Green Macaron Shells and Ideas for Fillings

No, it’s not St Patrick’s yet. This week I wanted to treat hubby’s colleagues to macarons at tea time. Shh… you know the company that brought the Rolling Stones to Paris for the Biggest Secret Event of the Year just last month?

Their company colour is dark green, so with half a teaspoon of powdered green colouring the macarons turned out green alright!  Turning to our Facebook MaM friends for motivation with the filling, these marvellous macaronivores had many interesting flavour ideas: Thai Green Curry; Pistachio (see my pistachio colouring post on this); and wasabi. They’re great, but the recipes are already in the book! I needed something a bit different for the next book. Green Tea and Mojito popped up – that was it! Hm. I wonder what green tea would be like in a Mojito? Have you ever tried it?

With only some incredibly dark rum rather than white rum in stock, there was no choice. In it went with the lime, lime zest and mint from the garden (sorry about this photo, as discovered the tiny holes from a wee friend in the decor leaves after I put this up!) Just sniffing Appleton Estate’s rum is enough to dream of sunnier climes. If you love your rum cocktails, head to the Cayman Islands with Carsley of the Deep Dish for plenty of inspiration.

For macarons rather more sober at afternoon tea, then Rose and Green Tea was colourful. I simply followed the recipe for rose macarons (page 45) but infused green tea in the cream first. You don’t get much of the green tea since the rose dose was quite powerful. Perhaps I need to tone it down a bit for next time.

If you want to be glitzy for the holiday season, then rub on some metallic food colouring or lustre with a brush or even better, with your fingertip. There’s something so therapeutic in doing this part. I have some wonderful rose lustre (see 2nd photo) but my favourite is the bronze one from Deco Relief (rue Montmartre.) As I was preparing these caramel colour shells, I was dreaming of that rum island again for inspiration for the next flavour.