Dried Rhubarb Chips

Dried Rhubarb Chips

We’ve seen dried apple chips – either sold in packets as a healthy alternative to potato chips (crisps as we say in the UK), or used as a garnish in desserts – so why not dried rhubarb chips?

But when I first saw pretty dried pineapple sunflowers decorating an exotic fruit dessert a few years ago in Paris (at Ze Kitchen Galerie), I just had to make them at home. And they’re so easy!

After trying them out successfully in my own kitchen (well, not that successfully: I just missed cutting my thumb to the nerve using the mandoline), I tried it out on rhubarb too, using the same simple method – this time being a lot more careful with the mandolin’s blade – and it worked!

The lightly coloured rainbow-like ribs along the stalks look rather arty, don’t they?

Either you love rhubarb’s tartness or not, but use it to your advantage to surprise guests with these arty chips on savoury dishes such as Foie Gras, terrines or pâtés. Add them to this rhubarb and rose sorbet or other rhubarb desserts such as rhubarb & strawberry gratin. Or try on lemon ice cream for a real tart dessert! The good news is that they can keep for a couple of months if stored in an airtight container.