Chocolate Cherry Ganache (Macaron Filling)

Chocolate cherry ganache macaron filling

Chocolate cherry ganache macaron fillingWelcome to the month of June! It’s hard to imagine summer is nearly upon us after four days of persisting rain – we’ve had more in one day in Paris than we would have in a month! Roland Garros tennis matches have been postponed (the first time in 16 years), and today it took us forever in traffic on a normally fast school run with some flooded roads closed; add some trains striking and it’s all quite chaotic.

The good news is it’s all short term:  I hear the rain stops on Friday, just in time for a deliciously fun chocolate and pastry walk in Paris to kick off the weekend!

My lovely friends at La Cuisine Paris cookery school had a great idea to cheer us up: with the first of the juicy cherries arriving in the farmers’ markets around Paris, we shared this batch of bright cherry macarons with their newsletter subscribers.

Their newsletter is impressive; it’s packed with all sorts of What’s On in Paris, a cheese of the month, and many more delicious features.  I’ve only just started out with my own monthly newsletter and although still at the teething stage, will try to get mine out soon!

I can hear the rain pelting on the windows again but no rain can dampen our spirits with a splash of Kirsch in this wicked dark chocolate cherry ganache!