Orange Blossom Pomegranate Rice Pudding

orange blossom and pomegranate rice pudding

It’s that time of year again when love hearts are everywhere and pink recipe ideas pop up around the internet.  My Frenchman is normally romantic throughout the year so Valentine’s Day usually comes and goes without flowers – even restaurants are avoided, since they’re supposedly busier than usual. So I make our own Valentine’s desserts, such as this creamy Orange Blossom Pomegranate Rice Pudding.

“It’s so commercial”, he says.  Typically French that is; and I’m supposed to shrug my shoulders and say, “But of course dahlink, who needs Valentine’s Day?” I do say it sheepishly but with a frog in my throat. The French would say “with a cat in my throat”. Baah! Hang on. I should be the cat; he should be the frog, no?

Antoine adores his rice pudding – especially this creamy recipe that he often enjoys chilled for breakfast.  This time, I’ve revisited it with a seasonal touch of fragrant orange blossom and crunchy pomegranate seeds for an easy yet deliciously healthy Valentine’s dessert. Did you know all these wonderful health benefits of Pomegranates?  Egg yolks give that extra silky creaminess and they’re a great source of iron too.

For those of you who prefer a touch of pink in your desserts next Valentine weekend, then add some of the pomegranate juice and stir it just before pouring into individual glasses. Ideally, serve with macarons!  Here, I served the desserts with chocolate orange blossom macarons and rose-orange blossom macarons, both from Teatime in Paris.