Welcome to My Paris! Join me for a visit to many of my favourite pâtisseries, chocolate shops and tea salons, and some restaurants and museums.  Don’t forget that there are not just the well-known tourist spots but plenty of lesser-known Parisian jewels to discover at all times of year.

Planning a visit to Paris? Join me as of Spring or my lovely colleagues for a chocolate-pastry walk around Saint Germain-des-Prés (some reviews below) or choose from any other Context Paris tour in the City of Light.

If you can’t make it to Paris, then grab a copy of Teatime in Paris and join my sweet pastry walk and talk while making the recipes in the book.

My Paris

Complete Guide to Macaron Day Paris – 2021 Edition

March 17, 2021/by Jill Colonna

Dubarry Cauliflower Cream Soup

January 22, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Montmartre Chocolate Pastry Walk

October 19, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Air-Conditioned Paris Tea Salons

June 27, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Saint-Germain Almond Cake

June 14, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Béarnaise Sauce – Recipe & Origins Near Paris

June 3, 2019/by Jill Colonna

Saint-Germain-en-Laye Chateau Roof Visit (Paris Day Trips)

May 23, 2019/by Jill Colonna

The Hottest Paris Food Tour

February 18, 2019/by Jill Colonna

French Meringue Filled Snowballs

December 16, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Renoir Tour: Chatou – Carrieres-sur-Seine

December 1, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Paris Chocolate Golden Star, Denise Acabo – A l’Etoile d’Or

October 12, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Monsieur Fine Bouche: French Gourmet Meal Delivery near Paris

April 25, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Macaron Day Paris 2018 – Plan your Visit!

March 16, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Sweet Kisses Patisserie Paris – Valentine’s Creation

February 10, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Curried Cauliflower Soup with Seared Scallops – and a Flooded Seine

January 28, 2018/by Jill Colonna

Putting on The Ritz – Paris Teatime

December 6, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Relais Desserts Yule Log Presentation, Paris 2017

October 13, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Café Renoir, Montmartre Museum Gardens

July 21, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Best Pastries Rue Saint-Dominique, Paris

June 28, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Saint Honoré Paris: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

May 20, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Annual Lebey Awards Paris: New Gastronomic Sensations

April 12, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Jean-Paul Hévin: New French Touch Chocolate Collection 2016-2017

December 6, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Pascal Caffet’s New Festive Pastry Collection on Praline

November 26, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Angelina’s New Yule Log & Festive Collection 2016

November 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Easiest Nougatine Recipe – Inspired by l’Ami Jean in Paris

November 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Christophe Roussel Pastry Competition: La Baule 2016

November 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Saint-Germain-en-Laye Chocolate Pastry Tour

October 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Saint-Germain-en-Laye: Paris Day Trips

October 2, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Luxury Italian Ice Cream by Il Gelato Del Marchese Paris

July 12, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Paris Tuileries Gardens: Summer Amusements and a New Terrace Café

July 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Bac Sucré Fruity Edition on Paris Pastry Street

June 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Foucade: A Healthy 100% Gluten-Free Patisserie in Paris

June 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna

An African Teatime in Paris

May 13, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Paris Macaron Week at Pascal Caffet – 18-24 April

April 17, 2016/by Jill Colonna

A Champagne Teatime in Paris – Les Bulles de Paris

April 1, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Easter Chocolate Displays in Paris

March 21, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Valentine Chocolates in Paris

February 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Circus Teatime in Paris – Homage to the New French Film “Chocolat”

February 2, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Best Galettes des Rois in Paris

January 6, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Festive Paris Magic at the Patisserie des Rêves – 2015 Yule Logs

December 6, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Vegan Teatime Tour of the Shangri-La Palace Paris

November 26, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Teatime in Paris at Angelina – New Autumn-Winter Patisserie Collection 2015-2016

November 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Pure 100% Cacao Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Patrice Chapon

October 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

October Wine Festival Montmartre, Paris

October 3, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Latest Chantilly Choux and Pastries from La Pâtisserie des Rêves

October 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Discovering the Best Orangettes, Rue de Miromesnil Paris

September 15, 2015/by Jill Colonna

The Teatime in Paris Pastry Walking Tour!

