Recipes with 2 Egg Yolks

Asparagus Clafoutis with Parmesan Sauce

An elegant yet simple summery starter or lunch. Serve with a crusty French baguette to mop up that gorgeous cheese sauce! NOW on VIDEO.
June 18, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Palets Bretons: French Salted Butter Biscuits

Now updated with accompanying step-by-step VIDEO to show how easy these treats are: irresistible salty-sweet biscuits from Brittany. We love them plain - but let's also dress them up for a garden tea party.
April 11, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Dubarry Cauliflower Cream Soup

The crème de la crème of French soups - with a deliciously hot royal romance behind it, which simmered away between Versailles and Paris in the 18th century.
January 22, 2020/by Jill Colonna

Asparagus, Mint & Pea Clafoutis (Gluten Free)

A delicious dose of asparagus for vegetarian week and Celiac Awareness month.
May 20, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Rhubarb and Custard Cheesecake with Strawberries

A rather Franglais-style cheesecake & ranting over Brexit
May 15, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Orange Blossom and Pomegranate Rice Pudding

Orange Blossom Pomegranate Rice Pudding with macarons from Teatime in Paris!
February 7, 2016/by Jill Colonna

Honey Lemon Sablé Biscuits

A quick and easy cookie recipe that's perfect with a cup of tea for a soothing winter teatime.
February 9, 2015/by Jill Colonna

The French’s Favourite Casserole: Blanquette de Veau

Enjoy this French Winter classic casserole, which is surprisingly light too!
January 13, 2015/by Jill Colonna

Chocolate and Chestnut Pudding for the Holiday Season

You can tell that chocolate has been quite prominent in our diets…
November 10, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Pumpkin Spice Macarons & Roasted Red Kuri Squash Filling

An autumnal macaron filling made with pumpkin - and the spices!
October 28, 2014/by Jill Colonna

Queensferry Edinburgh and a Lemon Thyme Tart Recipe

A new discovery in South Queensferry near Edinburgh and a tart recipe by Chef Paul Steward
July 23, 2014/by Jill Colonna

How to Make Rice Pudding like the French – Riz au lait!

When my Frenchman asked me to make rice pudding years ago, it…
January 17, 2013/by Jill Colonna

Lemon Sauce for Roast Chicken and Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

The most tangy lemon sauce to accompany your festive chicken or turkey for that delicious French touch
November 15, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Arise, Sir Brioche

This sign popped out to say bonjour as we were meandering on…
September 12, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Smoked Haddock Fishcakes with Tartare Sauce

Tintin may still make the odd appearance in French shop windows…
February 1, 2012/by Jill Colonna

Creamy Lemon, Prawn and Asparagus Spaghetti

This has to be one of my favourite pronto pasta dishes after…
June 22, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Guest Recipe: Mango Egg Tarts

Do you ever get all soppy sentimental over certain foods?  It…
May 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna

Passion Fruit Caramel Choux Buns & a Choux-Choux Train

I used to think that Choux pastry was complicated.  Until…
April 27, 2011/by Jill Colonna