Parisian Macarons presentation box watercolour print by Carol Gillott

Sketch Letters and Macaron Holiday Special at Paris Breakfast

Would you love a letter from Paris in your mailbox? Well perhaps you’ve heard of Carol Gillott.  If you have been following Mad About Macarons, I’m sure you have.  She is the talented American artist behind the popular blog, Paris Breakfast.

Sketch letters of water-colour prints by Paris Breakfast

Carol is real food lover.  Now living on Ile-Saint-Louis in Paris, she paints Parisian dreams and manages to take you on an imagined stroll through Paris.

She does this through her imaginative and colourful monthly Paris Sketch Letters.  They celebrate all kinds of French seasonal food each month and you’ll discover that she has a particular penchant for macarons and pastries.  When your package arrives from Paris, you’ll discover all sorts of petits additions – such as ribbons, perfume testers, and business cards from Parisian cafés and shops.

Sketch letters by Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast blog

Paris Sketch Letters come in different subscription packages and this month there is a holiday special for the month of December!

December holiday special sketch letters by Carol Gillott

Delivered to you from Paris by Carol Gillott

Order a subscription on ETSY and get a watercolor print of a box of macarons with your name on it!
It’s not too late to receive the personalized macaron print in time for the holidays (Hanukkah and Kwanza included).

They’re ready to ship out TODAY! If you want to personally give the 1st letter, Carol can send it to you and the rest to the gift recipient.

Parisian Macarons presentation box watercolour print by Carol Gillott

I’m changing my name to Sue, the lucky macaron girl!  I’m off to make some macarons, then.

Oh, and just a wee whisper in your ear … you’ll be seeing a bit more of Carol around here soon;  I can’t wait to tell you about an exciting project. That’s a promise…

16 replies
  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I made macaroons with almond flour and stevia! No cane sugar or powdered sugar involved! They actually turned out ok! 🙂 You have a beautiful blog! Glad I discovered it from the comments section of Paris Sketches!! 🙂

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Fantastic news! Dying to see them – can you post them to the Mad About Macarons page on Facebook? This is huge! So glad to be in touch and you’ve joined us here, Shannon.

  2. Normajean
    Normajean says:

    Thrilled w my sketch letters along w watercolor of macarons w MY name! Can’t wait to
    frame it! Also rec’d Mad About Macarons last year! Looking forward to the collaboration!

      • Normajean
        Normajean says:

        I received the sketch letters last week as a Christmas present to myself!! Was
        thrilled w the surprise of the watercolor of macarons w MY name!! I cannot wait to get it framed!!!!!!! Also Carol had recommended Mad About Macarons last year on her email so I purchased it! Now I just need a little inspiration to make them! A
        collaboration of the both of you!!???…..this is going to be huge!!:)

        • Jill
          Jill says:

          Thrilled to hear you’re going to make macarons for 2015, Norma Jean. Fabulous news! Let me know how you get on and pop in to our page on Facebook to share the fun.
          Yes, this new book is looking good, may I say …. 😉



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