Cooking Corsican on Manu’s Guest Menu

This has been a frustrating week. The website was down countless times and apologies if you wanted to comment – most of you couldn’t. Fingers crossed it’s behind us after my ranting to the website hosts – but how do you work with people who don’t let you know what’s going on?  Is it WordPress as well as the server? Or are they on strike like the French teachers recently and now our precious cleansing department today? It stinks. 😉

I should learn to cool it.  You see, I don’t have a dog; I have a blog. Comments are what motivates.

My, my, here we go again. Time to stuff some veggies.

Mamma Mia! When Manu asked me to guest post while she was on holiday, I couldn’t help feeling excited.  For a start, I adore all the tempting treats that Manu serves us on her menu and especially all of the beautifully authentic Italian delicacies, complete with her famous step-by-step immaculate instructions and gorgeous photos.

For the egg yolk recipe series, I was also lucky enough for Manu to share her Genovese Ericine Sicilian sweet pastries.

What could I serve on her guest menu that would be authentic from France?

Head on over to Manu’s Menu, where I’m cooking up something typical and healthy from Corsica: Stuffed Zucchini with Brocciu. My, my – how can we resist you?

Have you heard the latest Corsican scoop? It’s all happening at Manu’s Menu this weekend…