I’m Lost in Cheeseland with a Giveaway

Today I’m proud to be a guest over at Lindsey Tramuta’s legendary blog, Lost in Cheeseland for her Franco File Friday feature.

For those of you who perhaps don’t know Lindsey yet, she is a lovely American living in Paris and writes about all topics of life in the City of Light. I’m sure there are countless amusing tales we can relate to as we have settled in over the years of la vie after marrying a Frenchman.

Lindsey was better prepared: she was no stranger to the French language, having studied it since she was 12 and continued her studies at The American University of Paris.  I met my French sweetheart in Scotland where we spoke English together, so I arrived in Paris with a giant thud when I realised I had to speak French.  Quoi? C’est normal;  live in the country, speak the language – but somehow I hadn’t completely thought of that one before I came.  I was too head over heels in love.

Raising brioche and kids

Now I love it when my children can help my French.  Although being a Mum this week set another challenge with la rentrée (back to school) – hence my lack of blogging and online life.

I found myself back in the classroom on Monday morning, sitting next to my terrified daughter amongst a classroom of bewildered new students on their first day of Collège (the equivalent of 1st year at Secondary School.) New school, new teachers, new subjects, new friends, a locker with a code, new confusing timetables (week A, week B…) and a whopping load of typical French paperwork to complete. I wonder who was more scared: my daughter or me. Ouf!  We have managed to jump that first hurdle and survive this first week. TGIF.

TGIFFF. Thank goodness it’s Friday. It’s Franco File Friday.

Head on over to the Franco File Friday feature over at Lost in Cheeseland

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