Pumpkin Leek Crumble

pumpkin leek crumbleIf you love pumpkin like our family, then you’ll be having a ball of it and making the most of the season.  You may have seen me experimenting with a new pumpkin recipe on my Instagram stories recently. This Pumpkin Leek Crumble has been made several times and as I’ve been developing the dosage and flavours, the family have loved being guinea pigs so much that it’s now an Autumnal family favourite.

Savoury Crumble

There comes a time when writing a book or developing a recipe has to come to an end and, believe me, it’s not as easy as it appears.  You see, I’m a bit of a creative and by the time I’ve thought of an idea, it goes to the side and I’m on another idea then another, thinking, “I still need to tweak that one so I’ll move to the other..;” and so it continues until there’s a long silence and boom! The blog crumbles as I  want to move everything to the side and continue scribbling excited notes for my new book.

As a Brit and a Scot, I love a good crumble – like this more traditional apple and oat crumble or Frenchied up (yes, I’m now French too!) Mini Rhubarb Crumbles. But after the stuffed mini pumpkins, pumpkin and leek soup, and pumpkin & chestnut tart, something played on my mind.

These recipes have ingredients in common since we adore them together: leeks, chestnut flour/chestnuts, and sage.  Then, as I was making a the tart again (another family absolute favourite), I was thinking – how can I get these flavours together and make a quicker version?

Well this is it!  Consider it an upside-down chestnut flour pumpkin, leek and chestnut pie!

Leftover Turkey?

The crumble is scrumptious on its own.  However, if you’re needing some meat in there, replace the chestnuts with bacon bits. And this is perfect to serve with leftover cold meats during the festive season, bringing them out of the cold!