Celebrating Macaron Day in Paris 2013 with a Video

It’s hard to believe it’s a whole year since the last Jour du Macaron in Paris. As before, this year it’s on 20th March to celebrate the arrival of Spring. If you’re in Paris, here’s a list of macaron boutiques participating next week in aid of the Association, Fighting Mucoviscidose.

In the meantime, let me share a short video with you to celebrate the simple pleasures of macarons, which has started to circulate via Facebook’s American Express pages so far for Argentina and Australia. Surprise!

I can’t stop humming the catchy music which was composed by talented videographer, Darryl O’Donovan. Please help yourself to some chocolate-orange macarons, which were made during the film. My favourite part is watching the feet form in the oven – it’s just as well I managed to find a replacement bulb for the oven light before the video team came. It’s amazing how much went into such a short video – it was great fun to watch and I’m honoured to have been a part of it. The icy wind in Paris was enough to take your face off, though!

Chocolate-orange macarons

With the snow falling in Paris right now, Spring doesn’t really feel on its way yet so I’m off to bake and stay cosy with the children on school holidays. Why don’t you join me making macarons and bring a bit of Paris to your own kitchen?

Let me leave you with a photo taken just this morning in our garden of a European Green Woodpecker (Le pivert). Isn’t he cute?

Stay cosy and make this week a Macaron Tweet!

First TV Macaron Demonstration

As you can imagine, this past week has been filled with love heart macarons.  They are so easy to do; except, perhaps, when nerves take over and a sudden uncontrollable wobbly hand pipes out a mess on live television: this was my very first TV Macaron Demonstration!

macaron hearts pot

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to share my macaron world with Presenters, Michelle McManus and Steven Jardine on STV’s “The Hour” on Valentine’s Day.  They are such wonderful, down-to-earth and chatty hosts that they instantly made me feel at home back in Scotland. Michelle jumped in with a spontanious, encouraging you-can-do-it hug before countdown. En plus Steven had lived in Paris for a couple of years and so it was fun to blether about macarons and Patisserie shops.

rose macarons on STV The Hour

With Michelle McManus & Steven Jardine on STV’s The Hour

Live TV is not as easy as the pros make it look.  For a start, you need to have confidence and above all, be re-laaa-xed
They could tell I was nervous.  Perhaps it started when one of the members of the production team came to meet my Dad and I before even going into the studio.  (I was so glad Dad drove me since I had 3 large bags including everything but the kitchen sink.)  But without batting an eyelid, Dad stepped in and introduced himself with a confident, “Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Jill’s Mum….‘ Hm.  After that remark I started worrying about my mascara running after the incontrollable giggles.

Jill Colonna on TV macaron demonstration live

Yes.  They knew I was nervous. Perhaps it was after our quick run-through in front of the cameras and realising that we ran at least 3 minutes over time since I blethered too much.  I said everything I wanted to in the rehearsal:  aged egg whites, they’re gluten free, not many calories etc.  When it came to the real thing in my mind I had already said it!

Talking had to be constant and there was no time to just stand and chat.  I quickly discovered that a live TV macaron demonstration and answering questions at the same time is a real challenge in around 6 minutes.  Luckily I had prepared a few macarons in advance, including some shells – especially macaron hearts.

lemon ginger macaron hearts

Speaking of hearts, just check out the video clip.  You will see just how Michelle tackled the most amazingly confident giant heart macaron.  Silly Jilly stepped in to show the 2-stroke heart with the piping bag:  See?  Easy: bit more at the top going down one side, then same again on the other.   I invite you to do far better, my friends!

TV Macaron Demonstration – How to make Rose Macarons on The Hour, STV, Video Clip

One thing is for sure:  I had so much fun doing the show and was thrilled to meet such a dynamic and friendly team.  I can’t believe I missed James Blunt, though.  He’s on the show later this week.  To think he could have tried a macaron…

Valentine’s Day may be over but it doesn’t stop us from having macarons and dates with the ones we love.  Bonne semaine!

Parisian macarons on a date

A couple of Parisian Macarons on a Date