Creamy Orange Curd – A Perfect Topping for Crêpes

Orange curd best topping for crepes or pancakes

With the rain pelting on the attic window and the wind howling in the vents, I’m turning my thoughts to crêpes and orange curd.  Never mind the weather, with two teenagers howling at each other downstairs, I’m hiding.

There’s no hiding that the French enjoy crêpes or thin pancakes at any time of year.  But most of all, we all love when there’s a foodie celebration, right?

orange curd for crepes Just as we’re finishing the season of Galettes des Rois this weekend (it’s meant to be for Epiphany but galettes continue right to the end of January in Paris), the next “excuse” is to enjoy crêpes for La Chandeleur (Candlemass) beginning February.  And if we’re not getting enough crêpes this week, then there’s always Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday later this month!

Our family loves just a simple sprinkling of sugar on them and a squeeze of lemon – or oranges. Oranges have this instant pick-me-up effect in the winter.  It’s not just their warm comforting glow as you pierce a fingernail into its peel and tiny pores create miniature concentrated fountains that perfume the room; for me, they’re a cheery reminder of walking home from school on a wild and wet Scottish winter afternoon.  To encourage us to walk up that hill, Mum’s words always did it with, “Come on, as soon as we get home we’ll have oranges by the fire”.

And so we feasted on oranges.

A real feast is oranges with crêpes. The French do it so well with their boozy Crêpes Suzette but at breakfast I love making simple orange crêpes from “Teatime in Paris“. If you’re enjoying plain classic crêpes then add a wonderful orange boost with this deliciously creamy orange curd.  Imagine it also on fluffy brioche, on toast, or on all sorts of chocolate puddings. What’s more, it’s an egg yolk recipe for all of you macaron lovers!

Now, if only I could remember what Mum would do when my brother and I used to fight as giant teenagers – I can hear my lovely girls doing the same. Eh, let’s have some orange curd on crêpes by the fire? I wish it was that easy these days.