Chocolate Cherry Ganache (Macaron Filling)

Chocolate cherry ganache macaron filling

Chocolate cherry ganache macaron filling

Welcome to the month of June! It’s hard to imagine summer is nearly upon us after four days of persisting rain – we’ve had more in one day in Paris than we would have in a month! Roland Garros tennis matches have been postponed (the first time in 16 years), and today it took us forever in traffic on a normally fast school run with some flooded roads closed; add some trains striking and it’s all quite chaotic.

The good news is it’s all short term:  I hear the rain stops on Friday, just in time for a deliciously fun chocolate and pastry walk in Paris to kick off the weekend!

Cherries in Paris

My lovely friends at La Cuisine Paris cookery school had a great idea to cheer us up: with the first of the juicy cherries arriving in the farmers’ markets around Paris, they shared this batch of bright cherry macarons with their newsletter subscribers.

How Long Should You Wait Before Eating Macarons?

Many friends are upset after seeing me make a batch of macarons at home then put them away in an airtight box in the fridge. What? Why can’t we eat the macarons straight away? The answer is simple but it’s a very important tip when making macarons.  Eat them straight away and I guarantee you will be disappointed: the macarons will be too dry and crispy and the filling will not be given its full potential.

Many people who try macarons that are too dry, eating too quickly after making them, believe that’s what macarons taste like. Wrong! That’s what gives macarons a bad image.  Please, please.  Have patience and leave the filling to work its magic.

The ideal time to wait before eating macarons – especially macarons with a chocolate ganache – is after at least 24 hours. Ideally wait a couple of days before eating chocolate macarons.  The result will be perfect: with a slightly crispy outside and a delicious fondant centre, with the chocolate permeated into the macaron shell as a whole.  The result is divine.

Mad About Macarons Recipe

The recipe below is for the macaron ganache filling only. For copyright reasons with my publisher, Waverley Books, I can’t post my basic macaron shell recipe here on le blog but you’ll find my step by step macaron recipes, chapter after chapter, plus tips and  troubleshooting macarons in my first book, Mad About Macarons! There’s also a chapter on macarons with more recipes in my latest book, Teatime in Paris.

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