Welcome to the New Blog of Mad About Macarons!

Welcome to the New, Improved, Revamped blog of Mad About Macarons!

I’m proud to show off the wonderful new look which was redesigned by the talented Melissa Hartfiel of Fine Lime Designs. I’m thrilled that she has continued with the colourful look and feel of the book and made searching the site so much more user-friendly for you – and myself included! It’s a pleasure to work with Melissa and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She also shares recipes, as well as her photography expertise on her blog at My Eyes Are Bigger than My Stomach.

There are many new features on the site which are so useful. For a start, there’s finally a working search function for you, all bonus recipes are categorized, and there are new pages with lists of macaron ingredient stockists (which will be continuously updated) and US-UK terms for my American friends. I’m not linking to them here, as I encourage you to surf the site for yourself to discover the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, About the Book (including sample pages) and much more. You can also now join me on Twitter – I’ll be tweeting regularly with some musings of life in France – and join me on Google + although I’m still going around in these circles trying to understand it!

Well today it was time to get our skates back on; we’re back to rigorous routine after two lazy weeks of school holidays, baking cookies and visiting our favourite haunts with my parents in St Germain-en-Laye and long walks along by the Seine in Paris. After two chilly weeks of sub-zero temperatures, it was as if we were all coming out like les Champignons de Paris as the sweeter air added a spring to our step and made us rather chirpy like the newly singing morning birdies. Just as we arrived at the Hôtel de Ville, a surprise view of skaters greeted us. As most of the French and Parisians take to the ski slopes at this time of year, we enjoyed having more of Paris to ourselves.

 Following a walk around Notre Dame, the roller skaters were out too, weaving around the tourists. And just since it was Sunday and  in the neighbourhood, Dad treated us to one of the best hot chocolates and pâtisseries in Paris at Un Dimanche à Paris, only 15 minutes’ walk away from Notre Dame. Sorry Mum; as much as I adore you and know you love to taste everyone’s at the table, I didn’t share mine with anyone: it was one of the lighter Winter collection’s sweet treats, the Mont Blanc, accompanied with a floral Russian tea.

 On our way home, we popped into the legendary chocolateries in Boulevard St Germain. This is when I realised that my children are still young enough to giggle uncontrollably looking at the latest chocolate cacao sculptures by Patrick Roger.

There’s no cellulite on these French cacao sculptures…

Moving swiftly on to George Larnicol, I think Mum wanted to buy most of the sculptures in the boutique. Take this Macaron Tree, made out of more chocolate. And more kiddy giggles with some rose macarons. Gosh, what did they put in that hot chocolate? Really, it’s not that funny, is it?

Do you think I’m sexy?

It’s time to get my skates on now and make macarons for this weekend’s macaron event at Aye Write! I’m really looking forward to seeing you at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and excited to hear that there will be a great turnout. Spread the word – the more the merrier. It will be a challenge demonstrating how to make macarons in a library! If you read the blog, then please don’t be shy and come to say hello. In the meantime, enjoy the new Mad About Macarons site and let me know if you think it’s sexy. Isn’t Melissa clever?

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  1. Amrita
    Amrita says:

    Absolutely loving the new design, Jill! I’m sorry I missed out on so much while I was busy with other stuff but it really was a treat to come here and see the revamped site. It really is much easier to navigate and Melissa’s done a fine job! Those cacao sculptures cracked (no pun intended ;)) me up! LOL

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Great to hear from you Carolyn and thanks for popping in. It’s so difficult finding the time to catch up with so many wonderful blogs and hope to pop in for one of your delicious low carb cakes soon.

  2. thoma
    thoma says:

    I should say the new look is STYLISH.. in Paris you cannot be the other way right? ;p And impeccable and very polished….put up a profile pic of yours somewhere…and it’ll look insanely sexy…(giggle giggle)…see I can giggle without the cellulite-less Mont blanc around!!

    Great going Jill…looked up ayewrite.com…wow you’re the happening woman of the 21st century!!