September 10, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Bac Sucré Event on Paris Pastry Street

June 17, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Le Bac Sucré – 16-21 June, Rue du Bac Paris

June 14, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Pascal Caffet in Paris

June 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Thoumieux Pâtisserie Paris, Where “Everything’s Better”

May 29, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Lenôtre Tea Salon, Cour de Senteurs Versailles

May 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Comme à Lisbonne, Paris

April 28, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Matcha Do About Green Tea at Sadaharu Aoki Paris

April 19, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Profiterole Chérie Tea Salon in the Marais

April 14, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Falling for La Pâtisserie des Rêves, Paris

March 8, 2015/by Jill Colonna

A Pompidou Walk to La Pâtisserie des Rêves in Paris

February 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Camélia Restaurant in Paris by Thierry Marx

January 19, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Paris Gourmet Chocolate Museum – Choco Story

November 16, 2014/by Jill Colonna

20th Salon du Chocolat Paris

October 30, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Les Enfants Rouges Restaurant & Wine Bar, Paris

June 10, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Date Night in Paris: Brasserie Thoumieux

April 29, 2014/by Jill Colonna

All Eyes on Chocolate Easter Windows in Paris

April 9, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Jour du Macaron – Macaron Day 20 March 2014

March 19, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Bonbons! The Best French Sweet Shop in Paris

February 19, 2014/by Jill Colonna

A Chocolate Easter Walk in Paris

March 28, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Patrick Roger’s Chocolate Cake for Easter

March 22, 2013/by Jill Colonna

A Fruity Weekend at the King’s Vegetable Garden in Versailles

October 11, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Giverny and Inspiration from Monet’s Gardens

August 23, 2012/by Jill Colonna

The Best Handbags from Paris Pâtisseries

July 29, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Christophe Roussel Macarons at Montmartre Paris

June 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna

What are Your Best Macarons in Paris?

May 27, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Jour du Macaron – Macaron Day in Paris, 20 March 2012

March 22, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Guide to les Merveilleux de Fred in Paris & Giveaway Winners

January 9, 2012/by Jill Colonna

A Walk up French Bread Street or Chocolate Street?

November 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Going Macarons at the Paris Salon du Chocolat

October 21, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Macaroned on French Impressionists’ Island, Chatou and Macaron Pointillism

October 10, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Sweet Potato, Crab & Thai Herb Croquettes – Inspired by KGB Paris

August 26, 2011/by Jill Colonna

French Poppies: A Macaron Impression

June 13, 2011/by Jill Colonna

If you go down to the woods today

May 9, 2011/by Jill Colonna

A Dose of Good Chocolate – A Taste of France

April 18, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Paris Pâtisseries and Perfect Macarons

April 11, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable docent than Jill Colonna! A carefully crafted story, likely akin to the careful planning required for successful baking. Jut the right amount of history to ground the tasty tour in French history. Despite pouring rain, none of us even noticed for the tour was so engaging. A real treat for anyone whom has ever enjoyed dessert (like everyone!). Photos from the tour sent back to friends evoked longing and likely travel plans for Paris.

Jill was great and couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about Pastries and/or Paris. She also went above and beyond about pointing things out of any interest in Paris. I definitely would not hesitate to recommend her to friends.

We took the chocolate and macaron tour with Jill throughout the St. Germain area and it was fantastic. Jill had such knowledge of even the history and how it affected how the shops came about. She was fantastic and is a “macaron expert”.

My two teenagers loved all the different taste testings and were pleased they got to pick out all of their favorite flavors to try and compare. Jill even came equipped with an excel spreadsheet voting form for the macarons!  I would recommend this tour to anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Our chocolate walk with Jill was a lot of fun. We instantly got along and she was very warm and friendly. She took us around a neighborhood we would not likely have spent time in and also was able to focus us in on some of the major chocolatiers and patisseries in the area. We all really enjoyed her enthusiasm and all the tasting was a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this tour if you are looking for a way to sample some of Paris’s finest treats and have fun learning a little something too.

Great tour, very informative and fun.

