Teatime in Paris! US Release and Online Book Tour

What can I say?  It may have been quiet here on le blog but, I can tell you, it has been a busy and emotional week. Following the release of Teatime in Paris in the UK, the launch event was last week in one of Paris’s most hidden, secret gems at the Treize café.

Teatime in Paris book event Treize Cafe

Photos thanks to Inez Forbes

A huge thanks to all of you who managed to pop in – it wasn’t the easiest of times to come by on a weekday afternoon so it was wonderful to see so many of you! Thank you to Laurel Sanderson and her staff at Treize for hosting the event and thanks to Inez Forbes for these photographs – I was so bowled over that I forgot to bring out the camera.

Some of you cleverly managed to grab Carol Gillott for a signing. Carol did this most delicious watercolour artwork for the endpapers and I’m so proud to show it off. She’s posted about the event on her famous blog, ParisBreakfasts and now continues to enchant her followers with more beautiful maps of Paris.

pastry map of Paris by artist Carol Gillott in Teatime in Paris

Beautiful watercolour pastry artwork by Carol Gillott in Teatime in Paris – photo also by Carol

I love making new friends and so it was inspiring to meet Anne Penketh (author of Food Fight – have just ordered it, looks super), Paula and Catherine from Australia, a lovely couple from Oregon, discover a new tea companion, Céline Huet of Arthémiss who even posted exceptionally in English about Teatime (she’s also in love with Théodor Teas), and thanks to Cédric Bonnard who is the internet guru behind this new website design.

What a sweet coincidence to have met Nicola of Literary Ramblings, who was so taken with the idea of having Teatime in Paris that she stayed on from her lunch at Treize with her fans and even posted a book review! And I was also absolutely delighted to finally meet bubbly Janine who is behind the most popular online magazine, The Good Life France!


Meanwhile, the online book tour continues in Europe and is now kicking off in the US and Canada in anticipation for the release of Teatime on 30 May. Eeeeek!  It’s in just a few days. US bookstores and retailers will release the book on 30 June.

Diamond biscuits from Liv Life Teatime in Paris

Photograph by Kim of Liv Life

My lovely, sunny BFF Californian friend Kim Kelly, also known for the family blog at Liv Life not only shares the book’s recipe for diamond biscuits, but she has put together the most fun blog post I’ve ever seen to review a cookbook!  Check out the photo her super-talented daughter, Olivia, and the Californian Carlsbad dancers around it, and how the Honors Algebra Class also take creative photos of the lemon and grapefruit macarons. I feel like I’ve known Kim for so long and yet it’s frustrating not to meet her in person. Next time I need to ask if I can go in the envelope with the book! Thank you, Kim.

Back in Paris, it has been an honour to be interviewed by globetrotting Parisian-based travel writer, Lindsey Tramuta from Lost in Cheeseland. Her article includes 5 of my tips to stress-free French pastry baking plus some of my favourite pâtisserie and tea salon addresses for your next visit in the City.

Photo of Strawberry Elderflower Eclair by Brooks at Cakewalker

Photograph by Brooks at Cakewalker: Strawberry Eclair and Elderflower Cream recipe from Teatime in Paris.

A couple of days ago, I was bowled over by my sweet friend, Brooks Walker, aka Cakewalker. I’m sure you already know Brooks for his most exquisite designer cakes but this time he swapped the piping bag for choux/éclair dough and made this recipe of Strawberry and Elderflower cream éclairs from the book (it’s also on the cover) and carried out a most thorough review.  He discovered that Ikea sold elderflower syrup in their gourmet section, so that’s another alternative if you can’t find Monin or St Germain liqueur. Merci beaucoup, Brooks – I say that since he has been tweeting and commenting with the most delicious French accents!

Thank you all so much x

As French Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, I’m looking forward to making a few of the recipes again myself.  We took a breather for a while during the printing process, since the girls were protesting about far too many tartlets and éclairs and now they’re missing them! So the time is just right to get back into the sweet swing of things.

Geraniums at the french market

Including planting the geraniums.  If there are any left at the market, that is.

Teatime in Paris French patisserie easy recipes

Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway to win a copy of Teatime in Paris! over at Cakewalker (until 30 May) and The Good Life France (until 10 June).  Or snap up your own copy on