Desperate for Chocolate Pistachio Macarons

I know, I know. I’m desperate for macarons again after tasting some yesterday at Christophe Roussel’s Chocolate Bar. I don’t eat macarons all the time so now and again, I crave them; like some crazy, mad, desperate person.

So here I am, encore rambling on about these ever-so-chic stylish and colourful French confections. You’ve had bonus recipes recently to add to the egg yolk recipe collection – but, since this is supposed to be a macaron blog, I suppose I should talk about them now and again.

Even if you already make them, even if you’re planning to make them, or even if you’re planning on the other half making them for you (the best lovers say it with homemade macarons), this is supposed to inspire you if you’re scared to make that first step.

Chocolate macarons; pistachio macarons; chocolate-pistachio macarons. The three recipes are already in the book but if I was to do the book again (I’m a perfectionist, a bit OCD – ask the guys who worked on the macaron video with me!), I’d include this photo of one of my favourite filling combinations. Even better, it just made another reprint – who would have guessed? It’s so exciting to see the book with a 2013 reprint marked in the inside flap.

Photos aside, it’s the taste that’s really important. Oh, and the macaron feet: that ruffled frilly foot that announces the filling is near. I loved doing a chocolate walk with the sweetest of children recently and when I asked what we call the ruffles on a macaron, the response was ‘they’re shoes’. How cute is that? They were so sweet, they were even given free macarons at Pierre Hermé!

For pistachio and chocolate lovers, this is for you. Why don’t you use half quantities of the chocolate-pistachio filling and the pistachio filling recipes and fill the macarons with the two of them?

Add a Griottine – a griotte cherry soaked in a Kirsch bath

…. plumping a glorious Kirsch-glugged Griottine cherry in the middle before adding another spot of ganache and then sandwiching the other macaron shell on top. Divine!

What? You still reading me?

Get that apron on. It’s time to make macarons like the French. Crispy almond meringue on the outside; decadently smooth and creamy inside….

Love at first bite with a macaron…

OK, I’ve showed you my macarons. Now it’s time to show me yours. You know where to find me: here on le blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and today I joined Instagram (Madaboutmacarons – surprise!). So, why not join in the macaron fun?

Go on. Strut your macaron feet. They’re made for eating.