Teatime in Paris!

A Walk Through Easy French Pâtisserie Recipes.

Jill Colonna shows you the easy way to make the Parisians’ favourite afternoon treats – such as éclairs, tartlets, millefeuilles, ice cream, crêpes, madeleines, financiers, and macarons. She includes a bonus guide to many of Paris’s best pâtisseries, with historical gems and fun stories to the recipes plus her own tempting photos that will transport you to Paris.

  • Come and join in your quick tasting tour …

  • In Paris, at around 4pm, many Parisians sit down to enjoy le goûter – a late afternoon treat – with their favourite teatime pastry or light little cakes.

  • Whether it’s a tempting plate of the cutest little buttery financiers, an éclair or tartlet, the French love this “official” snack of the day.

  • As your teatime recipe guide, the book kicks off with some of the simplest and tastiest of treats. Why not stop for some Nun’s Pops?

  • Or imagine sipping on a most luxurious, pure and simple hot chocolate as if in one of Paris’s chic tearooms?

  • Enjoy a speculoos or cinnamon biscuit ice cream under the shade of a horse-chestnut tree or by the banks of the river Seine

  • Have fun making choux or éclair pastry and produce these dainty pistachio and cherry choux buns …

  • Make an impression with a crumble-topped vanilla cream puff, which is far from being plain vanilla and simpler than you think!

  • Taste a Parisian pastry favourite, based on the popular Ispahan: meet Religieuse Rose.

  • Another chapter is devoted to tartlets. This caramel, walnut and maple tartlet tastes even better next day.

  • And yes, there are more gluten-free macarons. This time let me tempt you with giant praline Paris-Brests …

  • If creating Parisian pâtisserie, like a light millefeuille, looks too hard – do not despair. Jill shares her enthusiasm and skills learned from the French to show you the easiest ways to make them.

  • She guides you through a straight-forward step-by-step process for each recipe.

  • As you walk through the book together, Jill also points out sweet Parisian streets with many of her favourite pâtisseries and tea salons where you can enjoy the best teatime treats in Paris.

    Parisian tea room
  • We are thrilled to include a special Parisian artistic map of teatime pastries painted for the book – by talented watercolour artist, Carol Gillott.

  • Teatime in Paris will inspire you to get cracking the eggs and enjoy making your own delicious pastries with confidence and fun. Now you can add your own Parisian touch to 4 o’clock teatime – in no time!

  • Now let’s get cracking the eggs and bring some of sweet Paris to your kitchen.

Do you love French pâtisserie and secretly want to try it? Following Mad About Macarons, Jill Colonna shares her enthusiasm and skills learned from the French to help you crack patisserie easily at home in her new book, Teatime in Paris. With over 250 images and 50 typical teatime goûter recipes, enjoy tips, stories and a walks annex indicating where to taste the best pastries in Paris.

As you walk through each recipe together, Jill points out many Parisian sweet streets with many of the best patisseries and tea salons to enjoy them.

chocolate recipes from Teatime in Paris

Teatime in Paris kicks off with the simplest and tasty French teacakes (financiers, tigrés, diamants), hot chocolate, crêpes and ice cream then continues with clear step-by-step instructions for each chapter: choux pastry (chouquettes, Nun’s pops, pistachio cream puffs, éclairs); tartlets (lemon-passion fruit meringue, salted caramel walnut); millefeuilles (vanilla rum, wild blackberry) and many more gluten-free macarons.

The final chapter culminates in a French tea party, mixing and matching all the previous sections’ recipes to create chocolate Earl-Grey tarts with orange liqueur profiteroles, Salted Caramel Religieuses, a Violet Saint-Honoré, plus many more treats to inspire you and get cracking the eggs!

Join in her confidence-building delicious recipe guide with fun background stories to the cakes, historical gems and baking tips to make wow-factor light pastry without much effort at home.  Complete with tea-pairing suggestions, add your own Parisian touch to 4 o’clock teatime in no time.

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Mea Culpa from Waverley Books

We extend our apologies to Jill, and to you, her readers, for the following minor errors in Teatime in Paris!
At the last stage we made the following mistakes:

p48 – Cooking Time: 50-60 minutes. Temperature: 180°C/360°F fan (Gas 6) for a silicone mould.
p84 – Hôtel de Ville; Place des Vosges; St Germain elderflower liqueur
p96 – 5. Soak the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes. Heat 2–3 tablespoons of the coffee pastry cream in the microwave and mix in the gelatine (squeezed of excess water) until melted. Using an electric whisk, whip the cream till firm, then …
p111 – Hugo & Victor
p128 – exchange point 7 with point 5. Chill the pastry first before making the decoration.
p132 – Hôtel de Ville
p156 – 40g grapefruit juice, 80g butter and resting/chilling time is 2 hours
p167 – Pain de Sucre
p187 – praline buttercream filling: 100g butter
p191 – 250g mascarpone

We have made the corrections for the next printing, and thank you for your support.
Best wishes and happy baking,

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