The next book: a pre-taste at the Frankfurt Book Fair

I promised to keep you updated, didn’t I?  Well, it’s high time I told you why blog posts have been few and far between on Mad About Macarons lately.

Jill Colonna at Waverley Books preparation for the new book in Spring 2015

I’m excited to tell you that my next book will be published with Waverley Books in the Spring, 2015.  Waverley Books has gone though some recent changes:  in October 2013 the Gresham Publishing Company completed a management buy-out from DC Thomson Books, so both Geddes & Grosset and Waverley Books are now imprints of the Gresham Publishing Company Ltd.  As you can see, even signing the contract was serious yet fun.  Ron Grosset and Liz Small of the Gresham Publishing Company have the most contagious sense of humour, which is just one of the many reasons why I love working with them. It has been worth the wait.

Ron Grosset and Liz Small are currently at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Hall 8, Stand A12 (8-12 October).

The manuscript, recipes and photos are perhaps ‘finished’ on my side, but now the work really begins.  As we get cracking and this new baby takes shape, I look forward to sharing interesting snippets with you during the publication process, as it unveils…

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    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Thanks so much for all the kind wishes here, on FB…
      @Helene – it’s in English but for foreign languages it’s early days yet. That’s what Waverley have been up to in Frankfurt and I’m dying to speak to them. This is when it starts to come together. Thanks, @Maureen & Shirley, too – it is exciting! Will keep you all posted on le blog.

      @Kim – great to hear: 10 macaron batches in one week? Sounds like you and Liv are definitely hooked 😉

  1. Shirley Moffat
    Shirley Moffat says:

    Congratulations Jill so well deserved. – I cannot wait for your new book and to share the snippets during the publication process – it must be such an exciting time.

  2. Kim - Liv Life
    Kim - Liv Life says:

    Oh yes!!! We dusted off your first book last week to make macarons and we’ve become slightly addicted again. With four batches in just 10 days, we’re hooked! Looking forward to the new book!!!

  3. Jill
    Jill says:

    Thank you – can’t wait to see it finally too. Not there yet but so far exciting. Dying to show you as it unveils and yes, Jérôme – would love to do a book tour in Glasgow, one of my favourite down-to-earth cities! A bientôt. Time will fly!

  4. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    A HUGE congratulations! Well done and well deserved, Jill! Gosh when will we be able to get together in person and have a good old chinwag about it all! I am thrilled for you!



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