French Macarons for Hallowe’en

How many shop windows are dressed up for Hallowe’en in your neighbourhood?  No doubt there are plenty, especially if you’re in the US or UK. In France, Hallowe’en is still pretty much seen as overly commercial, so you won’t find much ghoulishness going on in shop fronts. In our local chocolateries in St Germain-en-Laye, it’s more autumnal scenes rather than witches. Just check out the chocolate pumpkin sculptures by Chocolatier genius, Patrick Roger.

Chocolatier, Patrick Roger’s Hallowe’en

As for trick ‘n’ treating, this is still fairly new here – just try and find some fancy-dress costumes. Apart from the odd standard outfit at Carrefour (our major hypermarket), there’s not much else. If I was the perfect Mum, I’d make my children’s costumes but if you know me, I’d rather stick needles in my fingers (which usually happens anyway!)

Eye spy – I see a leetle witch in ze window…

Our French neighbours are not much Hallowe’en spirited, either. I know some who pretend they’re not in (yes, I know who you are.) The poor souls must spend the evening in the dark, whispering to each other in fear of being caught by a local young witch, demanding her annual sweet ration.

White chocolate sculpture, Salon du Chocolat, Paris

Who can blame them?  The first year in our new neighbourhood it was all quiet until a group of teenagers rang (not even dressed up, but then their Mums didn’t make their costumes, poor darlings), demanding sweets as my children opened the door. I shoved on a witch’s hat and growled in grumpy French that they needed to earn their ration by singing a song or something. It’s spooky: they just took to their heels.

Wouldn’t you do the same? When we were children in Scotland, it was the done thing to have a party-piece.

So this Hallowe’en, here are some magnificent macarons as party pieces to share with you from my macaronivore friends via the website and Facebook page.

Pumpkin spiced chocolate macarons by Joshua Burgin

Here, Joshua Burgin added some pumpkin spice to the shells and also to the dark chocolate ganache for his spiced pumpkin and dark chocolate macarons.

We have many pumpkin inspired macarons.  Let’s face it, Hallowe’en without pumpkins is like a Scottish castle without ghosts. Makeitpopsweets used a spicy pumpkin filling for a touch of Hallowe’en.

Pumpkin macarons by Makeitpopsweets

Also on a pumpkin theme, Michèle Faubert, macaronivore extraordinaire, came up with pumpkin and Jamaican spice macarons, using chocolate in the shells and pumpkin spice in the filling.

Extra heat for Hallowe’en by Michèle Faubert

Here’s some cobweb macaron decor from Waverley Book’s Editor, Eleanor Abraham.

Plus perhaps all of our biggest fear and eventual nightmare: Eleanor made a beautiful batch of macarons and just as she was finished, most of them slipped off the plate she was carrying and crashed to the floor. This has to be the most horrific of Hallowe’en macarons!

Also by Michèle Faubert, feast your googly eyes on these macarons…

Just look at her ghoooooulish macaron eyes for Hallowe’en.  Booooooh!

And I suppose you’re expecting me to have a party piece too, after all that? Not too hallowe’enish, but these fangs are partial to lemon-ginger macarons.

I’m still on a liquorice macaron phase (Antoine has claimed even more after making some pink liquorice allsort macarons for Mactweets.) I added a touch of mint to the filling (recipe on p74 of the book.)  It gave that extra hint of chill to them – just what was needed.

Extra chilly with liquorice and mint

Happy Hallowe’en to you and

wishing you plenty of macarons in your goody bags!