La Vie en Rose Macarons

Are you feeling rosy, today? I have to admit, I’m still blooming emotional: yesterday it was our turn in France to celebrate Mothers’ Day. Each year I get increasingly gushy, as my lovely girls compose their own poems for the Fête des mères.

dusky pink garden rose

This time they confirmed their knack of making me swell up with proud and happy tears, listening to their precious words – by way of a new recipe note book, starting with a gorgeous poem called “Recipe for the Cake of Love” (from the French film, “Peau d’âne”). They didn’t make a cake (perhaps that’s for next year?) but they printed out an internet cake!  We spent the day en famille with hugs that you wish could last forever. I told you I was feeling soppy…Even at the local market, all Mums were handed a rose, thanks to the Mayor.  Is that not sweet?

child's poem in French for Mother's Day


We finished off the day with rose and white chocolate panna cottas, with a cherry cardamom sauce – using the only cherries left from the tree in the garden (the pigeons ate the rest: nearly the blooming lot!) – plus a few rose & cardamom macarons on the side. 😉 (Apologies, the photos were rather blurred so used this earlier one; photos and Champagne don’t go well together, it seems…)

rose pannacotta and cherry cardamom coulis


All of this rosy feeling was triggered last week, on my favourite metro line in Paris: line 6, direction Nation.  It’s the metro where you come out of the tunnel and are suddenly surprised with daylight. After leaving the stop, Passy, the Eiffel Tower just hits you with all its grandeur.  Just at that moment, a busker started up a Piaf arrangement of La Vie en Rose on the accordian.

Now, how French-sounding could that be? Once you hear it, it’s difficult to get that tune out of your mind. Why not feel rosy and sing along with Edith Piaf..and read on. Although her songs are mainly melancholy, they’re so uplifting.

French garden roses


I used to pass Edith Piaf‘s Paris appartment in the 16th Arrondissement, on the way to work in the bus, every day for 10 years.  Each day I’d pinch myself thinking, “she used to walk along that very pavement in Boulevard Suchet.”

pink macaron patisserie heart shape by Eric Kayser Paris

Back up at my favourite shops in St Germain-en-Laye, I needed some inspiration for two birthday “cakes” and some pampering for Mothers’ Day (well, they needed ideas, n’est-ce pas? ;-)) I HAVE to make this giant macaron heart shape with red fruits when I have more time.

au nom de la rose Paris


This rose boutique ensures that a pile of rose petals are added to the bag carrying your bouquets, which is just so classy. They also sell the most enticing bitter chocolate bars with crunchy rose petals in them.  It’s a far cry from the Turkish Delight we used to get as kids and has restored my belief in chocolate and rose together.

French rose cottage


This scene just did it.  A house for sale just around the corner from us, along by the River Seine.  It just looked so rosy and French, heu, heu, heu. The house is just at the spot where William Turner set up his easle and  painted the view of the Château over the bridge to Saint Germain-en-Laye.

Turner painting of the Seine


All along the banks there are other paintings by the Impressionist painters. It’s unbelievable to think they were walking along the Seine just like you and me.  More on that later but back to my roses. As my good friend, Felicity, adores rose macarons, I couldn’t resist making her a wee macaron tower. Hm.  It was a bit tricky to transport it in the car!

rose macaron tower arial view


Then, to celebrate my heroïne, Raymonde’s 90th birthday last week, the rose theme continued: this time with chocolate-rose macarons.

rose macaron birthday cake decoration


So, as you can see, it has been a rather rosy week!  Well, there’s nothing quite like the emotion of biting into a rose macaron. Delicately perfumed and floral pink, this is sheer gourmet luxury.

rose macaron birthday cake


Let the celebrations continue by serving this with a glass of pink Champagne and just let your toes curl.  I lift my glass and rose macarons to all Mums out there, all of you with birthdays, good friends and macaronivores. Cheers: you deserve it! Oh, and it’s not just females who love rose macarons, I’ve discovered. 😉

say it with rose macarons Recipe in Mad About Macarons

Egg Yolk Recipe Series

I have been so glad to welcome my friend, Biren from Roti n Rice, this week.  She has shared her fabulous recipe for Mango Egg Tarts, as part of the egg yolk recipe series.  She adds a beautiful twist to egg tarts with her exotic touch but also with a deliciously crunchy base.  The recipes are building up now for your egg yolks, so there are no excuses to discard them!  To see all the other recipes, click on the Egg Yolk Recipes categories of the website.

Le Blog Awards

I am also feeling rosy since I have been lucky enough to receive some more blog awards from my fellow blogger friends.  A huge thank you both to CitraKale and Suzy Eats for the Stylish Blogger Award…

…and then I couldn’t believe I received a bunch of awards from Elyse of The Cultural Dish and also from Manu of Manu’s Menu. It’s so flattering to be given all of them from such lovely friends and such super bloggers.

Thank you all ever so much!  Now I just need to find a way to add these awards as widgets on the site – i.e. making it pretty on the sidebar and setting up a page for it… I’m needing some time to catch up!

I have been so bowled over by everyone’s adorable comments on Le Blog and on Bonus Recipes each week.  I adore hearing from you.  Although I don’t respond to them all directly on this website, I do try my best to show how much I appreciate your words by dropping in to say hello on all of your blogs.  I just wish I could spend more time doing this, as it’s such a lovely atmosphere in the blogging world, n’est-ce pas?

Apologies – this is a longer post today.  I didn’t have time to do a shorter one!  I’m going to take a wee break, folks, as this is a crazy time of year for end of term school activities, shows, piano exams, house guests, etc. Even multi-tasking is taxing. And just as I write this, I’ve put my back out!  Oh-là-là. Too many rosy celebrations, perhaps? Will be back later! 🙂

Bonne semaine en rose !