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Recipes that Work

Hi Jill, I am from Panama (Central America) and I love you book. I am not a professional baker, however I learned how to bake with my mom since I was little, and have been baking non stop since then.
I have made 4 of your recipes following your instructions step by step, and they all come out perfect (at least for my standards), and considering the very humid weather we have.
I absolutely love the level of detail provided in the book, and that every recipe does actually work (unlike other books/recipes).
Anyways, Ijust wanted to say hi, and to let you know you have a fan in Panama.


Such a good informative book! Really easy to read and understand especially for first time bakers. Came very quickly and good price. The best macaroon book there is. Fantastic.

Perfect with No Previous Experience

I bake a lot but nothing like macarons normally, so the entire process was a bit alien to me. Using the tips and instructions in this book though my first batch turned out perfectly and by the end had been pretty painless. I will definitely be making more of the recipes to test out other flavors, but I can say that the vanilla recipe is delightful. Not too sweet and the flavor is neither too strong nor too weak, and the almond flavor melds very well with it without overpowering the vanilla. Delicious!

A bubbly woman came up to me at the end of a recent meet-up here in Paris with a bag of homemade macarons and a book which she just published on the same subject. In the bag were the most lovely little macarons I’ve seen in all of Paris, even in the fancy places that churn out a gazillion of these cookies annually. Macarons have gone rogue, leaving the confines of Paris and spreading across the globe.
Mad About Macarons!” by Jill Colonna is lavishly photographed with lots of clear steps of the process for how to make classic macarons as well as interesting and unusual variations (curry, chocolate-beet, and pistachio-wasabi to name a few).
If you like macarons, it’s likely you’ll love this book.”