    Congrats Melissa on such a flawless job! Your sense of style is great…definitely “Jill worthy”!! giggle!

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Thoma, you crack me up. Thanks for your sweet words. These big pics were done with you in mind, since you’ve been moaning at me for my wee pics!

  3. Choclette
    Choclette says:

    Congratulations on the new look Jill. Gorgeous photos, some of which I want to eat, along with all of your other visitors I suspect. I’ve just joined you on Twitter. Google+ I’m still wandering about!

    Amazing to think it was cold enough in Paris to have ice.

  4. parisbreakfast
    parisbreakfast says:

    WOW! Fabulous!
    I love it!
    LOVE the big pictures! the pink! everything!
    Wish I’d had your bouquinist pic today…
    mine was shot through a bus window…horrors
    I’m with your kids all the way on Patrick Roger chocolate sculptures.
    Really..he must be hanging out with DKS..ahem.
    A chocolate mac tree!
    AND Dimanche too. What a day you had!
    Cheers Carolg

  5. Marsha @ The Harried Cook
    Marsha @ The Harried Cook says:

    Jill! I love the new look of the site! Really clean and pretty… perfect! Great job, Melissa! LOL 😀 I would be giggling at those sculptures, too! And I didn’t have any of that potent hot chocolate 🙂 Love the beautiful pictures of your Paris! Great post, Jill! Congrats on MaM’s new home 🙂

  6. Amy @ FragrantVanillaCake
    Amy @ FragrantVanillaCake says:

    Love the new blog Jill! Happy to be able to follow you on Twitter now as well :)! I would have totally giggled at those sculptures like your children…but I suppose I can be one sometimes ;). Fun photos! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  7. Kim - Liv Life
    Kim - Liv Life says:

    Well done Jill!! The site looks fabulous as does that wonderful macaron tree made of chocolate. Sub zero temps??? Ugh!!! That is mighty cold even if it is C.
    I’m with you on the G+ circles… I’m not totally getting it, but I try to check in . I’m better at Twitter and peruse that as I’m in the pick up line at school.
    The ice skating looks like so much fun! Our neighbors spent the holidays in Paris and sent back photo after photo of the kids smiling on the ice rink… I’ve emailed her this link to see if it is the same one! They do an outdoor ice rink here on Coronado during the holidays, but frequently the weather is so warm that you literally leave a wake as you skate through the water. Not so fun…

    Happy Monday (Well… Tuesday for you!) Hope it’s a wonderful and warmer week.

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      I thought that was funny and I blamed the kids. Isn’t that awful? Glad you liked them. And no cellulite, too – looks like a Clarins advert …

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Oops, don’t mean to make you miss it too much. Just remember the grocery items being chucked at you at checkout and you’ll rethink, Kiri. 😉

  8. Tina@flourtrader
    [email protected] says:

    I do need to do some upgrade my blog as well. Great changes you did, I am sure you will definitely benefit from them.
    I love all your photos here, snapshots from Paris are always appreciated. Have a nice evening!

  9. Paula
    Paula says:

    Congratulations on the lovely new site! Glad to hear that the kids had such a great time on their break 😉 The photos are just lovely.

  10. Cucina49
    Cucina49 says:

    What a lovely new look for your blog! I always look forward to your musings about life in France–pure envy on my part. I’m drooling over the photos of that cake.

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      Gerry. Just rub it in. It’s not hurting or anything.
      Ouch. Well send your blooming Californian sunshine over to your homeland, Dude.

  11. Choc Chip Uru
    Choc Chip Uru says:

    Your redesigned site looks so beautiful and classy – perfectly shows off your dazzling personality and matches with your love for the crisp fine and delicious macarons 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Traditional Lemon Meringue Tart

  12. Liz
    Liz says:

    Fabulous redesign, Jill…it looks like YOU!!! So nice with your signature blue and pink…just lovely. Congratulations, my friend~

  13. Patty
    Patty says:

    You’ve done a beautiful job with your site! It’s a pleasure, as always, to pay you a visit. I love seeing your photos and reading about your sweet adventures in Paris;-)



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