Caffet – 18-24 April

April 17, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Teatime at Les Bulles de Paris hotel

A Champagne Teatime in Paris

April 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Kalimero easter egg Georges Larnicol chocolate Paris

Easter Chocolate Displays in Paris

March 21, 2016/by Jill Colonna
macarons at Dalloyau patisserie Paris

Complete Guide to Macaron Day Paris

March 10, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Chocolate windows in Paris for Saint Valentines

Valentine Chocolates in Paris

February 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Circus Bento Teatime Thierry Marx Camelia Paris

Circus Teatime in Paris – Homage to the New French Film “Chocolat”

February 2, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Galette 2016 Carette Paris

Best Galettes des Rois in Paris for 2016

January 6, 2016/by Jill Colonna
Yule logs buches de noel Christmas 2015 from La patisserie des reves

Festive Paris Magic at the Patisserie des Rêves – 2015 Yule Logs

December 6, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Lunch vegan afternoon teatime Shangri-La Palace Paris

A Perfect Lunch, Vegan Teatime & History of the Shangri-La Palace, Paris

November 26, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Teatime in Paris at Angelina – New Autumn-Winter Patisserie Collection 2015-2016

November 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Chapon's Pure Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Pure 100% Cacao Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Patrice Chapon

October 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Autumn leaved vines in Montmartre, Paris

Wine Festival Montmartre Paris 7-11 October 2015

October 3, 2015/by Jill Colonna
choux chantilly patisserie des reves

Latest Chantilly Choux and Pastries from La Pâtisserie des Rêves

October 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna
best orangettes in Paris

Discovering the Best Orangettes, Rue de Miromesnil Paris

September 15, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Saint Honore pastry Teatime in Paris Walking Tour

The Teatime in Paris Pastry Walking Tour!

September 10, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Macaron tea by Theodor Paris

I Love You, Macaron Tea – Theodor Paris

June 22, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Rue du Bac Metro - Paris Pastry Street

First Bac Sucré Event on Paris Pastry Street

June 17, 2015/by Jill Colonna
rue du bac paris

Le Bac Sucré – 16-21 June, Rue du Bac Paris

June 14, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Pascal Caffet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtisserie Paris

Pascal Caffet in Paris

June 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Thoumieux Patisserie Rue St Dominique

Thoumieux Pâtisserie Paris, Where “Everything’s Better”

May 29, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Versailles cours de Senteur

Lenôtre Tea Salon, Cour de Senteurs Versailles

May 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Absolu Oolong tea by Theador Paris

Teatime with Theodor Launch of Absolu Oolong Tea

May 4, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Pasteis de nata Comme à Lisbonne in Paris

Comme à Lisbonne, Paris

April 28, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Bambou patisserie from Sadaharu Aoki Paris

Matcha Do About Green Tea at Sadaharu Aoki Paris

April 19, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Lemon meringue choux puff by MOF pastry chef Philippe Urraca

Profiterole Chérie Tea Salon in the Marais

April 14, 2015/by Jill Colonna
pastries from la Patisserie des Reves, Paris

Falling for La Pâtisserie des Rêves, Paris

March 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna
La Patisserie des Reves in Paris

A Pompidou Walk to La Pâtisserie des Rêves in Paris

February 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Camelia restaurant Thierry Marx Paris

Camélia Restaurant in Paris by Thierry Marx

January 19, 2015/by Jill Colonna
Sugar cone cutters gourmet chocolate museum Paris

Paris Gourmet Chocolate Museum – Choco Story

November 16, 2014/by Jill Colonna
chocolate and macaron candy dress salon du chocolat Paris 2014

20th Salon du Chocolat Paris

October 30, 2014/by Jill Colonna
cheeky dish of beef and lemongrass

Les Enfants Rouges Restaurant & Wine Bar, Paris

June 10, 2014/by Jill Colonna
Rue Saint Dominique Eiffel Tower view Paris

Date Night in Paris: Brasserie Thoumieux

April 29, 2014/by Jill Colonna
chocolate fish poissons d'avril easter windows Paris

All Eyes on Chocolate Easter Windows in Paris

April 9, 2014/by Jill Colonna
macaron day loot in Paris

Jour du Macaron – Macaron Day 20 March 2014

March 19, 2014/by Jill Colonna
Best sweet shop in Paris

Bonbons! The Best French Sweet Shop in Paris

February 19, 2014/by Jill Colonna

A Chocolate Easter Walk in Paris

March 28, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Patrick Roger’s Chocolate Cake for Easter

March 22, 2013/by Jill Colonna

A Fruity Weekend at the King’s Vegetable Garden in Versailles

October 11, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Giverny and Inspiration from Monet’s Gardens

August 23, 2012/by Jill Colonna

The Best Handbags from Paris Pâtisseries

July 29, 2012/by Jill Colonna
christophe Roussel Macarons and chocolate Montmartre Paris

Christophe Roussel Macarons at Montmartre Paris

June 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna
best macarons Paris

What are Your Best Macarons in Paris?

May 27, 2012/by Jill Colonna
macaron day Paris

Jour du Macaron – Macaron Day in Paris, 20 March 2012

March 22, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Guide to les Merveilleux de Fred in Paris & Giveaway Winners

January 9, 2012/by Jill Colonna

A Walk up French Bread Street or Chocolate Street?

November 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Going Macarons at the Paris Salon du Chocolat

October 21, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Macaroned on French Impressionists’ Island, Chatou and Macaron Pointillism

October 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Sweet Potato, Crab & Thai Herb Croquettes

August 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna
french poppy macarons by the Seine by Jill @ Mad About Macarons

French Poppies: A Macaron Impression

June 13, 2011/by Jill Colonna

If you go down to the woods today

May 9, 2011/by Jill Colonna

A Dose of Good Chocolate – A Taste of France

April 18, 2011/by Jill Colonna
Pain de sucre patisserie macarons Paris

Paris Pâtisseries and Perfect Macarons

April 11, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Jill was amazing. So fun and engaging and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend her and this tour to anyone visiting Paris (June 2016)

Context Paris Client

Couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable docent than Jill Colonna! A carefully crafted story, likely akin to the careful planning required for successful baking. Jut the right amount of history to ground the tasty tour in French history. Despite pouring rain, none of us even noticed for the tour was so engaging. A real treat for anyone whom has ever enjoyed dessert (like everyone!). Photos from the tour sent back to friends evoked longing and likely travel plans for Paris.

Context Paris Client

Great tour, very informative and fun

Context Paris Client

Jill’s enthusiasm for the subject made the walk successful. She was knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

(September 2016)

Context Paris Client