My France

Mint Omelette – Corsican Style

Got mint & eggs? Enjoy this refreshing, authentic omelette from my husband's 'Island of Beauty' - and tips on what makes a Corsican omelette different to a French one. Now also on video.
July 23, 2020/by Jill Colonna

10 Reasons to Visit Honfleur, Normandy

A virtual see and do - and eat! - in this romantic French town & what makes it such a popular getaway - only 2 hours' drive from Paris
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Lyon’s Best Pâtisseries, Chocolates & Macarons

A selection of the finest bakeries for the sweet-toothed in France's gastronomic capital.
September 19, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Best Value Gourmet Lyon in 3 Days

A taste of Lyon's bistros & traditional bouchons in France's gastronomic capital.
September 12, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Salted Toffee Cherry Tomatoes

Liven up your summer drinks with this salty & sweet apéritif - adds fun to a centre-piece too!
September 10, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Corsican Veal Stew with Red Peppers

A warming easy casserole that's even better reheated next day and fabulous served with pasta (plus glass of red!).
January 27, 2017/by Jill Colonna

Christophe Roussel Pastry Competition: La Baule 2016

The exceptional annual amateur pastry competition of Christophe Roussel, La Baule.
November 9, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Fiadone Corsican Cheesecake

The laziest cheesecake on the planet! A Brocciu (or Ricotta Cake) family dessert typically served between November and June & approved by my Corsican husband
November 3, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Corsican Fig Jam

The perfect partner to put out a Corsican cheese fire.
September 16, 2016/by Jill Colonna

A Loire Break in Chinon at the Hotel Diderot

What to do in Chinon using the Hotel Diderot as a base in France's Loire Valley.
August 29, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Avignon Summer Festival – Aubergine Tomato Tart

Chill the rosé for a theatrical Avignon annual festival. Dates for 2017: 6-26 July.
July 23, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Discovering the Chocolate Alphabet in St Rémy-de-Provence (Part 2)

Continuing our morning walk, you can really feel Vincent Van…
July 21, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Best Pastries in St Rémy de Provence (Part 1)

Discovering pastries, history, and more shops in Van Gogh's Provence.
July 19, 2015/by Jill Colonna

A Taste of Provence with Chickpea Spread: Poichichade

The more garlic version from Provence of humus - celebrating with friends and family in the south.
July 10, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Keeping Cool in a Provence Village Heatwave

Join me for a stroll in my parents-in-law's village in Provence
July 5, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Confiture de Lait Recipe and How to Store Vanilla Beans

Discovering natural artisanal vanilla beans or pods at the Provencal market of Apt and using them to make confiture de lait (milk jam).
March 1, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Annual Burgundy French Wine Festival (Fête de Saint Vincent)

A taste of the annual Burgundy wine festival, end January. This 2019, it's the host town of Vézelay in Bourgogne.
January 27, 2015/by Jill Colonna

A Lazy Gourmet Visit to Yvoire – one of France’s Prettiest Villages

Discovering Yvoire on Lake Léman, just next door to Switzerland
September 5, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Le Touquet – where France meets England over Macarons

It's more likely to be in the Eurotunnel or over a football match.…
June 16, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Normandy Summer Sea Festival, Veules-les-Roses

This week Paris has been drenched with April Showers in May.…
May 9, 2014/by Jill Colonna

French Wine Festival of St-Vincent Tournante, Burgundy 2014

I should have split this long post up into episodes. Instead…
January 30, 2014/by Jill Colonna

A New Year Kir Royal from Normandy

Happy, bubbly New Year to you! It's good to be back.

Do you…
January 10, 2014/by Jill Colonna

A Gourmet Weekend in Lyon

Discovering why Lyon is the French Capital of Gastronomy.
December 4, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Mastering the Art of French Eating in Lyon: Chez Hugon

Mastering the art of avoiding pig's snout at Chez Hugon
November 21, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Silence on Remembrance Sunday

November 10, 2013/by Jill Colonna

France’s Smallest River & French Watercress Soup

Enjoy watercress season in France from September to May with a healthy recipe for soupe au cresson and a visit to the watercress beds during harvesting in Normandy.
November 5, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Corsica on the Rocks and Savoury Macarons

Returning to my husband's village on the Island of Beauty and inspiration for a savoury macaron dish
November 6, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Giverny and Inspiration from Monet’s Gardens

Why is it when you live so close to something truly amazing and…
August 23, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Mad About Lime Blossom Macarons in the Loire

Inspiration from under a Tilleul tree in Azay le Rideau's romantic Loire Valley.
July 11, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Azay le Rideau Castle and l’Auberge du 12éme Siecle, Loire Valley

Welcome to a weekend away in the land of fairytale castles, vineyards,…
June 20, 2011/by Jill Colonna