Stacking Up with Macarons for Christmas

I’m hopping mad today.  Just as I was casually showing off last week to my French parents-in-law during their stay that my back was great – ‘never felt better; I’m as fit as a fiddle, look at me while scraping up the leaves’ – my back strings pinged yesterday. Thank goodness for painkillers but let’s hope that clever osteopath (with the fancy carpeted staircase and classical music in the waiting room overlooking the Arc de Triomphe) can sort me out this afternoon otherwise I’ll, I’ll, I’ll …
… cry also at the painful bill.

Could this be Mad About Macarons’ book spine?

Perhaps my spine has simply turned into a stack of macarons since the book came out? A sweet stack of five chocolate and exotic fruit macarons, please, for our 4 o’ clock goûter. Turn to page 89 for the recipe but speaking of stacks, we hit 3333 new macaron ‘likers’ on Facebook. That’s a delicious stack of macaronivores, don’t you think?

A few weeks ago, when we hit 2222 likes, I couldn’t resist playing with the lego macs to represent it in macaron stack form too and to see our newly painted kitchen. Well, I just did one wall.

It’s turning into a habit. Hm. 2235? We even had some chocolate-caramel macarons left to do it, although we were far too greedy to wait for that stack of five to stay put. This is the kids not me… I’m way too busy to be playing around, ahem. You see, I keep promising that manuscript for book two but without a strict deadline, I keep adding more sweet macarons and pastries and joking around. I’m needing a teacher to say STOP!

I wonder when we’ll hit 4444 likers (my speller here prefers lickers)?  If it’s what I hear that things will be changing with Facebook, it may be a long time. So if you wish to continue following the mad macaron antics on Facebook, apparently you just need to click on the right tab on the page (next to the Like tab) ‘Add to interest list‘ and that’s you set. Don’t forget you can opt out at any moment.

Don’t forget also that you can freeze your macarons! Make them now in advance, stock up your macaron ‘freezer bank’ and they’ll be great in time for Christmas.  What flavours of macarons do you fancy making?

Happy St Andrews Day to all our Scottish friends. Check out Jacqueline’s How to be a Gourmand Scottish round-up to celebrate. At least I have a great excuse for the other single malty kind of painkiller this weekend!

Treating the Piles with Macaron Stacks

What happened to this week? I’ll spare you with the details: I mean, who wants to hear about the dishwasher going sick, my sycophantic calls to the Mairie (long story, don’t ask), or that I forgot to defrost my prized Scottish Haggis for Burns Night; or that my patient web designer is underwhelmed with the lack of organisation behind the website? Admittedly, I also spotted a post I completely forgot to publish in October about Captain Haddock’s nose, Fishcakes and Tartar Sauce like Corsica. But who wants to read it? Fishcakes on a macaron website? Madness. It’s high time I filed better online plus treat these piles of manuscripts, papers, notes, and find a home for that Thai blue elephant.

Could I just dump everything and go on strike? No. I can’t do that. I’ll just blame it all on Rod Stewart’s Paris concert on Monday night. There’s nothing like starting the week off on a high note.

Don’t you think I’m sexy?

The last few days have been sailing at a hydrofoil speed of knots, while singing “Don’t you think I’m sexy?” as my eye sockets have been flashing their extra baggage allowance alert. How does Rod do it? He still rocks. As my creativity levels were gradually sinking, a magnesium boost was recommended for my boat to rock: so treatment sounded appropriate with a healthy dose of dark chocolate-hazelnut macarons (the recipe is in the book). Gluten free, as always. Much better.

With not enough egg whites for 150g, I used the reference chart at the back of the book for a smaller quantity of macaron shells. But I used the full recipe for the filling on page 59. You know what that means, don’t you? EXTRA, left-over dark chocolate ganache!  So for the kids’ goûter after school I made some grissini éclairs (follow recipe for choux buns and pipe them out in thin sticks) that they could dip into the chocolate ganache. Great idea from Eclairs! by Christophe Adam.

choux grissini sticks with leftover chocolate ganache

Don’t you think my eclair grissinis are sexy? (sing along with Rod Stewart)

For a reheating left-over ganache tip: When ready to use, if you reheat the ganache too abruptly in the microwave, the ganache’s butter risks splitting and it really doesn’t look that sexy. I would recommend heating the ganache gently in a saucepan, whisking to ensure that the sauce is even.

4 stacks of 2 caramel chocolate macarons

2222 likes on facebook

Speaking of even, it was exciting to see we hit 2222 likes on Facebook. How else but express it with macaron couples? Then it was 2234 likes and the piles started.

4 macarons stacks chocolate caramel

Then it was 2234…

Could I keep on stacking macarons like this?

It’s high time to stop playing with macarons and just get organised.

box of macarons stacked up high

Best go and make a Scottish dinner with that defrosted Haggis and pretend it’s Burn’s Night this weekend. Then again, I could also finally resurrect these smoked fishcakes…

Enjoy the rest of your week, too!